December 26, 2022

Hanging Bikes In The Garage

Your garage isn’t just for parking cars and hanging meat anymore. There’s a whole world of storage options at your fingertips. What starts off as a seemingly endless expanse of wide open space protected by the elements quickly snowballs into the next great hoarder's backdrop. 

Before you know it, the workbench is full of tools, the under-stair closet is stuffed with Epsom salts and fertilizers, and bulk buy storage has carved out a chunk across the middle. If you’re not careful, you won’t even have enough space to store your cars in your garage, let alone your bikes.

We’d argue it's more important to store your bicycle in the garage than the car, but that’s a conversation for another time. The bottom line is that a suspended bike from garage ceiling or even a simple mounted bike rack that stays indoors will massively increase the lifespan of your bike compared to leaning it against the wall or against the elements.

Getting your bikes off the ground and onto a proper bike storage rack should be the last step of every ride. You don’t want to brainstorm ideas to hang bicycles in garage settings after you’ve run out of floor space. Nip the problem in the bud by trusting a quality small bike wall mount to create an excellent bike storage system sans floor space. 

The only thing standing in the way of every bike owner providing proper protection for their pedals is a lack of space, tools, or time, and we’re here today to push those obstacles aside and get you hanging bikes in the garage, stat! 

Keep It Hanging

There are lots of great ideas to hang bicycles in garages, and therefore there is no single best way to mount bikes on walls. It boils down to bike weight, geometry, and your living space when determining what brackets for hanging bikes on walls will work best for you.. and how many bikes need storing. 

There’s no All-Mountain ski for bikes and that goes for storing bikes, as well. We all dream of a separate garage reserved for bikes of all shapes and sizes, and if you’re considering that option, I say go for it. 

In reality, there isn’t time, space, or money to build a separate house just to hold onto a large swath of bikes, so we need to get creative with our space. That's why hanging bikes in the garage is a brilliant way of storing bikes. You can create some more floor space (for more bicycles?) while simultaneously getting your favorite bikes off their feet and keeping them in tip-top shape. 

Plus, if you hang bikes right or have a great bike stand, you’ll have excellent space for repairs without having to take a trip to the shop. Hanging bikes upright grants a new perspective, and if you get things set up right at eye level, you can enjoy the added bonus of never taking your eyes off your best bikes.

Nothing motivates you for a ride after a long day at work, like coming home and seeing your two-wheeled missile locked and loaded right next to the garage door. Wall mounted bike racks in the garage keeps the important things focused and keeps your bikes running in top shape.

The best part is, you can use all sorts of methods for storing bikes in your garage. It will largely depend on whether you’ve got mainly mountain bikes or road bikes. Also, take into account kids bikes and ensure the little ones can get their bikes without you having to be there. Let’s take a closer look. 

Best Way To Mount A Bike On The Wall

Or as the Homo Erectus might put it, best way to mount bike on wall?

The myriad of storage solutions at your disposal can be a gift and a curse. While it’s great to have 30 different systems available to get your bikes hanging, with so many options, how can you be sure that your garage storage method is best? 

The easiest way to be sure your garage bike racks are up to the task is to trust in Grassracks. Our Rackcycle takes all the guesswork out of garage bike storage ideas and trusts in a brand that obsesses over every aspect of the perfect bike rack, but we’ll cover that more in a little while. 

For now, let’s talk about the different methods you’ll most often see after pressing the garage door opener. It all comes down to your particular garage organization, your bikes, and how many bike storage racks you’ll need to get the job done. 

Bike Nook Bicycle Stand 

This classic bike storage solution is one of the more straightforward methods for hanging bikes in the garage. It’s got great benefits, especially for people with more space than they know what to do with. 

That’s because this system often doesn’t require anything more than hooking up a few brackets for hanging bikes on wall spaces. Sometimes you don’t even need to go that far and can get the job done with adhesive bike hooks for your accessories and a floor stand for your bike storage.

Using this method, you might not need to hang bikes at all, instead letting the bikes hang out in a quiet corner of your garage with the help of a solid support storage solution. Unfortunately, there are some serious barriers to entry to this particular method of garage bike storage ideas.

A bike nook bicycle stand is a great way to store a mountain bike only if you already have free space, and it is also one of the least versatile ways of storing bikes upright. That’s because your garage won’t ever grow with time unless you’re prepared to hire contractors and make some serious additions.

The reality is your garage bike storage will only get more cramped with time, and bike storage racks that rely on free floor space are some of the most space-consuming options out there. 

Bike Storage Ceiling Rack

A bike storage ceiling rack is on the opposite end of the spectrum. A suspended bike from the garage ceiling will take up literally zero floor space and, depending on your ceiling height, double your overall garage storage. There is simply no more space saving bike storage idea than hanging bikes in the garage ceiling. 

With great space saving comes great responsibilities, which is why everyone doesn’t have a few road bikes hanging down like Christmas tree decorations. For starters, ceiling racks are often the most complicated machinery you can rely on to store bikes. Secondly, it’ll take a few years before the kids bikes are accessible without you around. 

You’ll need to set up a pulley system that locks your mountain bike into place when you don’t need it and lets it down quickly when it’s time to ride. Plus, you’ll have loads of variables to consider when hooking up bike storage hooks capable of hanging bikes on the garage ceiling, especially things like what will be directly underneath the small bike wall mount.

Cars, toys, and sports equipment can start to pile up so fast that there is no space to lower your bikes down for deployment safely. These factors make a suspended bike from garage ceiling a tricky proposition and generally relegate the bike storage rack system only applicable for long-term storage.  

Keeping the Bikes Upright using a Mounted Bike Rack

If your garage is anything like Goldilocks’ bungalow, this option might be just right. The first idea to hang bicycles in the garage we looked at is excellent if you’ve got a garage that’s big enough and you don’t have many road bikes to store. The second ceiling method is an incredibly space saving way to store bikes but also the most complicated. 

A single wall mounted bike rack is the perfect middle ground. The best way to mount a bike on the wall won’t take up massive amounts of space, won’t require complicated hooks and ladders, and will even provide extra space to store equipment. A small bike wall mount won’t take up much time or space on its way to storing your gear in style. 

With simple hooks or brackets for hanging bikes on wall spaces, you can keep your kids' bikes upright and ready for action without storing them too far out of reach. A mounted bike rack can have the wheels down and the ride on in moments without clogging up valuable floor space. 

The Best Small Bike Wall Mount Requires The Best Materials 

While there are pros and cons to all three of the above-mentioned single wall mounted bike rack styles, one thing that reigns supreme no matter which option you pick: the materials upon which a bike rack relies. 

Loads of bikes hanging precariously on faulty plastic parts and lackluster designs have fallen to their demise, bending wheels and cracking frames on their way down. The stakes are ramped up a notch when your bike rack in the garage gets lifted off the ground, and gravity will eventually outlast any materials not up to snuff. 

You can genuinely hang your single bike from a floor stand, on a wall-mounted bike rack, or loosely down from the ceiling as long as you pick the good stuff to do the job: Strong, durable, all natural materials, well-treated and sustainably sourced. 

We don’t want to destroy the earth just to take our mountain bike into the woods, do we? You don’t have to make tough choices regarding bike rack garage wall storage anymore. Let me introduce you to a material that is tough as nails and sustainable: Righteous bamboo. 

That’s right, folks. It’s not just a panda’s lunch anymore. Bamboo is one of nature’s fastest-growing natural materials on the planet, possesses higher tensile strength than steel, and has a gorgeous intricate grain that rivals a gorgeous teak, cherry, and other beautiful ‘woods’. 

The Best Method for Hanging Bikes In The Garage? The Rackcycle

Now it’s time to put it all together. The best ideas for hanging bikes on wall spaces take Bamboo’s exceptional natural ability and combine it with decades of thoughtful research. The results are the best wall-mounted bike racks on, and for, the planet. Our revolutionary mounting bar system makes the most out of single bike storage hooks to bring you an entire storage space with no further strain on your floor. 

It’s all about design and materials used, and no other single bike wall rack on the market has more to show for that than our Rackcycle. You won’t find any cheap plastic here, just sustainably sourced bamboo and quality Vermont Natural Coatings to keep things shining for a long, long time. 

Almost as important as the hardware is how you hook it up. The Rackcycle will be hanging bikes in the garage in just minutes, thanks to our proprietary mounting system. This single bike wall rack is also uniquely capable of being moved around and taken down, without exposing holes in the wall. 

The key to the best bike racks is often in the details. In addition to providing a single bike with wall mounted storage, our racks also take advantage of a shelf and bike hooks to help hang all your bike gear. Keep your helmet and bike shoes up top and even find space for a spare tire or two.