Our decision to use bamboo was a no-brainer. Bamboo has many characteristics that make it not only an ideal building and furniture material but a great resource for our planet as well. Let us enlighten you with our vast and impressive knowledge of this super material..

Grassracks Carbonized Bamboo Grain - Surf Racks - SUP Racks - Snowboard Mounts - Ski Racks - Bike Racks - Bamboo Furniture

Grassracks Cross Cut Carbonized Bamboo Grain - Surfboard Wall Racks - SUP Board Racks - Snowboard Racks - Ski Wall Racks - Bike Racks - Bamboo Furniture



-is the strongest renewable material on the planet with a higher tensile strength than steel.

-is one of the fastest growing natural resources on the planet.

-has almost 2x the strength of a wood counterpart.

-can produce usable material 12x faster than its wood counterpart.

-has an extensive root system that both reduces soil erosion and water runoff.

-converts over 30% more CO2 to oxygen than an area of trees with the same footprint.


-If bamboo was a person, it would be a mix Captain Planet, Hercules, and Charlize Theron. Environmentally conscious and unimaginably strong intertwined with a beautiful yet sexy elegance.


Carbonized Bamboo Variations and Marble Bamboo


There are almost 1500 species of bamboo which afford us different and gorgeous colorations and variations as well as a range of different weights and strengths. (Above) On the left you can see one of our favorite Kaua'i Duos to date. While our products are normally very consistent with coloration, sometimes we are gifted gems. On the right you can see one of our more rare species, Marble Strandboard (or our more popular name, "Tiger"). Our Tiger bamboo is slightly denser than our more common Carbonized and is even stronger, if you can believe it. Our Tiger bamboo can be found in our furniture products like tables and stools.


Bamboo encompasses many of the distinguishing traits that we strive to attain as a company: Highly sustainable, strong, and beautiful. Our mission is to create gorgeous, strong, and innovative products with a sustainable business model that leaves everyone in our supply chain from retailers to end consumers happy. In an effort to create as little waste as possible, our unused bamboo pieces are turned into gorgeous bamboo rings by Bodhi Rings!

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