October 14, 2022

Bike Racks, Garage Edition

Garages are often just a step behind the white picket fence in the minds of American Dreamers. The garage’s spread out as the middle class grew in the mid ’40s, but when the automatic door openers latched on, these extra spaces really forged a permanent space in our blueprints. 

Who wouldn’t love a safe, relatively climate-controlled space built to store all your favorite outdoor toys and vehicles? A magical room that doesn’t require an interior designer, with just as many hooks and workbenches as money can buy. A place where paint splotches and wall scratches build character, where chaos is the plan. 

Your garage can be your secret weapon with a few relatively simple additions. One of them might be the proper garage bike storage. Today we’ll relieve the mental clutter involved with bike garage storage solutions and walk you through the process of locking your bike down step by step. 

We’ll even introduce you to the wall mounted bike rack that will make the most of any floor plan and provide a permanent home for your entire on and off-road arsenal. Read on for garage bike storage ideas easier to install than an automatic door opener and more space efficient than a car vending machine. 

Why Garage Bicycle Storage is a great place for your bike

The real question is, why not? There’s a reason why every cul-de-sac is full of California bungalows with a lovely garden and a garage for two cars to park in, or a lot of room for storage if you’ve just got one. 

I think it’s safe to say that if your home has a garage, there is simply no better place to store bikes. Sure, you may point to a shed or a basement in a fix, but basements generally require stairs or navigating tight doorways, and sheds aren’t as reliable.  

But, we’re not here to talk about things you shouldn’t do, we're here to look for the best horizontal bike rack in the business. A bike rack garage can be as simple as a few bicycle hooks garage wall style or a full-on wall mounted bike rack complete with a shelving system.

Let’s take a closer look at the best place to store your outdoor gear to keep it fresh for the best days of the week. 

Garages are built to get dirty

You ride long enough, you’re going to come home muddy. Even road warriors who wouldn’t dream of stepping off the pavement know the backsplash that comes with riding in the rain. When faced with foul weather, you’ve got two options: stay home and eat cookies on the couch, or make a mess.

Somewhere deep down in the back of your mind, your bike storage will influence your next move. If you keep your gear on bike hooks in your living room or in a bike nook bicycle stand, the thought of a dripping wet floor might be enough to keep you inside. 

Luckily, we’re here to talk bike racks garage style. Who cares if we track a bit of footprints through the concrete flooring that creates an airlock between your house and the outdoors? You can always hose it down later. 

Mud, grit, sand, dust - you name it. No matter what the material is, I would rather leave it in the garage than risk further contamination. That willingness to get dirty is what separates bike hanging ideas for garage from all other storage solutions. 


There is a simple method taught to improve good habits and decrease bad ones; convenience. Something as simple as forcing yourself to look for the TV remote can convince you watching the news isn’t as important, and just cutting down the steps it takes you to get out the door may subconsciously boost your budding passion. 

Grab-and-go bicycle storage in garage ideas isn't just about developing good habits. I'm as nimble as can be once I’m on the bike, but it’s not always so graceful to navigate my handlebars through tight doorways and cluttered hallways. Garage bike storage eliminates the risk of damaging the furniture and helps you get out of the door in a hurry. 

The grab-and-go convenience is minor, but it is real. It's why fast food restaurants are so popular and why cooking healthy is so taxing. It’s why experts recommend laying out your workout clothes and packing your gear bag the night before to make sure you actually wake up and get out the door to exercise before work. And it’s why you should embrace bike racks garage storage. 

We’re not saying that a wall-mounted bike rack garage is the secret sauce to bicycling daily, but eliminating extra effort involved with doing the things you love will always pay small dividends. 

You Can Store it All

The final key benefit that garage bicycle storage has going for it over other bike storage options is the chance to turn your bike stand into a pit stop.  With the right horizontal bike rack and shelving combination, your indoor bike storage can also be your own personal mechanic shop without even having to take things down from the bike wall mount

There are a few excellent mounted bike rack options that provide storage hangers for helmets, gloves, shoes, and the entire kit, as well as a shelf up top that will store your toolbox. Hang the wheels off the ground and get to work. If a bit of oil spills on the floor during a chain greasing, it will just make your garage feel more like home. 

Bike Garage Storage Solutions

Hopefully, you’re starting to see the light through the garage window. Let’s bring it all home and figure out how we’re going to get our bike racks garage sorted. Here are a few of the best bike storage solutions for garages big and small. 

Leaning up into the corner

We’ll start with the easiest choice, although I am very hesitant to truly call this option a solution… it’s more of a filibuster. 

Here’s why: it may have been a long time since you learned how to ride a bike, but chances are you used training wheels for a reason: bikes can tilt easily. Leaning your bike against the corner will almost certainly work for an afternoon or two, will likely be fine for a few weeks, but will almost definitely cost you in the long run. 

Whether we’re talking about unnecessary scratches and fractures in your gear shifters or handlebars after a rough collision with the cement floor, or damages to your cars, or worse, your partner's car, because a loose cannon careened into the driver side door.  

It doesn’t take much to mess up your bike’s center of gravity, and the results could be disastrous. How are you going to convince the less bike inclined members of the household that you need more bikes if they can’t avoid colliding with the existing members of the ensemble?

Get your bike out of the corner and find a real way to store bikes as soon as possible. 

Floor Bike Stand for Garage

Now we're getting a bit more practical. A floor stand is a few steps up from an old-fashioned kick stand. They typically lock your front or rear wheel into place to make sure bumps and gusts don’t knock things around.  

It's a great choice for one bike or a garage with loads of floor space. Just map out an underused corner close to the door and lean your bike just so. This option is worlds better than leaning your bike up against a corner, and it can still be done without installation, but it’s a half measure.  

As soon as you start storing more than one bike, you’ll have worlds of trouble fishing out the bike that’s up against the wall. You might literally have to lift the bike up over your other rides just to get outside. Plus, you’ll have to figure out a completely separate storage solution for all of your gear and repair equipment. 

Floors won't come with shelves or hooks that make the difference when filling out your bicycle accessories. These stands are all fun and games until you’ve got a few helmets, sprockets and shoes scattered across the floor. 

Wall Mounted Bike Rack

This garage bicycle storage option really cleans up compared to the competition. An adjustable bicycle wall hanger opens up some floor space and expands your storage capabilities. You can go from keeping your bike rear wheel locked down to getting the whole damn thing off it’s rubber and securely in the air. 

A wall-mounted bike rack looks good while it keeps your bicycle out of harm's way and off the collision course with the grocery bags. In our eyes, it’s the only long-term bicycle garage rack storage solution that checks off all the boxes and opens up more potential.  

So why doesn’t everyone trust bike hangers for garage storage? The installation heebie-jeebies. Nobody wants to go about drilling too many holes into the wall, even if it’s just the garage. I want to spend my Saturday's riding, not on wall-hanging Youtube.

That’s where we step in..

The Rackcycle

Making the best bike racks garage on, and for the planet, also means making the best mounting system out there. Our bamboo and birch bike wall mounts take advantage of Grassracks’ unique installation promise that isn’t just a marketing slogan. 

With five simple tools, and an hour on a rainy afternoon, you’ll have your bikes hung before the road drys. The mounting bars are fit exactly to standard wall stud length, and the entire rack can easily be adjusted across that bar. You’ll need to drill two holes and two holes only, lock your rack into place, and start arranging. 

The Rackcycle does a bit more than get your bike off the ground. With two bike hooks and bike shelf on every rack, you’ll have more than enough space for all your riding gear, plus a few performance enhancers, and some good ole fashioned chain lube - which you can easily apply without taking your bike off the rack. 

And of course, it’s all protected by some of the strongest and most sustainable natural materials on the planet.