April 07, 2023

Cool Indoor Bike Racks

Bicycles are beautiful, and you should store them beautifully. From bold, monotone colors to unique frame geometry and thin pinstripes along the back wheel wall, a great bike will look as good as it rides. So why get home at the end of a long day's cycle and lean it up against a dusty wall?

A life spent against a fence post is not good enough for your bicycle, which goes double if you don't have a few acres lying around. The good news is cool indoor bike racks are out there that make it easier than ever to turn your bike into a work of art.  

Any indoor storage system is the best way to protect your wheels from the weather and extend the life of your bike. Keep it inside, and it'll ride. 

Even better news is that, unlike outdoor bike storage ideas, you should be fine without a lock to store bikes inside your own home. That opens up the genre away from security and into show business.

Still, it's not all fun and games. Indoor bike racks are required to do much more than most simple lean-to's that help lock up your bike on a parkside playdate. They become a piece of furniture, a shelf, and a centerpiece alongside protecting your bicycle, which demands an extra level of quality in design.

A horizontal bike rack in the middle of your wall tends to draw the eye. It also helps to give a quick insight into how you spend your free time without finding a way to slip yesterday’s ride into conversation with each houseguest. 

Even outdoor racks can benefit from some detail work, but bike stands and storage for the inside have to take their look seriously. A splash of the right varnish and a few thoughtful touches are all that separate your bike rack from your living space feeling like a post-modern charmer or a post-apocalyptic mess. 

What Makes A Bike Rack Cool?

Any single bike rack that adequately protects my ride is good enough, but I splurged for the carbon frame, so I might as well protect it with a little something extra. 


First of all, cool indoor bike racks don't complicate things. These are bike racks we're talking about here, not septic systems. Bike storage can be as easy as hooking up two bike hooks to your walls or intensive as a full-on shelf, storage unit, and shrine. Either way, each part must have a purpose. 

You don't need a convoluted hook and ladder system to store your single bike in the living room. Solid natural ingredients come to your living room with a clean mahogany finish, blend in with various decor schemes, and even sneak on a helmet-hooking shoe stand.  

nterior decorators can't get enough of industrial minimalism for a reason, calling it the western Fung-Shui. All it takes is a few great touches to transform a space completely. Something as simple as the wood choice you trust to lift your bike off its wheels is enough to furnish your bonus room. 


Like your bike or any other endearing piece of equipment, great bike racks have an identity. It starts with the materials you depend on to hold your bike. You may opt for a refined Baltic Birch to fit the living room but not for a simple job like DIY bike storage in sheds, which looks better with some lumber sourced from the backyard. 

Every bike rack can hold a bike, but the little things define its niche. A thoughtful shelf section broadcasts more than just your Cannondale when folks stop by. Stock it full of the tools that show you know how to get your hands dirty, or slap a copy of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance up there. With a few bike hooks, you've got an intelligent rack that cherishes versatility. 


You can always make subtle shifts and add stickers to a set of 2 X 4's to breathe some life into your bike storage ideas. What we can no longer tolerate are bike racks that harm the very earth that whizzes by while we ride.

What can't always do is rely on distant plastics or synthetics to get the job done. 

Any bike rack made from unsustainable materials, shipped halfway across the world, or exploits the community that builds the stand, is deeply and profoundly uncool. It doesn't matter if the rack can magically set the sunset back a half hour or comes with a free bike - it's going to be a no from me.

Real ones look at the bigger picture. Any new product that doesn't take sustainability seriously is not just doing nothing - but actively hurting - our fight against a negatively changing climate. Caring is cool.

Cool Spaces Help Make Cool Racks

Indoor bike storage solutions are straightforward concepts at first glance, but once it comes time to drill, many variables are involved. 

It's not just about the materials that make up your bike storage but also about how you use your available space. No matter how beautiful the design is, the perfect bike rack for a family of four in a house in the suburbs would be overkill for a studio apartment, and studio storage won't be remotely similar to a full-sized Bike Racks Garage

Like a politician, cool indoor bike racks take up different stances for different scenarios. Here are the three most common ways to store bikes inside floor plans of all shapes and sizes. 

Bicycle Floor Storage

Cool Bike Storage Ideas don't have to be complicated. If your living room is all squared away, and you've got plenty of square footage left over, solid freestanding racks are a great choice to fill that floor space. 

Bikers frequently favor this storage method because of its impermanence. With a floor rack, you can store your bikes without searching for studs and with no holes drilled into the wall. You can even find cool indoor bike racks with no tools or installation process required. 

When it comes time to head south for winter, or just vacuum underneath the furniture, freestanding systems also allow makes moving your rack a breeze. 

Unfortunately, the scheme can be too simple. Freestanding bike racks will keep your bike upright, but they do almost nothing to help save storage space. Anyone who doesn't have an extra room or a wide-open loft will likely find floor storage will get in the way eventually, especially once you start storing multiple bikes. 

Bicycle Ceiling Storage 

Best for hanging Bikes in the Garage or renovating a rusty bike frame, ceiling racks have an incredibly sneaky attitude about them. While the storage system has too many steps involved to work for your daily ride, this space-friendly system can help your bike hibernate without taking up any usable room.

Usually, two hooks or pulleys are all it takes to get your bike off its tires and out of the way. The flip side is that each time you put your bike into storage or take it down, you'll have to lift the entire thing above your head. 

It's not the worst thing in the world, but it's easy enough to reduce the fuss involved with taking your bike out. Because of these extra steps, ceiling storage is best for shutting your bike down for winter or putting one into retirement.

Bike Wall Storage

Halfway between the floor and ceiling is plenty of usable space that makes for great indoor bicycle storage. Wall storage can run the gamut from simple bike hooks  to some of the most sophisticated bike storage around. It can also work great for both vertical and horizontal bike storage. 

It's a no-brainer for single-bike storage. A few grooves and a shelving unit can store bikes, shoes, helmets, and a windbreaker. Cool indoor bike racks take things a step further still. Take your tires up on two notches, and you’ve got a bike-sized length of free floor space for other gear storage. 

A freestanding rack won't often be a work of art, and a ceiling rack isn't the most practical, but bike wall mounts brings a little bit of everything. 

Is your bike rack made of grass? It’d be A lot cooler if It was.

It's got a higher tensile strength than steel, some species can naturally grow a meter a day, and it really brings the room together. That's why bamboo is the best way to plant base your bike storage. As the best bamboo option on the market, it’s only natural that our rackcycle is the best bike rack on and for the planet. 

The Rackcycle is durable and straightforward - you’ll have it hooked up in minutes. Once It’s on the wall this rack will supporting your wheels with a signature look. Anything with the official Grassracks logo etched into the body is proudly made in the USA.  It's a bamboo powerhouse From design to shipment.

Our rack comes in a crisp bamboo option, coated with super eco-friendly Vermont Natural Coatings finish or an unfinished Baltic Birch. Either one of these colors goes with any decor pattern. The natural bamboo look is a classic accent,  but choose the birch model, and you can paint or stain your racks to fit any scheme. 

The key is in our mounting system, with multiple points of contact conveniently placed standard stud’s length apart. It helps you get your rack installed faster and stronger, so you can spend less time installing and get back on your bike sooner.  

We finished off these contact points with high-density padding that covers any part of your bike touching your rack with some extra cushion. Above and below the cradles that hold your bike are utility hooks for bags, jackets, helmets, etc. Up top sits a shelf that completes your new bike gear home base.