Everyone has had an experience with “easy installation” products in their life whether it was furniture, an appliance, or even a toy. What some manufacturers consider “easy” can quickly turn into a nightmare for consumers. We’ve dealt with racks time and again that leave you with the rack in one hand, a screwdriver and tape measure in the other, and a level in your mouth.

One of our goals for Grassracks was to make a mounting system that was easy to install, strong, and adjustable, so we designed a new one. When we were finished designing, we not only had a system that met our 3 goals but we had a system that was modular, adjustable, and incredibly low profile.



We have recently made the switch to a 1 or 2 Bar System. 1x 18" Mounting Bar will be sent with smaller racks such as our Lana'is, Moloka'is, Rackcycles, Shelves, and Vertical Wall Mounted SUP Racks. For larger racks, we send 2x 18" Mounting Bars..

This does a few things: 1) For larger racks with longer gear, this allows customers to decide how far apart they space each rack cradle and maintains adjustability. 2) As we become more and more eco-friendly, this switch from one 34" Mounting Bar to 2x 18" Mounting Bars allows us to send our racks in smaller boxes that are easier to ship, making them easier on the environment and more cost effective. We have passed our savings on to our customers by lowering our shipping costs.

2-Bar Grassracks Installation Graphic



Step 1: Locate studs!! We recommend mounting our Mounting Bars directly into studs so first you must locate them in your wall using a stud finder. We have pre-drilled holes at 16” marks to align with standard American stud width. For any anchor point that is not going directly into a stud you MUST use a provided drywall anchor.

Step 2: With a pencil or screw, mark where you would like to install the Mounting bar. Using your phone or a level, make sure these points are level.

Step 3: Once anchor points are located, install drywall anchors where necessary. Using a Phillips’ head screwdriver, firmly but gently press the drywall anchor until it breaks through the surface of the drywall. Once the anchor reaches its threads, turn it slowly until the face of the anchor is FLUSH with the wall.

Step 4: With a bamboo spacer between the wall and mounting bar, drill the screw into the stud or drywall anchor. Leave the Mounting Bar a bit loose so you can easily align your next anchor point.

TIP: Measure and mark anchor holes lightly with a pencil before mounting Mounting Bar(s). When drilling, start by having the spacer and mounting bar gently pressed flush up against the wall to ensure your screw will go in straight and on point.

Step 5: Using a level or your phone (with a level app), confirm that your next anchor point is level.

Step 6: Once Mounting Bar is installed, hang the cradles at your desired width. The strongest points are closest to anchor points.

Step 7: Hang your equipment and kick your feet up because you are finished!

Installation Into 4 Studs (no Drywall Anchors)


Grassracks Surfboard Rack Installation into Studs

Grassracks Surf Rack Installation - Into Studs


Installation With Drywall Anchors - Missing Studs 


Grassracks Surf Rack Installation - Into Drywall Missing Studs

Grassracks SUP Rack - Installation into Drywall with Drywall Anchors - Missing Studs