August 24, 2022

Wood Surfboard Wall Rack

Wooden surfboard storage has been around since the days of 10-foot-long wooden boards. While you won’t find many wooden surfboards in current line-ups, your storage display is still an excellent place for lumber in your arsenal. 

Except for local legends like Kuntiqi and the balsa wood brothers of Montanita, modern Surfing manufacturers have mainly got eyes for Epoxy and Poly. Yet, still standing tall and holding strong outside the water are Wooden surfboard wall mounts. Nature’s last stand is in living rooms, garages, and surf shops around the country. 

A wooden surfboard wall rack is one of the business's most robust surfboard wall mounts. When done right, The natural materials will put your shortboards and longboards on display and finish your project with a suave color scheme that brings any room together. 

Anytime it comes to drilling holes in the wall or inviting the elements into your home, you’re best off doing your research and consulting a professional. We’re here to walk you through the harvest and guide you towards the best surfboard wall rack options in the business that rely on mother nature to protect your favorite boards. 

How to Turn Your Surfboard Storage into Bonafide Board Displays 

Don’t just store your stand-up paddleboard in a dark corner. Not only is that a losing race against time for a dryland ding, but it can also look sloppy fast, especially when you’re corners start filling up with a growing quiver. 

It starts with using your surfboard as a towel rack and ends with your favorite sup board buried behind your luggage collection. A premium wooden surfboard display rack in the form of a wall-mounted indoor surfboard stand will keep clutter in mind while keeping the boards on hand and ready for the next code red. 

Turning your surfboard storage into surfboard decor might be as simple as picking your boards off the floor and trusting a wall rack mount. Wall storage has pros and cons, but the right wood surfboard wall rack can relieve doubts and boost your surfboard display. Here’s how. 

Why Trust Wood?

There are loads of different ways you can go with your Surfboard storage, but wooden surfboard wall rack options are a great place to start.

All Natural Reinforcement

If they trust in timber enough for your walls, why not use the same material for your wall storage? Wood has been holding up the fort for thousands of years, and there is still nothing else quite like it in the market. 

We don’t quite have the budget for steel beams, and nobody wants a surfboard storage rack that doesn’t age well. That crosses off most artificial ingredients. Plus, there’s just nothing quite like an apartment that smells of rich mahogany. 

 Classic Look

What living room wouldn’t benefit from a splash of authentic Baltic Birch? Even ultra-modern, whitewashed design schemes leave room for a solid Oak coffee table, and your stand-up paddle board wall storage should be no different. 

Wooden furniture has been a high-end classic for centuries, as it brings a highly resilient material through the front door that may outlast your room’s fresh paint job. Hooked up to the studs is no different. A wood surfboard wall rack has that little something special that draws the eyes towards your board and the mind towards the surf. 

 Sustainable Origin

As surfers, we build our lives around the ocean. We have enough moral dilemmas to get through when shopping for wetsuits or looking at plane tickets, and we shouldn’t have to come home to a surfboard storage rack that harms the very ocean that just energized us.

Too many horizontal wall mounted indoor surfboard rack options cut corners and don’t think about the environmental impact of their production. That may result in sleek looks and low prices, but with a wood surfboard wall rack, you’ll benefit from your investment for years to come. 

Timber is one of the few natural, renewable, and carbon-positive building materials trusted on a large scale, but not all lumber is equally sustainable. In fact, some of the most sustainable and strong natural materials on Earth aren’t wooden at all... 

The Best Type of Wood is… Grass

That’s right, folks! Kentucky Bluegrass is the secret weapon behind the best wooden surfboard wall rack mount options. That’s just a joke, but you may be surprised to learn that Bamboo is in the grass family, not the plank clan, and it is the earth’s most sustainable powerhouse.  

Grassracks only uses premium Baltic Birch and sustainably farmed bamboo in our wood surfboard wall racks. Believe you me, We tried just about everything to see what stood through the test of time. 

Bamboo eventually became a no-brainer method for wall display racks and vertical freestanding racks. Its grassroots origins give it a few unique skills that make it nature’s super material.

First off, it beat the hell out of traditional artificial building methods. The material has a higher tensile strength than steel, a higher compressive strength than concrete, and a higher strength-to-weight ratio than graphite. But it just couldn’t stop there. 

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing natural resources on the planet, has almost 2X the strength of wood building options, can produce a wood surfboard wall rack 12X faster than wood, and converts more CO2 to Oxygen than most trees. When grown properly, Bamboo will use its extensive root system to reduce soil erosion and water runoff. 

The numbers don’t lie. Grassrack’s Tiger Bamboo is simply the best wooden surfboard wall rack on, and for, the planet. We even found a way to use the unused bamboo pieces by partnering with our friend at Bodhi Rings

Grassracks Best Wood Surfboard Wall Rack 

Once we had the raw materials nailed down, we knew we had a winner. All that was left to do was to come up with the perfect design for a wall mount storage rack. After years of trial by failure and combat, only a few wood surfboard wall rack models left the ring standing.

The Kauai series 

Our most affordable surfboard wall mounts are also some of our finest work. These wall display racks look good in any living room and grow alongside any quiver. You can start your bamboo wall rack off with space for one or two of your favorite boards and easily update the surfboard stand as that number gets closer to four. 

Plus, with convenient hooks located right underneath the racks pads, this horizontal wall mounted indoor surfboard display can do a whole lot more than hang on to a few boards. Leave your wettie, rash guard, or extra leashes right where you need them, and turn your wood surfboard wall rack into your one-stop shop. 

The Kauai takes care of all sorts of wall storage details so you can sit back and enjoy more of your weekend. Grassrack’s unique mounting system means you’ll have the surfboard wall rack installed in an hour or two, and any time you need to do some rearranging or painting, you can have the frame down in seconds.

Vertical Wall Mounted Indoor Surfboard Rack

Our unique wood surfboard wall rack can keep storing until you run out of wall space. This 4-pack of simple stand-up paddle board wall storage solutions work together to turn a showroom or a passionate garage storage project into a beautiful piece of surfboard decor.

This surfboard stand uses 3/4ths of an inch of solid bamboo to provide a vertical surfboard rack that can do things horizontal storage simply can’t do. This style of surfboard display rack is best used alongside large quantities of surfboards or with an unwieldy sup board that’s a bit too long to stow horizontally. 

Working alongside the sturdy bamboo is comfortable padding that guarantees your boards stay locked into place. It’s not always easy to negotiate the angles and ensure your surfboard isn’t going to tip over a few minutes after you put it in storage, but this rack comes with Bungie cord attachment points and sticky padding to prevent all that mess. 

An entire surfboard wall might sound complicated, but the most challenging part will be finding the money for all those surfboards! To get them properly on display,  All you’ll need is an electric drill, a stud finder, a level, and a tape measure, and you’ll have your collection standing tall on display in no time. 

Whether you’re trying to sell off a storeroom or store up a shitload of surfboards, you should use nothing less than the best to get the job done. Every arm of this wood surfboard wall rack is hot branded with the Grassracks logo, which means it’s hand-made in the USA.