Bamboo Ski Rack | Vertical Flush Wall-Mounted Indoor Ski Storage - The Nubbin

$36.00 USD

A Simple, Elegant, Easy-to-Install Way to Store Your Skis.

Our new Flush Ski Rack is the simplest, most minimal rack in the Grassracks product line. The Nubbin holds skis flush against the wall for maximum visibility and space efficiency. In addition to being incredibly easy to install, it also offers the avid skier a quick Grab-and-Go rack option that let's them mount skis almost anywhere.

By creating two small tiered bamboo mounts that look like spacers from our traditional Grassracks Mounting Bar System, The Nubbin uses the natural concave shape of skis to allow for easy un-racking and re-racking. Each mount is installed towards the widest part of boards. Once the mounts are secured, boards are slid in between the mounts at the skinniest part of the board and then slid down until the widest part is resting securely on each Nubbin.

While perfect for skis, the Nubbins' design make them great for organizing just about anything that can hang like bags, jackets, helmets, etc. so pick up a bunch and organize the whole room!


  • Style. Gorgeous bamboo grain and rich color.
  • Strength. Crafted from incredibly strong solid 1/2" bamboo. Supports up to 30 lbs.
  • Easy-Installation. Once studs are located, Installation takes only a few minutes.
  • Versatile. Mounts can be placed almost anywhere to accommodate any width board. Boards can also be mounted horizontally with the purchase of more mounts.
  • Eco-friendly. Bamboo is one of earth’s most sustainable resources.
  • Organized. Displays boards in a visible and space-efficient way.
  • Proudly made in the USA.
  • Each Nubbin includes 1 small bamboo spacer and 1 large bamboo cap. The number in your order set is the number of Nubbins you will receive. You need 3 Nubbins to hang one pair of skis.

Installed Dimensions

Each mount measures 1.25" in diameter and comes out 1.25" from the wall. Mounts can be installed as far apart from each other as needed.



Type: Ski Rack

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