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Join our Grassracks Affiliate Program!

Grassracks is the premier manufacturer of wall mounted and freestanding racks for boards, skis, and bikes. We have the highest quality and most comprehensive line of rack products on the market, providing storage and display solutions for skateboards, snowboards, skis, wakeboards, surfboards, paddle boards, bikes, and kayaks. We also have a growing line of home products like wine racks and floating shelves.

At Grassracks we help customers every step of the way to give them an amazing experience with our brand, which translates into more conversions for affiliates and loyal, happy customers.

Program Features

  • 8% commission on every sale. Higher commission available depending on performance.
  • 90 day cookie duration
  • Average order value of $210
  • Many promotional opportunities
  • Highest quality and most comprehensive line of wall racks on the market
  • Product offerings for any board sport, bike, ski, and kayak enthusiast
  • Multi-seasonal products for consistent year-round sales
  • A young, fun, progressive atmosphere with intelligent, eco-conscious people
  • Support from Grasracks whenever needed


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  • Contact Andrew, the CEO and program manager directly at info@grassracks with any questions.

We look forward to working with you to expand our community of awesome customers!

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Everyone has had an experience with “easy installation” products in their life. Whether it was furniture, an appliance, or even a toy, we’ve all realized that what some manufacturers consider “easy” can quickly turn into a nightmare for customers. In the outdoor gear storage world, we’ve dealt with countless products that leave you with a rack in one hand, a screwdriver and tape measure in the other, and a level in your mouth.

Wall Mounting - Grassracks’ mission has been to make a mounting system that was easy to install, strong, and adjustable, so we started from scratch to design a new one. When we were finished, we not only had a system that met our 3 goals but we had a new interchangeable, adjustable, and incredibly low profile means of mounting that could be used with nearly all of our products.

Easy Assembly

Easy Assembly

Freestanding Rack Assembly. The same easy-installation principles as our wall racks, without the wall. Our Vertical Freestanding racks are an incredibly strong, sturdy means to store your gear without drilling holes in your walls. This also means that they are mobile and can offer you an easy way to get a little change of scenery or move your racks, if needed. Our Freestanding Racks (and some wall racks: Rackcycle, Vercules, Vert Wall SUP, and Floating Shelves) use a press-fit design which relies on friction between joints to create a ridiculously easy-to-assembly puzzle-esque rack that requires only a rubber mallet (and no hardware) to assemble. Once together, the racks are rock solid and, with the help of some high-density padding, are ready to coddle your favorite outdoor gear like a sweetly resting babe.