June 16, 2022

Wall Mount Surfboard Rack

Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, and know when to get your boards up off the floor. Unless you’ve got unlimited access to Kelly’s wave pool, you’ll never surf the exact same conditions two days in a row.

We’ll need a few surfboards up our sleeves to be prepared for the first big north swell of winter and still surf on long summer days when the local spot is looking more like a lake. Before you start taking home more boards, you’ve got to have a place to stow them all. 

As soon as you get settled in a permanent location and start thinking about a second board, you’ve got to get your surfboard storage rack plan down. A Vertical Freestanding Rack is only suitable for living situations with ample floor space or garage storage. 

It’s no secret that square footage is at a premium the closer we get to high-quality surf, but we’ve got you covered. If you’ve got to consciously map out every bit of floor space, or just like the look of a horizontal surfboard rack, consider wall-mounted storage, ideal for saving floor space and storing several boards.

A wall mount surfboard rack turns a surfboard storage dilemma into the centerpiece of your living room. It even hangs high enough for you to still take advantage of the wall space below the rack. There is no way to mount your boards without drilling a few holes, so using the wrong wall display rack could be worse than using nothing. 

The proper wall mount storage will have room to grow alongside your surf accessories while protecting boards big and small. Choose wisely, and you’ll have a permanent wall display rack that keeps your boards looking fresh and ready to rumble. 

Let’s take a closer look at the strengths of a wall mount surfboard rack, and see what separates the pretenders from the contenders. 


When a Board Wall is better than a Surfboard Stand

Grassracks has several vertical wall mount options to store as many boards as your floorplan can handle. A proven wall display will help your kit grow without compromise.  

Multi-Board Storage 

You can probably get away with storing one surfboard haphazardly, either by tossing it underneath your bed or leaning it next to your front door. But who wants to own just one board!?

When you’ve got to have a high-performance board for when conditions are just right, a step-up ready for the first north swell of winter, and a beater to make sure there are no flat days, you need to start taking your storage just as seriously as your surfing. 

A quality horizontal surfboard rack mount can hold four boards plus all sorts of surfing accessories and make each surfboard incredibly easy to access. 

Making the Most of Your Floor Space

Leaving all of your boards freestanding or lying around isn’t sustainable. You’ll end up with a pile of inaccessible boards or dinging half of your favorite boards while trying to access the one in the back. 

A humble, hardworking wall mount clears 6-24 feet of floor space and can serve as a surfboard or sup wall storage rack. Lifting your boards off the ground allows for effortless accessibility to each part of your kit, and it opens so much space for activities below. 

A Bonafide Surfboard Display 

Our bread and butter is our Wall Mount storage rack for a reason. There are tons of ways to throw a board in the corner, but very few surfboard storage solutions shine along the way. By snugly storing your favorite boards at eye level, you’ll be reminded what it’s all for every time you walk through the door. 

A wall mount for indoors with extra hooks and padded arms will constantly grow and take shape just like any other piece of interior surfboard decor. That slice of wall will quickly become a montage of your surfing journey. Pair your Epoxy or Poly with high-quality natural grass or wooden surfboard storage racks to help your board glow at home and shred at sea. 

Wall Storage Racks In it for the Long Haul

Flirting with gravity is a lot like messin’ with sasquatch - it’s no time to test wonky equipment. The right wall mount surfboard rack will have done all the hard work and testing ahead of time, so the product that arrives at your doorstep will be ready to hang for decades. Here’s how it all goes down. 

You Take the Best Materials 

The first step in ensuring an excellent board wall is harnessing the right equipment. I wouldn’t trust a Wavestorm to get me through mackin sets, so don’t trust a mass-produced bit of plastic to hang your boards up to dry. 


With the Right Design

Next, you’ve got to get the design down pat. We mounted all sorts of options, tore up our plans, and went back to the drawing board. After several years of trial and error, we’ve found the best balance and stability to crank outboard wall storage that you can take for granted.  


That Stands Out Without Sticking Out

There is no point in saving space with a wall mount surfboard rack if your mount features stocky arms that stick out further than they need to. Look for wall rack surfboard storage that gets the job done without being wider than your surfboard’s horizontal measurements. 


And A Unique Mounting System That Installs in No Time

Finally, you’ve got to make sure your wall storage rack is accessible. Everyone can say their products are easy to install, but our interchangeable mounts walk the walk; all you’ve got to do is find the stud. Once your wall rack is hooked up, adding extra arms on new board day is more manageable than convincing the family you need another one. 


Durable Bamboo Reigns Supreme

These requirements make it clear that Grassracks materials and quality design reign supreme over the competition. Not only does Bamboo have a stronger tensile strength than steel, but it is also one of the most sustainable natural building blocks on the planet. 

When given the right environment, Bamboo can grow up to 35 inches in a day, all the while pulling carbon out of the atmosphere.  

We patiently wait for our Bamboo stalks to hit maturity before coating them in a sustainable veneer and assembling our Wall mount surfboard racks. Every step of the process is handled right here in the USA. Grassracks has taken painstaking efforts to be the best racks on, and for, the planet, and the results speak for themselves. 


Grassracks Wall Mounted Surfboard Display Racks

When it comes to storing multiple boards or crafting a larger paddleboard rack, you don’t want to mess around with gravity. We’ve got two great surfboard wall storage options with different strengths to help budgets, floorplans, and quivers of all shapes and sizes store their boards in style. 


The Kaua’i Series

As the flagship model for the best racks on the planet, we set incredibly high expectations for this wall-mounted surfboard rack. We’ve scrutinized every aspect of this rack, from the mounting system to the angle of the arms, to hit the sweet spot between space efficiency and displayability. 


The slight upward tilt will keep your boards locked into place as long as your wall is standing, and the padded arms help each board slide out without disturbing the others when it’s time to hit the beach. 


Wall Mount Storage is incredibly permanent, but the adjustability and ease of movement in this rack can make the choice to drill holes in the wall a bit less harrowing. You can accommodate for fins, change up the mounting bar between shortboards and longboards, and always add on more storage as your quiver grows. You’ll have no trouble unhooking the mount from the wall if you need to repaint or rearrange the furniture. 


Vertical Wall Mount Surfboard Rack 

The best friend of display rooms or garage storage, our premium wooden surfboard display rack can grow, grow, and grow. We stretched out each slot long enough to serve as a paddleboard rack and give a home to every piece of your arsenal.

We spent years perfecting this board rack to look great and store as many boards as possible. Finally, we ended up with an incredibly organized wall display mount proudly made in the USA.

Surrounding each arm is a thin layer of padding that locks your boards into place. Tether holes open up the surfboard display for an extra security splash. Each rack can hold four boards and endlessly connect together until you run out of free walls. If you’ve got a room full of boards, this wall mount surfboard rack will make the most of your space.