Maholla Products is an eco-centered lifestyle products company founded by three young friends committed to getting back to the basics of good business: high-quality innovative products, unparalleled customer satisfaction, social & environmental responsibility.  We are working tirelessly to help the world become a cleaner and healthier place one product at a time by using recycled or sustainable materials and giving back to the community.  Every year Maholla becomes more eco-friendly by improving our processes and lessening our impact on the environment. To give back to the community, we donate a portion of our profits and our time to an in-need charity (and we choose responsibly).

Grassracks is our line of easy-to-hang board racks and furniture, made from one of the most sustainable materials on the planet, bamboo. Aside from Mounting Bar hardware, Grassracks products are made from 100% bamboo, not a veneer, so you will be able to enjoy the beautiful bamboo grain and rich color while taking advantage of its functionality and strength.

Co-Founders of Grassracks and Maholla Products, Inc.



 (Pictured above: Andrew (left) and Evan (right) Co-Best Friends and Co-founders of Grassracks)


--Meaning of “Maholla”--

Maholla Products, Inc. is the name and making innovative, eco-responsible products is the game. While Grassracks is our flagship brand, we have a few others in development. We created Maholla Products to keep all of our brands under one roof. To create our company, we needed a word that fit with our ideals, so we made one..

Maholla” is derived from the respectful Hawaiian word, ‘mahalo,’ used to show thanks, admiration, and praise and ‘holla’ the colloquial American greeting meaning “see ya later.” The mixture, to us, portrays how we feel about our products and customers. We respect our customers, their equipment, and what they do, and we see their purchase not just as an exchange of goods but the beginning of a long and happy relationship with us. We want everyone to love our products but, most importantly, be able to appreciate their favorite boards and immortalize their favorite memories with our products. To us, Maholla means “Thank you, come again.”

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