January 16, 2024

Bike Horizontal Wall Mounts: A Comprehensive Guide

In the world of cycling enthusiasts, finding efficient and aesthetically pleasing ways to store bikes at home has become a key consideration. One solution that has gained popularity is the bike horizontal wall mount. These space-saving racks come in various types, each offering unique features and advantages. Come with us as we delve into the diverse landscape of bike wall mounts, comparing their designs, materials, and suitability for different scenarios.

Types of Bike Wall Mounts

Vertical Bike Wall Mounts

Known for their simplicity and space-saving design, these racks typically secure the bike by its front wheel, allowing it to hang vertically against the wall. While they are effective for saving floor space, vertical mounts can be challenging for those with limited upper body strength. These racks also often mean that the full height of the bike will come out from your wall, which can be much more intrusive than other racks where you only have to contend with the width of the handlebars.

Horizontal Bike Wall Mounts

Horizontal bike wall mounts, on the other hand, secure the bike parallel to the ground. The most common method is holding the bike by the top tube. This type of rack provides easy and convenient access to the bike, making it a popular choice for indoor storage. Horizontal mounts (like our Rackcycle) can also offer additional features like utility hooks for bags and helmets, as well as small shelves for miscellaneous items.

Ceiling Bike Hoists

Ceiling bike hoists are an alternative storage solution that suspends the bike from the ceiling, typically by attaching to the handlebars and seat. While this design keeps the bike completely off the ground, it may not be as accessible as wall-mounted options. Ceiling hoists are ideal for those with ample overhead space. Typically this type of rack takes a bit more installation than the rest so, for those who are mechanically challenged or need to install by yourself, it may not be the best option.

Comparing Bike Wall Racks

Vertical vs. Horizontal Bike Racks

Vertical bike wall mounts are advantageous for their minimalistic design and ability to save floor space. However, they can be less practical for individuals with heavy or unwieldy bikes. Horizontal mounts, by contrast, provide easier accessibility, especially for those with physical limitations. The horizontal orientation distributes the weight evenly, reducing strain during the mounting and dismounting process. LIke we mentioned before, Horizontal bike wall racks are also typically less obtrusive.

Horizontal vs. Ceiling Bicycle Hoists

Horizontal bike wall mounts and ceiling hoists both keep bikes off the floor, maximizing space. However, horizontal mounts offer quicker access to the bike without the need for excess lifting, making them more suitable for daily use. Ceiling hoists are better suited for long-term storage in areas with high ceilings, like garages (but make sure you install it out of reach of the open garage door..).

Advantages of Horizontal Bicycle Racks

Convenient Accessibility to Bikes

The horizontal orientation of these mounts ensures that the bike is easily accessible, making them ideal for regular use. This also means you can work on your bike in the orientation that it rides, which makes things a bit easier like greasing your chain/gears or working on pedals. A bike mount that holds your bike by the wheels, in contrast to a bicycle rack that grabs the top tub, won’t allow you to spin your wheels for quick bike maintenance. 

Versatility with Accessories

Many horizontal mounts come equipped with utility hooks for bags and helmets, as well as small shelves for storing accessories like bike tools or water bottles. This may not seem important to some, but is one of the most helpful features. When you can keep all of your bike gear organized in one place, you’ve reached cycling nirvana.

Space Optimization

By holding the bike parallel to the wall, horizontal mounts make efficient use of space, allowing for additional storage or room for other activities, particularly things like shoe racks or benches underneath your rack.

Materials Used in Bike Wall Mounts

Bike wall mounts come in a variety of materials, each with its own set of characteristics:


Metal mounts are durable and sturdy, capable of supporting heavier bikes. They are often powder-coated to prevent corrosion. Great for garage storage, but can be an eye-sore, especially in your home.


Plastic mounts are lightweight and resistant to rust. However, they may not be as robust as metal alternatives and can break over time in addition to looking cheap.


Foam is used on many mounts as a way to be gentle on the bike's frame but may not be as durable. They are more suitable for temporary or indoor use. Make sure the right type of padding is used or you may start with foam and find yourself foamless in a shorter amount of time than you expected.


Wood is emerging as a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing material for every type of product, including bike wall mounts. At some point, when we created things like refined metals and plastics, we moved away from wood and forgot about its look, durability, and sustainability. It provides a unique combination of strength and visual appeal that compliments your home and your ol’ chain and wheels.

The Allure of Wooden Bike Wall Mounts

Wooden bike wall mounts have gained popularity for their natural beauty and sustainability. While most bike wall racks are purely functional, most wooden bike racks become a piece of art on their own. Different types of wood offer unique grains and colors, allowing cyclists to turn bike storage into a decorative element in their homes. Among the wooden bike wall mounts available, the Rackcycle by Grassracks stands out as a top contender and, while our premium material looks like wood, it’s stronger, lighter, and technically a grass.

The Grassracks Rackcycle: A Sustainable and Stylish Option

Our Rackcycle is a horizontal bike wall mount crafted from bamboo (or birch), a sustainable and rapidly renewable resource. Bamboo offers the strength required for securely holding bikes while adding an element of sophistication that turns this from pure bike storage to a bike display rack.

Key Rackcycle Features


There’s no use making a product if it doesn’t work. Our mission was to not only create a gorgeous and organized bike display, but something that cyclists would be extremely comfortable protecting their bike. Our proprietary Mounting Bar System and triangular design with multiple points of contact did well to make our Rackcycle one of (if not) the strongest bike rack on the market. Then we added a few utility hooks for backs, jackets, etc. and a little shelf up top for accessories.. And now we have a gorgeous, masterfully crafted, and incredibly strong wall-mounted home base for all of our bike gear.


The natural beauty of bamboo, with its unique grain patterns and warm tones, transforms the Rackcycle into a visually appealing accessory for any living space. We designed it to be sleek, efficient, and low-profile, while being incredibly strong.

Easy Installation

The Rackcycle is designed for easy installation, allowing users to effortlessly mount their bikes while enjoying the benefits of a stylish storage solution.

Environmental Sustainability

Bamboo is known for its rapid growth and minimal environmental impact, making it an eco-friendly choice for conscious consumers.


In the realm of bike storage solutions, horizontal wall mounts stand out for their accessibility, versatility, and space optimization. While various materials are used in manufacturing these mounts, wooden options, such as our Rackcycle, provide a sustainable and visually pleasing alternative. Choosing the right bike wall mount depends on individual preferences, available space, and the specific needs of the cyclist. As biking continues to grow in popularity, our mission is to provide innovative storage solutions to enhance the overall cycling experience. 

Bicycle racks are just one of the many pieces of gear we accommodate. If you have other gear like skis, snowboards, surf, SUP, skate, etc., take a look to see how you can finally organize your gear and bring your adventure home.