Grassracks' Proprietary Mounting Bar System

$30.00 USD

Our Mounting Bar System is our "Secret Sauce".

One of our goals with Grassracks was to create an easy-installation system that allowed our customers to interchange our products. When we were finished designing, we had the strongest racks on the market without sacrificing ease of installation, adjustability, or looks.

Some of our customers like a few extra Mounting Bars so they can change where they put their racks, shelves, etc. so we have decided to make them available for purchase a la carte.

In the past we had two sizes of Mounting Bar, Small and Large. We've recently done away with the large Mounting Bar and have begun sending 1 or 2 Mounting Bars with racks, depending on the size of gear intended for use. By using 2 Short Mounting Bars instead of 1 Large Bar, we are able to provide more strength to the rack with 4 attachment points rather than 3, give customers more independence to install racks farther apart without sacrificing adjustability, and ship more quickly and efficiently where Large Bars would have been a confining shipping constraint.

What's included..

1 Bar - 1x 18" Mounting Bar (pilot holes spaced stud width = 16"), 2x bamboo spacers, 2x drywall anchors, 2x screws.



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