September 29, 2022

Bike Wall Mounts - Here’s Why You Need One Yesterday

It’s all too easy to lean your bike up against the wall and call it a day, especially after a tough ride. But you wouldn’t leave a sports car sitting curbside on a packed street and you damn sure shouldn’t mess around with your bike and crowded hallways or cluttered floors.

Even the most orderly garages are prone to chaos. All it takes is one bad bounce to take the air out of your tires, scratch up the car, or do some real damage to your shiny new Santa Cruz. A bike wall rack will lift up your wheels and provide a perfect resting spot to keep your bike fresh and ready for the next ride.

Whether your bike is your primary form of transportation or your favorite way to spend more time outside, buying your first bike turns a burgeoning passion into a downright obsession. All of a sudden, you can get downtown faster than you could driving, and you can climb that mountain faster than ever before.

Unfortunately, unlocking a whole new world of exploration comes at no easy expense. Top of the line mountain and road bikes will set you back thousands of dollars. Why gamble that kind of investment against gravity?

A great way to justify a high-quality titanium frame is the knowledge that it should last a lifetime. Taking away a few risky variables with the right horizontal bike wall mount is the least you can do to better guarantee a decades of high speeds.

Not only do you need bike wall mounts to make sure you don’t slightly overswing the garage turn and sideswipe your beloved gravel bike, but the right bike wall mounts will also keep the stoke lit long after you finally finished your descent.

Our bikes are our own. There are all sorts of shapes and sizes out there that perform differently and ride certain terrain better than anything else on the market, and there’s a reason you chose the bike you did - it’s the best one on the planet for you.

There is no better way to reaffirm your choice and see your bike at it’s best angle than a gorgeous wooden display (more on that below). We’re not just here to organize bikes racks in the garage, we’re here to make that thing pop.

When all your troubles seem so far away, before the grit takes over your drivetrain and you’ve got to spend a month waiting to get your bike back from the shop, before you leave your ride lost in the corner all winter, that is the time to pair up your bike with the best bike rack for your style.

So, let’s introduce ourselves to the bicycle stands and storage that will keep the wheels turning and turn your bicycle into a centerpiece.

Just like your bikes, Bicycle Stands and Storage come in many different shapes and sizes.

Different types of bike storage are mainly influenced by what style of frame you have, how many bikes the family will let you keep around, and how much free space you’ve got in the floorplan.

The good news is no matter how much space you’ve got etched out, we’ve got great bike wall mounts carved out of the best stuff on Earth that will keep your ride road ready.

Like a rear-mounted bike rack in your car, A mountain bike wall rack and a road bike wall mount at home will require different particulars, mainly due to frame size. You’ll also need to consider what kind of tires you’re strapping up. It won’t matter too much when hanging bikes in garage walls, but a 700C will still require a different clearance than a tough set of fat tires.

The most amazing bike storage ideas are the ones that bring a home a bit of versatility. Ideally you’d have indoor bike racks custom built for each member of your arsenal, but the next best thing are flexible bike wall mounts, sometimes known as Rackcycles, that can take on any bike.

You need confidence to get up that hill. Start your ride the moment the last one ends by hanging your bike up right at eye level and letting the world know you’re ready.

Common Areas for A Bike Storage Rack

Unfortunately, my roommates won’t let me slap a bike shelf hanger in any old corner of our place. Nobody complained about Jared’s 15 new potted plants in the sunroom this month, but you lean one vintage Peugeot in the dining room and all of a sudden everyone’s got an interior decorating opinion.

Let’s take a look at a few great places to store your equipment with proper bike wall mounts. Any one of these locations are bike storage ideas just a few screws away from serving as bike hangers by this weekend. All you’ll need is a bit of open wall space. 


Basement bike storage ideas are risky propositions. First of all, a lower percentage of riders find themselves with basements each year. If you’re a city dweller shopping for a bike stand and storage, you may use the term basement to refer to your entire apartment. But for those with ample floor space and entire rooms devoted to storage, bike wall mounts should still be a high priority.

Getting your mountain bike off two feet and onto the walls saves the floor space for a ping pong table, and your bicycle storage mount becomes an accessory piece that helps tie the room together.

Using an adjustable bicycle wall hanger in your basement will also help your bike from slowly becoming trapped behind the pile up of time. If you start leaning your bikes along the wall, before you know it there will be 16 photo albums and two boxes of lost and lonely socks between you and your favorite ride.

We can’t be what we can’t see. When you can’t do the laundry without checking out your ride, you’re going to spend your weekends getting into all sorts of spin cycles.


A shed is a lot like a basement that’s exposed to the elements. Bike storage in sheds, therefore, should be wall mounted within easy access of any barn style doors. The reason to keep your wheels hanging is simple.

Sheds are a great addition to any house with decent yard space that needs some TLC. It may start off solely for bike storage, but soon enough they be filled up with the mower, weed whacker, ax and all sorts of long-armed accouterments.

You can either store your bike against the back wall and navigate your way through an entire spring's worth of gardening tools or spend one Saturday hooking up two wall mounts to give your bike a forever home.

Bike storage in shed spaces can do a whole lot more than a plank of bike wall holder wood. You can pimp out your shed with all sorts of bike accessories and turn it into an outdoor workspace, or you can simply take advantage of your bike hooks and accompanying bike shelf to keep all your tools organized until it's time to do some tinkering.

A few ratchets, an oil can and a crusty rag and voila! Your bike shelf hanger is suddenly a diy bike rack ready for repairs.

Front Hall

Our first two storage zones imply a bit of extra space, but our Rackcycle works great as an indoor bike rack for apartments where floor space is at a premium.  Whether you’re looking to hook up a mountain bike or a road bike wall mount, you can use the right bike wall mounts to keep your bike out of the way while providing easy access to the open road.

Front hall bike accessories shouldn’t be much more than a bike stand and a few solid hooks, but the right bike wall mounts will make the most out of limited space by providing key shelf space alongside a great space for your ride.

Unlike a basement or shed storage, storing your bike inside invites eyes on your ride. That means if you’re hanging up your mountain bike in the front hall, you’re going to want to make sure all the details of your bike wall mounts are looking crisp.

A bike nook bicycle stand should stay out of the way while standing out of the crowd. The best bike rack for interior storage should be made of solid natural materials that require as few holes in the wall as possible to look good and hold strong.


Ever since C.G. Johnson figured out the first electric garage door opener, Garage’s have been bike’s best friends. If you’ve got one, the store bike choices are all out the window; garage’s are the undisputed goats.

Over the years, manufacturers have developed many creative bike storage ideas for your garage. The entire point of the space is storing, so bike boys have hooked up floor holders, ceiling hangers, and solid bike wall mounts perfect for storing your bike overnight or all winter long.

A bike storage solution garage doesn’t have to be complicated. Any garage already has everything you need to store your beloved bike accessories; namely wall space and a stud. Our bike wall mounts plus your garage’s four seasons of protection is the easiest way to extend the life of your bicycle since WD40.

No matter where you store it, A Bike Wall Mount Invites Quick Bike Maintenance

This key factor is where a great investment absolutely dominates a DIY horizontal bike wall mount. Our Rackcycle is uniquely capable of providing everything you need for quick maintenance or total overhaul.

We’ve got the shelf space to store the tools, the bike hooks to hang the spare tire, and the solid backbone to guarantee you can really get in there and get physical with your repairs without worrying about unwarranted destruction. The cherry on top are the soft padding arms of our racks. These cushions lock your bike into place without messing with the carbon.

The first step of any repair is getting your bike up off its wheels. The next step is a few hours on YouTube. While bike wall mounts can’t teach you how to replace a derailleur, they can give you the perfect space to get the job done.

It all adds up to one clear winner: Our Rackcycle is the best bike rack on the planet.

There is one bike wall mount on the market that checks off all the boxes, stays sustainable, and looks good while getting the job done. We’ve mentioned it a few times today, but now let’s have a full introduction to the best bike rack on, and for, the planet.

We believe you don’t have to make things too complicated to shine. Our bike wall mounts start with the strongest natural materials on the planet and finish with an eco-friendly Vermont Natural Coatings finish to create a unique color scheme that fits in any living room.

Bamboo has a higher tensile strength than steel and can reproduce material almost 12 times faster than traditional wood as it technically belongs to the grass family. It all adds up to a stylish design that trusts in natural materials to protect your gear.

We wouldn’t blame you if hooking up a solid chunk of bamboo to your garage wall sounds complicated, but the Rackcycle's rock solid mounting system is a real gamechanger. With a classic #2 pencil, screwdriver, measuring tape, level, a stud finder, and a free hour or two the next time your ride gets rained out, you can have the system hooked up and ready to hang.

The result is a mounting system that is incredibly easy to adjust and manipulate, combine with other products to extend your bike storage capability, and looks darn good while they're at it. This mounting bar is our secret sauce that helps explain why our racks are so damn strong.

Another key ingredient in our powerful Rackcycle is the triangle design. This set-up latches right onto Grassracks’s mounting system and deploys another secure contact point. The Rackcycle can spread it’s weight across those points to keep the pressure off your studs and hold some serious weight. Hanging your bike now will prevent unnecessary pitstops on this weekends ride.

That heavy duty system and good looking racks that hold lighter than air start to pay dividends when your arsenal increases. Not many racks are equally proficient on the road as they are off, but the Rackcycle has unmatched versatility.

This beast can hold onto ultralight racing road bikes, fat tired snow plows, and everything in between. Our padded arms have just enough of an angle in all the right places to lock all sorts of bikes into place.

But why stop there? What good are bike wall mounts if they don’t leave room for your bike accessories. Every Rackcycle ships with a shelf and utility hooks that help turn your bike storage point into a one stop shop.

Next time you’re trying to beat the heat you won’t have to spend half an hour digging through the garage to track down your cycling gloves. Leave it all hanging on the hooks conveniently located right behind the bike storage arms and set your helmet up top to bring it all home.