November 02, 2022

Bike Storage Sheds - Possibly The Best Place To Store Your Bicycle

There are tons of places you can lean your bike and call it a day. Stop signs, oak trees, basketball hoops and back porches may be fine for a week, and they may be fine for the month, but eventually, the day’s weather will wreak havoc on your favorite bikes. 

Bikes aren’t getting any cheaper. An investment like this one should last you decades, and the right bike will, as long as you do the bare minimum to keep the wheels rolling. Our favorite outdoor bike storage ideas are just that - simple operations that last the test of time. 

Nothing is more simple and more effective than a great shed, and bike storage in shed options are out there that will store your bikes without worrying about damaging a car, muddying up the hallways, or navigating your handlebars through dark stairwells.  

You and your shed can get ahead to create a simple outdoor bike storage powerhouse that can do way more than keep your chain fresh and your gears shifting. A small bike shed can be your one-stop shop, storing the tools you need for tune-ups and the gear you need for varying weather. 

Whether you already have a storage space outside and you're trying to figure out how to turn it into a bicycle storage shed, or you’re still trying to convince yourself it's worth a few weekends of manual labor to get your personal bike shop set up, we’re here to show you why bike storage in shed is the best way to store your bike outside without undue exposure to the elements. 

An Outdoor Bike Storage Shed Might Be Your Secret Weapon

Rust spots, faulty chain lines, cramped gear shifts, and frequent trips to the bike shops have one true mortal enemy: A high-quality roof. Bike storage in a shed brings the outside world in and invites a secure bike storage solution that can get dirty alongside your bike and still keep everything in tip-top shape.

A bicycle shed just keeps checking off boxes. Bike storage in shed invites you to quickly Access bikes and squeeze in a ride after work, even with winter's early sunset.

Year round, the basics are covered with easy access to the road and the trails, plenty of space to grow your arsenal, and the freedom to expand your storage capacities by adding in electrical outlets, wall hooks and space heaters. 

Beyond that, mountain bike sheds can easily handle the muck after a rough rainy ride and help you keep your dirty wet gear away from the freshly vacuumed carpets. Most DIY bike sheds will even provide space for a workbench or a hook and ladder contraption that helps you pull your bike up to eye level and start making more repairs in house. 

Yes. We. Can. Find Bike shed storage that fits.

We’re true shed believers. Before we go all in exploring the versatile storage an outdoor bike storage shed can bring to your bikes, we’ve got to get rid of the mentality that sheds are reserved for the backwoods.

Sure, you probably won’t find many high-rise apartments with personalized shed spaces, but there are also many more shed styles than meets the eye. If your acreage won’t fit a classic diy pallet bike shed, you’re not up the creek without a paddle. There is everything from minute wooden bike sheds that latch onto your porch to garden bicycle storage box choices that store your bikes without taking up extra space. 

Another perk of alternative bike storage sheds is that you won't have to whip out the 2x4's to store a few adult-sized bikes. With an abundance of metal bike sheds on the market, and simple contraptions that can be delivered for free and installed for you, all you'll have to do is find the perfect bike rack for shed to pair things with. 

Keep Your Bike In Mind when Building your Storage Shed

Even if by building we mean perusing the pre-built powerhouses over at the Home Depot, stroll and sketch out your shed with visions of bike storage in mind. All sorts of sheds can store a bike, but there are tons of traps and conundrums that can absolutely wreck your efficiency. 

Some stud-free sheds won’t be able to lift up adult bikes using wall bike racks, which means you’ll have to take up valuable floor space storing your bike. Not only is floor space generally more coveted than wall space, it can also make it a real pain in the ass to take your bike out of storage, especially after a long winter’s hibernation. 

It starts like this: you slip your bike up against the back wall, leaning one handlebar just so. There’s a clear path to and from, allowing you to get in and out in a hurry, so you get complacent with the setup. 

Then, the leaves fall. A rake wouldn’t get the job done, so a leaf blower gets involved. In between blows, you can lean the thing up against the bike. Next is the big fall harvest. All the gardening tools are whipped out and the entire plot is healthy and happy heading into winter, but man! It’s exhausting work. I’ll just drop these on the storage shed floor and deal with it later. 

The last step before the solstice is to schedule your winter tire swap. The shed’s a great spot for your summer set. All of a sudden, your bikes are so far removed from your shed door you can’t even see them when you first walk in. No, thank you. 

While shed shopping, Get things taken care of one day one by focusing on secure bike storage that’s easy to access no matter how full your garden bike shed plastic is.  

A Few Key Features Make A Great Indoor Outdoor Bike Storage Solution

Adult sized bikes require  solid sheds. You'll find a lot of lean-to's and cracked ceilings that can protect some less technically advanced equipment, but when it comes time to store bikes, the stakes are a bit higher. 

Completely Waterproof

Sheds delicately walk the line between inside and outside more than any other storage system out there.  While nobody would intentionally design a leaky garage, some sheds don't mind leaving a few inches between the roof and the walls.

Bike storage sheds have to take extra precaution, as half the point of storing your adult bikes are to protect them from the elements. Even if no water is dripping directly onto your equipment, the humidity levels and general dampness that comes with a permeable set-up will begin to eat away at your bicycles mechanics.

Two Easy to Secure Entrances

When designing ways to access bikes and particularly gnarly sections, Don't overlook your exit strategy. The second door in your shed can work as a runaway truck ramp and make it easy to slide adult bikes in and out of storage.

While this feature is far from a necessity, we're dreaming here. Bike sheds should never include only one bicycle, and eventually, as your adult sized bicycle collection grows, you're going to start rubbing handlebars.

Wooden bike storage with two doors will guarantee there is no such thing as an out-of-reach far corner and consistently get you out the door faster, no matter which one you choose. 

Sturdy Walls 

Eventually, you'll want to get your bike off the ground and onto a wall rack. You may fight it, but there always comes a time when the floor becomes cluttered, and the wheels need a break, even if it's just to grease up the chain. 

When the time comes to store bikes and break out the stud finder, you'd better hope there are some studs to find. Bike sheds are much easier to build than renovate, so opt to take the extra time to make sure your walls can easily support a bike or two. 

The Final Step is securing your Bike Storage In Shed with the Right Bike Rack

Just as important as your home's raw materials is the furniture you place inside it. Without a proper wooden bike storage system, there's no shed out there that won't be more than a wide open space ready to be full of clutter.

There is a better way to do bike storage in shed, and it's called The Rackcycle

Grassrack's signature way to store and access bikes and bike accessories takes advantage of the earth's natural materials to provide versatile storage that looks as good as its locks. Capable of supporting everything from training wheels to larger bike tires, the Rackcycle is a perfect companion for bike storage in a shed and may just be the perfect bike wall mount

It takes your gear off the ground and gives it a sturdy support system, no matter the frame size. Two conveniently placed points of contact provide the base for our modular frame that makes it easy to access bike parts and move your rack without whipping out the toolbox. 

Bicycle storage sheds rarely have the luxury of loads of free space, so we designed our indoor bike storage rack to make the most of every inch. Each rack holds a larger bike and comes with two utility hooks and a bicycle storage shelf system that fits it all. 

It all adds up to simple outdoor bike storage that works with any shed and any bike. 

Bicycle Storage Sheds FAQ’s

We could go on all day about the different ways the Rackcycle is the best bike rack on, and for the planet. But, to round out our expose, we’ll answer some classic questions that come about when you’re mapping out your DIY wooden bike shelter or garden shed bicycle storage. 

Can you Store A Bike in A Shed?

Carefully. Yes, you can turn any lean-to into bonafide bike sheds, but you can't just throw your bike under any awning and call it a day. Bike storage in shed requires a bit more gusto than some other outdoor equipment to protect your gear shifters and braking systems.

Bike Storage in Small Bike Sheds?

Small metal bike sheds are a great way for space-deprived set-ups to access bike storage. Small storage containers are easy to purchase and can be very simple to install and maintain. They can take up half of a parking space or fit right onto the side of a house and keep your bike dry through the winter. 

How to look after Long-Term Bike Storage In Shed?

Just by storing your bike in wooden bike sheds, you are already doing enough to keep your bike fresh for this weekend's ride. Sometimes though, you may need to get off your bike for a few months. To make sure your bike is ready to roll come springtime, there are a few extra precautions you should take.

Keep your tires off the ground 

Gravity can slowly wear down even the stoutest tires and develop flat spots at the point of contact if left long enough. You should over-inflate your tires before storage and hang things off the ground to avoid having to replace your tires after a long hibernation. 

Clean and lube your bike right before storage 

We always check our bike chain lube and do quick scans of our bike before a ride, and maybe hose things down after a messy ride, but you should also give a thorough cleaning before storage. Any dirt left on your bike will slowly eat away at your mechanics. 

Try to use some climate control 

No one is advocating for you to hook up an air conditioner just for your bike collection, but you should take a few steps, like insulating windows and fixing any leaks before starting your bike storage in shed to make sure no rust and corrosion occurs next time you access bike parts.