September 05, 2023

Mountain Bike Wall Mounts: Protect, Store, and Display Your MTB with Grassracks' Rackcycle

For mountain bikers, owning a rugged and finely tuned mountain bike is a matter of pride. MTBs are designed to conquer rough terrain, steep slopes, flowy flows and challenging tech trails. However, when the ride is over and it's time to park the bike, the challenge of storage arises. Mountain bikes are larger, heavier, and often equipped with wider handlebars compared to their road bike counterparts. After all, it can be a pain to store a 10 lb. road bike with narrow drop bars, so when a 25 lb. behemoth with 29ers and 780mm+ bars enters the chat, it adds an extra challenge to bicycle storage. This is where the convenience and efficiency of mountain bike wall mounts come into play. Let’s explore the different types of wall mounts available for mountain bikes, their features, benefits, and why Grassracks' Rackcycle Bicycle Rack stands out as an exceptional choice for in-home bike storage.

Mountain Bike Storage Challenges

Storing mountain bikes presents some unique challenges compared to road bikes. Due to their larger size, heavier frames, wider handlebars, and knobby tires, mountain bikes demand more space and support. The wider handlebars, in particular, can pose a problem when it comes to finding a suitable storage solution. Hanging the bike improperly can lead to stress on the different bike components, potentially causing damage over time. Moreover, mountain bikes often carry dirt and mud from their off-road adventures, making proper storage even more important to avoid transferring grime onto walls and floors.

Importance of Proper MTB Storage and Maintenance

Properly storing and maintaining your mountain bike is crucial to prolong its lifespan and ensure it performs at its best during every ride. Storing it in a safe and organized manner prevents unnecessary wear and tear on components and minimizes the risk of accidents caused by a poorly placed bike. Additionally, keeping the bike off the ground and away from moisture helps prevent rust and corrosion, which can significantly impact the bike's performance. Mountain bikes have a lot more moving parts compared to road bikes and it’s important to make sure they are cared for to increase their lifespan and ensure a better ride out on the trails. Choosing the proper wall rack for your mountain bike can also give you a nice place to work on the ol’ wheels and chain.

Types of Mountain Bike Wall Mounts

Mountain bike wall mounts come in various designs to cater to different preferences and space requirements. These mounts can generally be classified into three main types based on their mounting mechanism, how they hold the bike, and how they orient the bike:

Horizontal Bike Wall Mounts: 

Horizontal wall mounts hold the bike parallel to the wall by the top tube, with the frame in a horizontal position. This type of mount is suitable for spaces with ample horizontal wall space. It allows the bike to be displayed like a piece of art, highlighting its design and features. However, it might require more wall space due to the longer horizontal positioning. An advantage of horizontal wall mount mountain bike rack is that it will generally only come out only as far as the handlebars are wide.

Vertical Bike Wall Mounts

Vertical mtb wall mounts hold the bike perpendicular to the wall, with the frame in a vertical position. This type of mount is ideal for those with limited horizontal space but taller walls. It takes up less wall space and can be a great option for tighter storage areas.


Bike Pedal Hooks and Bike Hangers

Pedal hooks and hangers are simple solutions that involve hanging the bike by its pedal. This type of mount is versatile and doesn't require much space on the wall. However, it might not be as visually appealing as the other types of mounts, and it doesn't provide the same level of protection for the bike's components or security on the wall.

Grassracks' Rackcycle Bike Rack: A Functional and Stylish Solution

When it comes to mountain bike wall mounts, our Grassracks' Rackcycle Bike Rack is an excellent choice. This innovative and thoughtfully designed rack addresses the challenges of storing mountain bikes while offering additional benefits that enhance the overall biking experience all in a rack that is easy to install, looks incredible, and can hold a ton of your bike gear. Did we mention it’s the most eco-friendly bike rack on the market?

Super Functional Design

Our Rackcycle Bike Wall Rack features a super functional design that caters specifically to mountain bike storage. It utilizes a horizontal wall mount approach, holding the bike parallel to the wall and ground. This design saves valuable floor space and allows for easy storage in compact areas, making it ideal for apartments, garages, and bike sheds. The nice thing about getting your bike up off the ground is that 1) it keeps it from rolling away or falling and 2) gives you put things under, like a shoe rack.

One standout feature of our Rackcycle Bike Rack is its triangular cradle design, which supports the bike's frame by the top tub and prevents stress on the handlebars with the mounting bar and wall as 4 separate points of contact, which distributes and lessens the weight applied to any spot. The cradles are equipped with a shelf that locks them in place, ensuring that the bike remains securely suspended and balanced on the wall. The shelf also offers a great place to store glasses, extra tubes, tools, and whatever else you want to keep close.

Ease of Installation

Installation is a hassle-free process, thanks to its user-friendly design. The rack comes with clear instructions and all the necessary hardware for drywall installation, making it accessible to both experienced DIY enthusiasts and those new to wall-mounted bike storage. The installation process requires only a tape measure, power drill (or driver), and level (which can be found on most phones).

Strength and Durability

Our Rackcycle bike wall mount is built to last, with incredible strength and durability. The rack is constructed using sustainable and sturdy bamboo, which not only provides the necessary support but also adds a gorgeous aesthetic to any storage space. Bamboo's natural strength makes it an easy choice for something as important (and expensive) as your mtb. Once the location of the rack is planned and positioned, the installation takes only minutes with the help of our proprietary Mounting Bar system.

Additional Utility Hooks and Shelf

What sets our Rackcycle Mountain Bike Rack apart from other options is the inclusion of two utility hooks and a shelf. These features add a layer of functionality to the rack, allowing you to store accessories such as bags, helmets, jackets, and other biking gear. The utility hooks provide a convenient spot to hang items, while the shelf offers space for storing essential items related to your biking adventures. This integrated storage solution keeps all your biking essentials organized and within reach.

Stylish Design

Beyond its practical features, the Rackcycle boasts a stylish and aesthetically pleasing design. The bamboo construction adds a touch of elegance to any space, whether it's your living room, garage, or dedicated bike room. It not only serves as a storage solution but also as a decorative element that showcases your favorite bike while organizing all of our bike gear.

In the world of mountain biking, the adventure doesn't stop when the ride ends. Properly storing and maintaining your mountain bike is essential to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. Mountain bike wall mounts offer an organized and space-efficient solution. With our functional design, ease of installation, strength, and stylish bamboo construction, we’ve worked tirelessly for over a decade to address the unique challenges of storing mountain bikes and give our fellow outdoorsfolk an incredible solution. By investing in the right storage solution, you not only protect your valuable equipment but also elevate the aesthetic of your living spaces. By seeing your favorite gear, well protected on a daily basis, you’ll keep your stoke high with every glance.