Paddle Board Racks

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is currently one of the fastest growing sports in the world and for good reason.. It has turned every water source into an option for athletes, yogis, adventure seekers, leisure paddlers, and anyone looking for an intense aquatic workout. With such an encompassing sport comes a variety of gorgeous and gigantic boards that are almost impossible to store properly and certainly don't deserve to be hidden. Luckily, we've answered the age old question of how to properly store and appreciate these behemoths with our Bamboo SUP racks.

Our O`ahus are angled for maximum SUP and longboard storage and visibility. Each SUP rack allows you to show your board fins-out or fins-in and has two hooks for paddles, wetsuits, etc.

Using our proprietary Grassracks mounting system, you’ll find the same strength, easy installation, and adjustability that you’ve come to know from Grassracks. Due to the nature of our mounting system, every rack series is easily interchangeable so don't fret over which is the perfect series for you.. you have the freedom to change.