Grassracks FAQs


What does Grassracks mean? - Our products are made from a highly sustainable resource called bamboo, which is in the grass family of plants. Contrary to popular belief bamboo is not a tree or wood. Ergo, Bamboo = Grass. Our products are racks, hence Grassracks. For fellow English nerds like ourselves, we created a Closed Form Compound Word to name our brand.

Why do you say you're the best ON & FOR the planet? In a world full of people saying they're the best, who do you believe? There are 3 reasons we proudly make that claim.

ON: What makes a rack great? Functionality (1) and Aesthetics (2). In terms of functionality, a rack needs to be strong, easy-to-install, and be able to accommodate your gear while keeping it safe and organized. Our materials (bamboo and birch) are super strong to start. Mix a strong material with a mounting system that could double as a pull-up bar and designs that maximize your space efficiency, gear visibility, and have adjustable width and you have the best performing rack. In addition to functionality, our racks are made in the USA by master crafts-humans. Our bamboo (and birch) has some of the nicest grain and coloration of any 'wood' material and our designs are sleek and pleasing to the eye. Our racks are sanded and finished with a gorgeous, robust, and eco-friendly finish that protects our racks from moisture and enhances the natural grain and color of our bamboo. Our birch racks are naturally light in color and we leave them unfinished so customers can paint or stain them to match their home decor.

FOR (3): Bamboo is thought, by many climate scientists, to a part of the equation to battling climate change. Bamboo is one of, if not, the best plants that sequesters carbon from our atmosphere and keeps it safely locked in a hard good where it won't contribute to atmospheric warming. It grows quickly and has an extensive root system which helps protect against soil erosion and is used as building material and food for billions of people around the world (as well as feeding the pandas). It's essentially Earth's super material. Combine that with our super eco-friendly finished from Vermont Natural Coatings, biodegradable hardware bags, Zero-Waste Initiative, and recycled/recyclable packaging and we are above and beyond the most eco-friendly rack company on the planet.


Why are your products priced higher than your competitors’? - We sell premium products made from premium bamboo plywood that looks great, is incredibly strong, and installs in a snap. Did we mention that our products are interchangeable and adjustable? The market is saturated with cheap racks made from chintzy material. They are difficult to install, aren’t adjustable or interchangeable, and look like last Sunday’s leftovers. We make products for people who love their boards, bikes, and skis.

Hypothetical Situation: You’re walking with equipment in hand and accidentally drop it down a flight of stairs.

*Person 1 Response: “Eh whatevs, I don’t even care about that crap.”

*Person 2 Response: *Quickly rushes to check for damage* “Nooo!!! My baby! I’m sorry!”

If you identify with Person 2 and feel guilty like you just neglected a pet or a child, Grassracks is for you.

Are you guys superheroes? - Super? Yes. Heroes? Again, yes. 1. We save the life of your equipment by keeping it organized and safe from dings, prolonging its life. 2. We save you from tripping over what would have been a chaotic mess and from the heartbreak of realizing that you didn’t take care of your favorite board, bike or skis which would otherwise be moldy and damaged. 3. We save the environment by using eco-friendly materials and practices that lessen our footprint on the Earth and clean up our air and water.

How do I accumulate and check my Rack Rewards?

Accumulate Points: Buy stuff on our site. Want more points? Buy more stuff. Want more points without buying more stuff? Our Rack Rewards Referral Program allows you to earn points when you refer sales to our site. After checkout, you have the option to share your purchase on social media. When you share your purchase using your unique URL given to you after checkout, you earn points every time someone clicks on your post and purchases from our site. As these points accumulate you reach different Reward tiers that means large discounts on future purchases and Grassracks swag.

Check Status of Rewards Points: 1. Click on the Rack Rewards tab on the bottom left of our site. 2. Log in to your account by clicking the ‘login’ below the Create Store Account to Join button. (If you don’t have an account, create an account in order to earn points.) 3. You will be redirected to a page that will show you your account history and points accumulated. Your points will also show up next to the Rack Rewards tab once you are logged in to your account.

Can I return my purchase? - Absolutely, although we think you'll love your Grassrack and not ever want to part with it. If you by chance you do need to return it you can with our worry-free 30 day return policy.


Your logo is awesome. How do I get my hands on some awesome Grassracks swag? You are correct, nice of you to notice. You have a few options:

1. Check out our “Grassracks Swag” tab under our SHOP tab on our homepage.

2. Email us. Tell us a funny joke or interesting idea and we’ll knock the idea around sending you some stuff. Hey, we’re just people, we’re down to party.



Are your products really easy-installation? - Creating a system that was easy to install was a major priority of ours when developing our brand. To accomplish this goal, we needed to create a new style of mounting and installation. When we were finished we had a low-profile, easy-to-install, and incredibly strong mounting system that also allowed our products to be interchangeable and adjustable. Allow of our wall-mounted racks and shelves use the same Mounting Bar System and installation method so if you need to rearrange your home you can easily switch from a Skateboard Rack to a Floating Shelf or a Rackcycle Bike Shelf with ease.

The Details: Our Mounting Bar System makes use of a uniform hook that is designed into all of our wall-mounted racks and shelves. The beauty of our installation system is that instead of holding and installing the entire rack at one time, you just need to put up the bar and you are already almost finished. Our products come with all necessary hardware for installation into a studded drywall or plaster wall. You will only need a screwdriver (electric preferred) and a level (which can be manual or done via phone app.).

Refer to our installation page for our complete yet still extremely simple instructions.

I’m concerned about care of my boards and my home.  How are the wall racks designed to protect my boards, equipment, and the wall? There are a few factors that make our racks ideal for safe and organized storage of your equipment. Our racks are sleek, low-profile, and minimally invasive. Our cradles have been designed to be strong while angling your equipment in a visible and space efficient way. Our cradle arms are angled and space to keep your stuff from touching and our padding protects larger boards from pressure spots. Most board, bike, and ski damage comes from neglect during storage. This could be storing them where they shouldn’t be or in cluttered areas where they are likely to be knocked over or have things knocked into them.

Regarding our racks affecting your home, our mounting system is very minimally invasive. When our racks are installed directly into studs, your walls will only see 2 or 3 tiny screw holes that can be easily puttied and painted if the product is removed. Our products are also designed to distribute the weight of your equipment over large areas and back padding reduces chances of pressure spots on your wall.

Are your wall racks really interchangeable? Yea. Don’t believe us? Buy a bunch and try it out!



How are your wall racks so strong?  Our products are made from an uber strong 3-ply bamboo plywood. Bamboo by itself is naturally strong but our plywood is stronger. The grain of the outer and inner plies runs perpendicular to each other, making our plywood strong in multiple directions.

I love my new wall rack.  Can I share pictures with Grassracks and my friends on social media? By all means, please do. We love to see how and where our products end up so feel free to send us photos, before/after shots, clips of the installation, etc. We want it all. If you want to show off your new wall adornment, make sure to tag us @grassracks and use hashtag #grassracks so we can check it out!

Where are your wall racks manufactured?  The United State of America.

Your furniture claims to be “hardware free”. What does this mean? Means there ain’t no darn hardware on it. We’ve designed our furniture pieces to be put together like a puzzle so there is no hardware required for assembly. If you look at most furniture, many time there are structural nails, bolts, or screws throughout the piece but we used our ingenuity and creativity to make furniture that uses only the natural strength of the bamboo and different opposing forces to stay together and solid.

I’m not sure which wall rack to get for my equipment. How do I know what works best for my board? Our board sizing guide will help you there. Click here to find out which rack you should purchase!

Can I use Grassracks outdoors? Official Answer: No, our racks are designed for indoor use in places with a constant room temperature and low humidity. Unofficial Answer: You can use our stuff outdoors but it requires a hefty marine varnish, Spar Urethane, or equivalent and needs to be reapplied annually. Like most outdoor ‘wood’ products, you should maintain the finish yearly. Things like water/moisture, humidity, extreme temperatures, and sunlight will greatly affect the condition, texture, and color of the product. So, keep it inside but if you really must put it outdoors, take care it. (Note: Outdoor use voids our product warranty.)



My retail store is interested in the Show It & Grow It (SIGI) program.  Where do I find more information about it? Click here for starters. Then once you’re revved up and ready to go email us!

I have a store that requires custom bamboo wall racks.  Do you do custom jobs? Yes, indeed. You can look here to see some of our custom work but please feel free to email us with any questions and to get the conversation started.

I still have other questions.  What’s the best way for me to get in contact with Grassracks? Email. We’re constantly running around doing work and making the world a better place so phone is not a great option. If you need to get in touch with us, email us and we will get back to you shortly. If we need to hop on a call after email we can set up a time to chat.

We hope these FAQs and answers have shed some light on any questions you may have. If you still have questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We love talking about our products and our brand and are happy to help in any way we can! Cheers and have a great day!