Ski Racks - Horizontal & Vertical Ski Wall Mounts

Ski Rack 101 - Find what is right for you..

When it comes to ski storage ideas, skiers can be left scratching their head. Once we pick out the perfect skis and get them mounted with just the right bindings, it’s off to the slopes. But what happens when we get home from lapping groomers or slashing powder in the backcountry is not congruent how we feel about our skis. Often they get relegated to a closet, leaned in a corner, or stuck in the garage. While skis are hearty, every knowledgeable skier knows that ski maintenance is important. That doesn’t just mean the journey to the mountain with the right car ski rack but, perhaps more importantly, storing your skis when you’re at home. While we’re on the topic of ski storage, we’re going to plant this seed right now and let it grow, your skis are your memories and a piece of winter art, a proper rack can act not only as a storage solution but as a ski display, turning your favorite winter sticks into functional ski decor that fires up your best winter memories at a glance.

Ski Organization

Long and narrow with chunky bindings and ski brakes, the struggle is real when it comes to organizing your skis. How to keep them from smashing together and dinging your edges can be a problem if not planned. Like a well oiled.. Filing Cabinet, a good rack can keep your gear in place with easy access to whichever pair of skis the conditions require for the day. While one pair may not seem like a problem, we all know how quickly the chaos starts to build as we grow our quiver and add active family members to the mix.

Ski Display

If you think your skis can only make you happy on the mountain, you are in for a treat once you get them up on some gorgeous bamboo ski racks. Picking your perfect setup is a highly personalized process. We devote tons of time and money to picking everything from the right length, waist, and camber profile to bindings that will match our snow shredding ways. Add stunning graphics and we have a snow weapon designed just for you. Your brain knows that and your brain also attaches all of your favorite ski memories to the skis that let you rip. We create gorgeous ski displays that show off your favorite gear and act as a safe, stylish picture frame for your favorite gear..

Ski Protection

Now that we’ve reminded you that you love your gear, it’s time to protect it. From keeping ski edges sharp to avoiding harmful falls and dings, our products are designed to space and angle your gear so it has its own safe, protected spot. Our dense padding adds a nice soft pillow for your skis to rest until their next opportunity to shine. We also design our racks to give skiers easy access to each piece of gear, even poles, ski bags, and jackets.


    Ski storage is not one-size-fits-all. Picking the right ski storage rack depends on a few things.


    1. The shape and size of your skis. If you have low ceilings and long skis, vertical ski storage might not be for you. Similarly, if your wall is short, you may need to rethink a horizontal wall-mounted ski rack.
    2. Where there is space for a rack. It can be difficult to find a good spot for your skis. Entryways can be ideal, but often cluttered with benches, hooks, and so many shoes. Thus is the importance of good ski organization. Garage ski storage is great if you have space. This ensures that your gear doesn’t have to travel through the house. However, it can also expose your gear to harsher conditions than a nice indoor spot. Indoor ski racks are our personal preference. While outdoor gear is obviously designed to be outdoor, it will last longer if kept in a nice, warm, dry area.. And our racks will appreciate that, too. The real trick is finding a spot that works with your home. Whether it’s outside or inside, where do you have space and what does the journey look like to get your gear to that spot?
    3. Amount of space in and around the storage area. Sometimes overlooked is the journey your skis will take to their off-slope resting place. While you might have the perfect space to store your skis, it may not be an option if it’s difficult to access. This is an important consideration but, fortunately, not always a major factor for many customers who are blessed with the gift of space.
    4. Type of home and walls. The type of home and space you have for your gear is a big factor and can determine what rack is best for you. The shape of your walls can determine whether you choose between horizontal ski storage or vertical ski storage. The space you can allot in front of a ski rack may also determine whether you go with a traditional vertical ski rack or something that a flush ski wall rack like our Nubbins.

    What to know about Ski Racks. Advantages and Disadvantages of each.

    Horizontal Ski Racks vs. Vertical Ski Racks:

    Horizontal vs. Vertical Ski Storage is the age old question that often comes down to available space rather than personal preference. It ends up being pretty simple.

    Vertical Ski Rack

    The great thing about skis is that they’re typically shorter than your walls, making them a great candidate for hanging vertically. This can make great use of the height of your wall without taking up too much horizontal width while also giving you easy access to each pair of skis.

    Horizontal Ski Rack

    Sometimes a vertical ski rack isn’t an option and horizontal is the way to go. Horizontal ski racks are great because they use the natural width of a home’s walls. This can be advantageous if you want extra space for shoes, benches, etc. under your rack or want to take advantage of our utility hooks for other gear. A horizontal ski mount can also be much easier on the camber profile of skis..

    Now that you’ve made it through Ski Storage Rack 101, let us give you a few ski rack ideas for your home.

    Horizontal Ski Wall Rack - Hallsteiner Series

    The Hallsteiner Series is the world’s most premium horizontal ski display. Handcrafted from stylish, beautiful, strong bamboo, we designed, angled, and spaced our Hallsteiner cradles for the best combination of ski display, storage, and space efficiency. We kept the arms short and angled sharply to avoid skis and gear sticking out too far into the room. Perfect for all skis from alpine and cross country skis to fat backcountry powder skis. The same angles and spacing that makes this series great for skis is also perfect for similarly sized gear like fishing poles, paddles, and more! When powder skis start to get extra fat (over 105mm under foot), some customers prefer to bump up to our Moloka’i Series for a little more space.

    Horizontal Ski and Snowboard Storage Racks - Moloka'i Series

    Our Moloka’i Series is a size up from our Hallsteiners and was originally designed for snowboards and skateboards, but is also great for fat powder skis. For dual sport families, this is a great option to accommodate all winter gear.

    Vertical Ski Rack - Vercules Series

    The Vercules or Vertical Hercules is our take on the traditional “2 dowels in 2x4” ski rack. We always saw those things and never trusted that the dowels would hold so we designed something we knew would definitely do the trick. Our Vercules holds skis vertically and spaces them nicely, giving you easy access to each without interference. Wondering where to put your poles? We added slots on each end for poles. No gear left behind.

    Flush Ski Wall Mounts - Nubbins

    Our smallest and most minimal ski rack are our Nubbins. What started as part of our Zero Waste Initiative quickly became a crowd favorite. Our Nubbins are incredibly unobtrusive, install in minutes and are an excellent ski wall mount display. We originally just made these for skis and snowboards but quickly realized that they are great for everything that hangs like bags, jackets, poles, helmets, and more!

    There you have it. If you still don’t know which rack is for you or have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out, we’re always happy to help. If you stumbled upon our Ski Rack page but are in search of something different like surfboard racks, paddleboard racks, kayak racks, wakeboard racks, skateboard racks, bike racks, or more, please peruse our site. We offer a full line to fit almost all outdoor gear!