Since Grassracks' beginning, our bread and butter has been horizontal wall racks. We soon expanded our line to accommodate vertical board storage since horizontal wall racks are not always an option and, with big boards like SUPs and longboards, vertical is often the best use of space.

Surfboard storage can be tough.

More often than not, quivers are relegated to the garage to collect dust and dings. An enlightened few will look for surfboard stands to organize their quiver and quickly leave disappointed. It's difficult to find a good place (or wall) to put boards. To make things more difficult.. we all fell in love with behemoth Stand Up Paddleboards and raised the bar to a whole new level of board storage difficulty.

If you are one of the many surf shops in need of better board storage or fortunate homes with high ceilings, you are in luck! We've just finished designing a new line of Vertical Surf and SUP racks that, to be quite blunt, are the sturdiest and best-looking on the market. 


Freestanding Vertical SUP Rack

This is more than a vertical surfboard stand, this is the perfect rack to feature your best board whether at an expo, in a surf shop, or in your home. Our Free Vert SUP & Surf Rack is a gorgeous, sturdy, rack that can be assembled or broken down in a matter of seconds.

Freestanding Vertical Surfboard Rack

Our Freestanding Vertical Surfboard Rack is great for the avid surfer or surf family. It's an easy-assembly, stylish, mobile surfboard quiver display that allows surfers or surf shops with a large quiver to safely organize their surfboards.

(If you have been researching freestanding surf racks, you've probably realized that most are wildly overpriced and majorly lacking in quality.. we haven't figured that one out yet either. We know it's not cool to toot our own horn but our Free Vert Surf Rack is hands down the best rack of its kind and the most reasonably priced.)

Wall-Mounted Vertical Paddle Board Rack

Our Vertical Wall SUP Rack is a simple, solid rack that was designed for surf shop surfboard storage that was recently released to the daily Surfer/Paddleboarder. The Vert Wall Rack was designed to fit race SUPs but has no problem accommodating boards of any size (shortboards and longboards included).