Interesting survival fact

In case you're ever stranded in a survival situation, or are stranded right now and happened to stumble upon our website, bamboo internodes are a lifesaver in survival situations. They can be used as cups, or to transport water, but most importantly, can be used like a pot to boil water so it's safe to drink. Now you know that and you're welcome.

Strong Indoor Bike Rack


- is the strongest renewable material on the planet with a higher tensile strength than steel.

- has a higher compressive strength than most concrete.

- has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than graphite.

- has a Janka Hardness rating of around 1800 lbf. (White Oak is 1360). That’s extremely hard.. (Our specialty Tiger Bamboo that we use very rarely for coffee tables has a Janka hardness rating of close to 5000 lbf, making it the hardest “wood” material on the planet.. and our machines will attest to that.)

Bamboo Culms

- is one of the fastest growing natural resources on the planet.

- has almost 2x the strength of a wood alternative.

- can produce usable material 12x faster than its wood counterpart.

- has an extensive root system that both reduces soil erosion and water runoff.

- converts over 30% more CO2 to oxygen than an area of trees with the same footprint.