Board Sizing Guide


Board Sizing can be tough and with a product line that runs the gamut of board options, we want to make sure you're purchasing the right rack for your equipment. Below you can see a few of our similar looking board racks and the difference in angle, distance between arms, and length of arms that are designed to accommodate each style of board and ski differently. When choosing your rack, it is important to size for your biggest board. For example, if you have a large Paddleboard and 2 snowboards, you want the O’ahu Trip (3 board capacity). If you have a Shortboard and an Indoboard to display, the Kaua’i Duo is for you.


Grassracks Board Rack Sizing Guide - Skateboard Deck Rack, Ski Wall Rack, Skateboard & Snowboard Rack, Surfboard Rack, and SUP Rack.

Lana’i Series – Our skateboard deck rack. This, our smallest rack, is intended for skate decks. Our Lana'is pay homage to your skating life by displaying all of the skate decks you've accumulated over the years (without trucks or wheels). Maximum recommended board width: 17"

Hallsteiner SeriesOur horizontal ski rack. We have modified the arm length and angle to accommodate wider skis and bindings. For vertical ski storage, check out our Vercules Series. The Hallsteiner also conveniently acts as a great paddle rack for SUP, canoe, and kayak paddles as well as fishing rodsMaximum recommended ski width: 7"

Moloka’i SeriesDesigned to display snowboards with bindings and skateboard/longboards with trucks. This series offers enough angle to see each board and enough space to easily grab whichever board you want. This series fits separated waterskis and slalom skis perfectly &doubles nicely as a hoverboard rack (multi racks only: Duo, Trip, Quad, Pro). Maximum recommended board width: 13"

Kaua’i SeriesOur surf rack designed for shortboard surfboards. The arms are spaced to accommodate boards with fins and angled to maximize your view of each member of your quiver. Arm length and spacing also make the Kaua’i Series ideal for wake surf and wake skate boards. The Kaua’i’s arm length and spacing also make it ideal for Indoboards and other similar balance boards. Maximum recommended board width: 24" (15" for Show-Off)

O’ahu Series Our SUP & longboard racks are for big boards. Designed for paddleboards and longboard surfboards, the O’ahu Series is the best board rack on the market for safely storing and displaying these behemoth boards. Spacing between arms also makes them great for wakeboardsMaximum recommended board width:40"



Below are an assortment of our racks to give a profile perspective of some of our most popular products. You will notice two of our Floating Shelves, our Bike Rack, our most minimalist snowboard and skateboard rack, and a good size comparison for our Ornate Series.


Grassracks Sizing Guide 2 - Bamboo Floating Shelves, Bike Shelf, Snowboard Mount, SUP Racks, and Surf Racks


Floating Shelf Series - Shown above are our Single Shelf and Triple Shelf. We love the floating shelf craze that is going on right now. Our mission here was to create our own style of Floating Shelf with one major difference from the rest of the industry, our shelves hold some serious weight.

Rackcycle Series - Our bike rack or bike shelf, as some like to call it, is one of our most popular items. Bikes can be large and unwieldy. Whether used for leisure or for transportation, finding good bike storage can be tough. Add factors like cramped city living and poor garage conditions and you are left looking to your home or apartment for storage. And what if you really love your bike and want to take great care of it but don’t want it leaning against a wall? Come with us on a journey, broaden your mind.. Wall-mounted bike rack. That’s right, hang your bike up and out of the way. Need something more? How about a shelf for your keys and wallet and two hooks for bikes, shoes, jackets, helmets, etc? Our bike shelf looks great, holds a ton of weight, and installs in just minutes.

Moloka’i Show-Off - Our Moloka’i Show-Off is our smallest rack and is perfect for easily displaying your favorite snowboard or skateboard without breaking the bank or taking attention away from the board.

O’ahu South Chester - Our SUP & Longboard Racks are crowd pleasers. Figuring out storage for such large boards is difficult and with such big, gorgeous boards safety is a priority. The South Chester is measured and angled to make sure your board lays safely on the rack without coming out too far from the wall.

Ornate Series - Our Ornate racks are where Grassracks got its start. Originally designed as surfboard racks, our Small Ornate racks are perfect for snowboards, longboard skateboards, and shortboard surfboards. Our Small Ornate Series includes The Tripped Barrel, The Surfer, and The Small BoarderMaximum recommended board width: 13"

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