Paddle Board Racks

Paddle Board Rack 101 - Find what’s right for you..

You may have just gotten a new paddle board and, mixed with your excitement, came a realization that the humongous boards come free with a paddleboard storage challenge. When it comes to SUP racks, we can be left scratching our head. Once we pick out the perfect Paddle Board, we’re off to the water, but what happens when we get home from our aquatic adventures is often not congruent with how we feel about our beautiful paddleboards. Often they get relegated to a closet or leaned in a corner. While Paddle Boards are hearty, every knowledgeable waterman knows that paddleboard maintenance is important. That doesn’t just mean the journey to the lake with the right car SUP rack but, perhaps more importantly, storing your board when you’re at home. While we’re on the topic of Paddle Board storage, we’re going to plant this seed right now and let it grow, your boards are your memories and a piece of art, a proper rack can act not only as a storage solution but as a paddle board display, turning your favorite water vessel into functional Paddle Board decor that fires up your best SUP memories at a glance.

Paddle Board Storage

With their extremely long and narrow shape, the struggle is real when it comes to organizing boards this big. How to keep them from smashing together and dinging your rails can be a problem if not planned. Like a well oiled.. Filing Cabinet, a good rack can keep your gear in place with easy access to whichever water weapon the conditions require for the day. While one board may not seem like a problem, we all know how quickly the chaos starts to build as we grow our quiver and add active family members to the mix.

Paddle Board Display

If you think your boards can only make you happy on the mountain, you are in for a treat once you get them up on some gorgeous wooden paddle board rack. Picking your perfect setup is a highly personalized process. We devote tons of time and money to picking everything from the right length, width, and shape that will match our paddleboarding style and needs. Add the grain and color of a gorgeous, wooden paddle board and we have a piece of highly personalized gear designed just for you. Your brain knows that and your brain also attaches all of your favorite memories to the gear that lets you rip. We create gorgeous sup wall racks that show off your favorite gear and act as a safe, stylish picture frame for your favorite boards.

Paddle Board Protection

Now that we’ve reminded you that you love your gear, it’s time to protect it. From keeping Paddle Board rails ding-free to avoiding harmful falls, our products are designed to space and angle your gear so it has its own safe, protected spot. Our dense padding adds a nice soft pillow for your boards to rest until their next opportunity to shine. We also design our racks to give riders easy access to each piece of gear, even helmets, wetsuits, bags, and paddles.


Paddleboard Storage is not one-size-fits-all. Picking the right SUP Rack or Paddleboard Stand depends on a few things.


  1. The shape and size of your Paddleboards. If you have low ceilings and long boards, vertical paddle board storage might not be for you. Similarly, if your wall is short, you may need to rethink a horizontal Paddle Board wall hanger.
  2. Where there is space for a rack. It can be difficult to find a good spot for your Paddle Boards. Entryways can be ideal, but often cluttered with benches, hooks, and so many shoes. Thus is the importance of good paddle board organization. A paddle board rack for garage storage  is great if you have space. This ensures that your gear doesn’t have to travel through the house. However, it can also expose your gear to harsher conditions than a nice indoor spot. An indoor paddle board rack is our personal preference. While outdoor gear is obviously designed to be outdoor, it will last longer if kept in a nice, warm, dry area.. And our racks will appreciate that, too. The real trick is finding a spot that works with your home. Whether it’s outside or inside, where do you have space and what does the journey look like to get your gear to that spot?
  3. Amount of space in and around the storage area. Sometimes overlooked is the journey yourgear will take to its resting place. While you might have the perfect space to store a paddle board, it may not be an option if it’s difficult to access. This is an important consideration but, fortunately, not always a major factor for many customers who are blessed with the gift of space.
  4. Type of home - Walls vs. Freestanding. The type of home and space you have for your gear is a big factor and can determine the best SUP rack for you. The shape of your walls can determine whether you choose between horizontal Paddle Board storage or vertical Paddle Board storage. What if just going into a wall isn’t an option or you need to be able to easily move your board? Then a paddleboard stand may be your best option.

What to know about Paddle Board Racks. Advantages and Disadvantages of each.

SUP Wall Racks: Horizontal Paddle Board Racks vs. Vertical Paddle Board Racks: 

The age old question that often comes down to available space rather than personal preference. It ends up being pretty simple.

Vertical Paddle Board Rack

The tough thing about Paddle Boards is that they’re not typically shorter than your walls are high, eliminating them as a candidate for vertical storage. However, if you find yourself with easy access to 15’+ ceilings, you are part of a lucky few that can consider this great storage option. Instead of limiting yourself to 15’ wide walls, you can take advantage of space that would otherwise go unused. This also opens you up to the option of our Vert Wall SUP Rack or our Vertical Freestanding SUP Rack.. both great options.

Horizontal Paddle Board Storage

Sometimes a vertical Paddle Board rack isn’t an option and horizontal is the way to go. Horizontal paddle board wall racks are great because they use the natural width of a home’s walls. This can be advantageous if you want extra space for shoes, benches, etc. under your rack or want to take advantage of our utility hooks for other gear.

Now that you’ve made it through Paddle Board Storage Rack 101, let us give you a few Paddle Board rack ideas for your home.

Vertical Paddleboard Stand - Freestanding SUP Rack

Our Vert Free SUP stand was created to put an end to the ugly, metal SUP Stands that plague expos and shops everywhere. We get it, they’re cheap.. but they look so bad and their small footprint makes an already unwieldy board even more unstable. We sought (heroically) to give the world a beautiful, stable, easy-assembly way to not only safely store, but display your cherished paddleboards without the need for walls. Our freestanding wooden paddle board rack is a SUP stand with a larger footprint that you’ll find on the market, which makes them much more stable. Also, being crafted from bamboo (or birch), we designed this rack to look good so you can be proud to have it in your home.

O’ahu Series - Horizontal SUP Wall Rack

The O’ahu Series is the world’s most premium horizontal paddle board display. If you’re going horizontal, it’s also the best sup storage rack on this planet. Handcrafted from stylish, beautiful, strong bamboo, we designed, angled, and spaced our O’ahu cradles for the best combination of paddleboard display, storage, and space efficiency. We kept the arms long and angled perfectly so SUPs could rest comfortably on each cradle arm. Perfect for all Paddle Boards from skinny leisure paddleboards to thicker race boards boards. The same angles and spacing that makes this series great for Paddle Boards is also perfect for similarly sized gear like longboard surfboards, windsurfing boards, and more! We’ve essentially made the perfect Paddle Board wall mount and we’re pretty excited about it.

Vertical SUP Wall Mount

A hidden gem in our lineup, our Vert SUP Wall Rack is a fantastic option for anyone who has lots of boards and tall ceilings. The cradle slots are wide enough to fit large boards and spaced to accommodate fins so there won’t be interference. Since we designed this as a rack for SUPs, that means it easily fits anything smaller like surfboards, snowboards, skis, and the list goes on. Also, since the boards rest on the floor, there is almost no stress being put on your wall. At the end of each cradle arm is a small hole for you to tie your boards into the rack, if you so choose.

O’ahu Recliner - A Paddle Board Wall Rack that Leans Back

While most of our horizontal wall racks have the boards lean out into the room, our Recliner leans boards back against the wall. This is nice if you want to have ceiling lights shine down onto your board (or kayak), or just don’t want boards to be as obtrusive in the room. You’ll find our old, trusty utility hooks on the bottom of each cradle for extra storage of things like SUP Paddles, wetsuits, bags, or whatever your heart desires.

There you have it. If you still don’t know which rack is for you or have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out, we’re always happy to help. If you stumbled upon our Paddle Board Rack page but are in search of something different like surfboard racks, snowboard racks, kayak racks, wakeboard racks, skateboard racks, bike racks, or more, please peruse our site. We offer a full line to fit almost all outdoor gear!