Sustainability & Environmental Responsibility

We refuse to make products at the expense of the environment, that's why we've created high-quality eco-alternatives to replace unsustainable products that we use every day. You may have noticed a trend lately.. In the past few decades (or longer), manufacturers have started to use very disposable products out of relatively permanent materials. For example: Plastic Water Bottles. It takes, on average, 5 minutes to drink a bottle of water, which then takes, on average, 500 years to decompose (and often times ends up in our oceans). That's exactly what we are fighting against as a brand and here are a few ways that we do it..
Grassracks Bamboo Storage Racks for Boards, Bikes, and Skis.

 1. Bamboo, aka Earth's most eco-friendly resource.

  • Bamboo acts like a super-powered air filter, taking carbon from the atmosphere and putting it back in the ground where it belongs.
  • Bamboo grows, on average, 5 times faster than trees, produces more lumber, and cleans more of the planet in the process.

Vermont Natural Coatings

2. Vermont Natural Coatings - We have resigned to this notion that our cleaning and finishing products need to contain all sorts of awful chemicals in order for them to work. The truth is, chemicals became a substitute for good ol' fashioned engineering and brain power. Luckily, that is coming back and we are starting to see a variety of products that are not only very effective but aren't harmful to our bodies or the environment.

Switching to VNC was a big step for us. We have been testing finishes for our bamboo since early 2011 and never really got what we wanted. We wouldn't be happy until we found a finish that protected our products and went easy on the environment. Then one fateful day we stumbled upon Vermont Natural Coatings and our prayers were answered. VNC is an example of hard work and creative thinking gone right. VNC products are made from Whey Protein, a byproduct of the cheese-making process. Said Whey Protein is also  collected from an organic dairy farm in Vermont (a small family operation with very happy cows). Not only are their products the best quality out of all of the finishes we've ever tested, they also happen to be the most earth-friendly. 


3. Limiting our Waste - A great way to create less waste is to use less stuff. We do that a number a ways..

  • Re-purposed boxes & recycled packing material: It is the case with most manufacturers that many used shipping boxes arrive in great condition.. we just reuse them. If someone gave you a mint-condition bike that had been ridden once would you throw it away? Nah. We do the same with packing materials. If we need to use new stuff, we use recycled Kraft paper but we generally use a mixture of Kraft paper and packing foam sheets, bubble wrap, etc. that we have gathered. (Rest assured that it is all clean.)
  • Minimalist Shipping - Shipping efficiently make sense for everyone. Less box volume means fewer trucks/planes. Small boxes means cheaper shipping. We have recently replaced our Long Mounting Bar with 2 Short Mounting Bars, this gives customers more control over how far apart they mounting their cradles has also shrunken our box size by almost 40%.
  • Soy Hardware Bags - They look like plastic. They feel like plastic. They... will decompose when you put them in the ground. We send our hardware in small, green baggies that are made from Soy. Please don't eat them, even if you're excited about the soy.
  • Bamboo Spacers - Our entire Mounting System relies on our spacers and Mounting Bar, we engineered it that way. However when we launched the brand we were using small white spacers. This one was a no-brainer, our spacers are now more stable and are made of bamboo.