Paddleboard Rack | Surfboard Rack | Vertical Wall-Mounted Indoor SUP Storage

$228.00 USD

A Wall-Mounted Space Saver for Tall-Ceilinged Paddleboarders and Surfers and Shops.

Our Wall-Mounted Vertical SUP & Surf Rack is our solution for homeowner and shops with tall ceilings and a robust quiver of paddleboards and surfboards. The vast majority of aquatic athletes find themselves constructing DIY racks for their quiver that lack in strength, safety, and aesthetics. Pro Tip: Let us do it. We've spent years perfecting our board racks so they look great and keep your boards on display in the safest, most organized way possible.

You wouldn't put a Ferrari in a car port, so don't put your gorgeous, expensive boards on something as unstable and unsightly as 2x4s and PVC pipe.

See Bamboo and Birch Color Swatch on 2nd Image for difference in appearance.


  • Material. Available in both bamboo and birch materials.
  • Style. Gorgeous bamboo grain and rich golden color. Birch is lighter in color with a smooth, wood-grain texture. Bamboo products come sanded and finished with a non-toxic, zero VOC finish, and Birch products come sanded and unfinished.
  • Strength. Crafted from incredibly strong solid 3/4" bamboo or birch.
  • Easy-Assembly. Grassracks' unique Mounting Bar System take only minutes to install.
  • Modular. 35" width allows for easy placement in tight spaces and are designed to fit together for board storage in multiples of 4.
  • Versatile. Arm spacing and open base allows for boards of different sizes and tail shapes.
  • Eco-friendly. Bamboo is one of earth’s most sustainable resources.
  • Organized. Displays boards in a visible, safe, space-efficient way.
  • Safe. Special padding provides safety from dings, dents, and pressure spots.
  • Stable. Locked securely to the wall with tether holes to secure boards in slots.
  • Hot-iron branded with our official Grassracks® logo.
  • Proudly made in the USA.

Installed Dimensions

4 Boards:

Height - 10"

Width - 35"

Depth - 24"

Arm Length - 18.25"

Arm Spacing (Board Clearance) - 5.75"

Max Board Width - 36"

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