December 10, 2018

What We Ride - Skier's Guide

Growing up, we idolized our heroes, whether it was on the mountain or in the water. We found ourselves constantly wondering about their daily routines, their diet and, of course, their equipment. We’re lucky, now, to be in a position where we have access to the best gear in the industry and learn about each brand to find a good fit for us. As we go, we upgrade and replace to create our perfect setup.
Ski Racks and Gear for Epic Wintermen
Our purchase decisions follow our Maholla mission. We prefer to buy high quality gear that will perform well and last the test of time. A big priority of ours is finding like-minded companies that create high-quality products with a strong focus on protecting the environment. A lot has changed since we clicked in to our first skis back in 1992 but it’s been for the better. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for skiers in your life, here’s a quick peek at some of our favorite 2018 ski gear..
Ski Storage Racks
Ski Racks:
One of the most overlooked pieces of gear that skiers and all athletes forget is a safe storage solutions for their ski gear. If you have skis, you need a way to organize them. Good ski storage not only makes your skis and poles more accessible when you’re packing for a trip, it keeps them safe from damage, dinged edges, rust, and mold.
Our mission is to strengthen the connection between skiers and their equipment. We took our ski racks a step further and made them stylish enough to be an in-home ski display so your gear can be enjoyed year round. You work hard  and spend a lot of money to create some pretty epic looking skis, they deserve to be appreciated year round. We have a variety of horizontal and vertical racks that help you display and safely store your gear. Check out our Nubbins, Hallsteiner Series, and Vercules Trip (new).
Price Point: From $33 - $148
LibTech Wreckcreate 100
Lib Tech Wreckreate 100
We are big fans of everything LibTech. They are a company that, like us, is committed to making the highest quality products in a way that is easy on the environment. Most of our skis and snowboards are LibTech and our water boards are soon to follow suit.  
Ski-man co-founder Evan picked up a pair of these bad boys in late 2017 as his new quiver killer All Mountain ski and they live up to the hype. Let us say again that these folks are making the most eco-friendly skis on the planet which is cool if you’re into that kind of thing (we are). They use sustainably sourced wood for cores, low VOC resins and water-based inks that are sublimated onto the skis making the graphics pop in a really awesome way. In addition to their low environmental impact, Lib Tech skis are designed and built for amazing performance, most notably their staple feature, Magnetraction™, which gives riders incredible edge hold and control. The Wreckreate 100s are intended for all-mountain riding which means they are the perfect option for any terrain and can be the only pair of skis you own. Take a gander at Lib Tech Wrekreates.
Price Point: $699
Salomon STH2 WTR 13 Ski Bindings
Salomon STH2 WTR 13
Next are bindings. You need a pair that are at least as good as your skis. To go with Evan’s Wreckcreate 100s, he picked up a pair of Salomon STH2 WTR 13s. Salomon makes great products and these ski bindings were no different. A great pair of skis needs equally qualified bindings. These are critical to making sure your feet are locked in when you want and only releasing at the right moments. It’s the perfect binding complement to any skis and it’s built by a leader in ski accessories technology. Get a pair of STH2 13’s today. (Need something capable of a higher DIN setting? Check out the STH2 WTR 16s.)
or learn more here.
Price Point: $229
Grasssticks Bamboo Ski Poles
You read it right, there are 3 s’ in Grasssticks. That’s because they’re made from bamboo (Grass) and they’re in “Stick” form… ipso facto, Grasssticks.
We knew bamboo was amazing from our experience but were curious about how they would hold up with some hard-charging skiers. Our conclusions.. They’re awesome. These guys make an amazing pair of ski poles. Not only are they great for the environment, they’re super strong, have great flex and shape memory, are customizable with different grips and baskets, and they look rad. Warning: they are a conversation starter so if you don’t like to talk in the lift line, hide them in your pants. (Person: “Is that a ski pole in your pants or are you happy to see me?” Evan: “It’s a ski pole”). They also have a great kids program where you can buy a pair for $63, then exchange them up to 5 times and just cover shipping each time as kids grow. Sometimes they grow as fast as bamboo so that program should be really exciting to parent. At this point in the blog if you were planning on purchasing a gift for a family member or friend, are you just starting to think you should be purchasing a lot of gifts for yourself? We don’t blame you! ..and back to the cool products… if you want more bamboo in your life consider a sweet pair of bamboo poles at Grasssticks.
Price Point: Kids Model Starts at $63 and Adult Model Starts at $98
Smith Vantage Ski Helmet
Smith Vantage
Your brain is the most important thing you have and you need to protect it. Don’t ski without a helmet, just don’t do it. Step 1 in skiing safety starts with your head. Smith makes high quality, low profile ski helmets that make wearing one on the slopes really cool. The Smith Variance is a great helmet with vents to maintain a good head temp, an adjuster for perfect fit, and MIPS technology to save those brain cells in case you wipe out and hit your noggin. (Next upgrade will be the Smith Quantum)
Price Point: $260
Smith I/O MAG Ski Goggles
Smith I/O MAG™
Smith makes more than just great helmets, they also design and build some of the industry’s best ski goggles and our pick is the Smith I/O MAG™ with ChromaPop lens technology. ChromaPop is no joke. With a variety of lens tints and colorations, ChromaPop will be a visibility game changer for your ski-ventures. We’ve used the I/Os in every different condition and they’ve been tremendous. Great comfort, great against fog, and they fit perfectly with our helmets (important if you don’t like frost-bitten foreheads). The ChromaPop lens has a tendency to make you wear them 24/7 because colors won’t ever be as vibrant with just your eyes.
Price Point: $240
Dakine Fall Line Ski Bag
Board Bags:
So you have new skis? Awesome, now let’s figure out how you’re going to get those bad boys from point A to point B without dinging them up like crazy. Especially if you plan to fly with your skis you’ll need a solid board bag. Dakine has been making bags since 745 AD and their material and craftsmanship is top-notch. Their travel bags will keep your skis padded, safe, all while being super stylish. Give the gift of travel this Holiday and get your favorite skier the best travel snowboard bag their skis have ever seen. Pro tip, wheels are awesome. Another pro tip, most airlines only allow skis, boots, and poles in your bag. If you’re like us, you want as much padding in there as possible and, luckily, jackets, socks, base layers, and clothes do a wonderful job however that is pretty frowned upon and can get up to your 50 lb. limit right quick.
Price Point: $45-$210
North Face Vengeance Ski Gloves
North Face Vengeance
Try tearing down the mountain on a brisk day with nothing between your hands and ski poles but… well… nothing?! No way, you need a good pair of gloves to keep those digits this side of frostbitten! When it comes to keeping you warm, North Face is one of the best in the game. They’re probably most known for their jackets but they also make a mean (and very warm) glove as well. The North Face Vengeance are for serious rippers. Complete with ginormous gauntlets and wrist leashes, you won’t have to worry about dropping your gloves off the lift or finishing a pow run with a snow cone around your hand. If having great circulation in your hands and feet is not one of your strengths, get mittens.
Price Point: $220
So there you have it, a few suggestions about some of the important stuff. Coming soon.. Base layers, boots, jackets, pants, etc. The holidays are here, remember to shop responsibly. Buy from companies that align with your beliefs about how to do business, treat people, and care for the environment. A better future starts with every decision you make when you pull out your credit card..