September 06, 2018

The ReddyYeti/Fitplan Bike Gear Giveaway

ReddyYeti Bike Gear Giveaway

When you’re offered a chance to win $2500 worth of free gear, you take it. That amount of premium outdoor equipment would be enough to keep anyone’s stoke going for a while. We’re proud to be a part of ReddyYeti’s mission to spread that stoke far and wide and help customers discover new brands offering products that challenge the status quo. Read the bio’s below to learn more about all the brands participating in the most recent cycling products giveaway. Even if you don’t win, as a ReddyYeti Premium member you are still able to get great discounts on a lot of gear all year round. Whether your passion is cycling, snowboarding, skiing, paddle boarding, hiking, rock climbing, or another activity done outside under the sun, you will find so many cool new products to love at ReddyYeti. Click here to enter the contest. Click here to become a member and click "Login" in the upper right corner.

Meet the Brands

Grassracks Bamboo Bike Rack and Bike Shelf


A face you know and love, our face. Since you’re on our site, you’re probably pretty familiar with our products. If you're not, we make premium, gorgeous racks for boards, skis, bikes, and kayaks from beautiful, strong, and sustainable bamboo. Our racks allow outdoor enthusiasts to safely display cherished gear in any living space so it can be admired when not in use and, let’s face it, that ends up being most of the time. Relive your best memories and bring your adventure home!

Sondors Electric Bikes


Sondors is on a mission to revolutionize the electric bike industry. By designing high-quality products at affordable prices, Sondors is well on their way to offering a reasonably-priced, low-emission (fun) means of transportation to all.

Peak Refuel


Peak Refuel is for outdoor enthusiasts who like to get away from home but don’t necessarily want to leave the good, clean food that home provides. Peak Refuel offers a variety of healthy, fully-cooked, high-protein, quick-prep, (many more adjectives) dehydrated meals that are easy to carry and bring with you on any outdoor trip.


Have you ever wondered if there’s another superfood that transcends even the mighty avocado? Well you are in luck! The amazing folks at Chagit have discovered a mushroom with so many antioxidants and other pro-body compounds that you will say “Wow, that is a lot.” With their team of highly-trained Chaga-sniffing Capybaras, Chagit has harnessed the power of the Chaga mushroom and turned it into a 2 oz, daily shot to improve your energy, immunity, and vitality for a happier, healthier life. is on a mission to get more city folks on bikes by making it safer to bike in cities. The Beryl Laserlight is an award-winning light that projects an image of a cyclist 6’ in front of the rider which alerts cars to your whereabouts, even when you're riding in their blindspot, making cyclists up to 32% more visible to other vehicles. Beryl is launching a next generation Laserlight, along with the Burner Brake, a rear light with a brake light feature and an assortment of other products to keep cyclists safe on the road from every angle. Safer cyclists = more bikes. More bikes = fewer cars. Fewer cars = a happier, cleaner planet (and an entire population of nicer legs).




This ReddyYeti giveaway is mostly bike stuff with some awesome stuff like the Growlerwerks U Keg mixed in. These Portlandian Teddy Bro-sevelts have evolved the beer growler to the level of attention and sophistication that today’s Craft Beer culture deserves. Say ‘au revoir’ to the typical, old, glass Growlers and ‘ello’ to this pressure regulated, double-stainless-steel-wall vacuum-insulated, pressure gauge having, dispenser tap also-having, beer level showing super growler by Growlerwerks.

Lems Shoes


Lems is a company after our own heart. At Lems, they believe that less is more. Instead of spending time trying to develop the next innovative feature, they dedicate their time to getting the important things right and eliminating the rest; no added material, no gimmicks, and no fluff. They believe that a flat, flexible, and featherlike shoe that fits the natural shape of the foot is the most beneficial and comfortable type of footwear.


Two Wheel Gear


Who says you can’t bike to work and still wear a suit? Two Wheel Gear was formed as an insider brand for people dedicated to biking to work. They created the first bike suit bag in their basement workshop so commuters could still bike and wear wrinkle-free clothes at the office. Today, they focus on creating the most functional bike bags both for your bike and for the everyday life of the bike commuter.


Stag Rack

The STAG Rack is the world’s first ever interchangeable, suction cup-based roof rack made for multi sport athletes! With adventure just short drive away, you should be able to enjoy your many sports with a single, reliable rack regardless of your vehicle and without the traditional hassle of a rail system installed roof rack. Pop these bad boys on any roof and you are free to move about the countryside.


Cloudline Socks




CloudLine believes that every adventure starts with your feet. The foot magicians at Cloudline start with the highest quality merino, make every sock in the USA and back every pair with a hassle-free lifetime guarantee. Happy feet, happy life.





What started out as a trekking pole developed by hikers and for hikers became a passion for developing, designing, and engineering the most ergonomic, and innovative outdoor gear. Montem’s mission is to bring you the highest quality gear, for the best prices, with a touch of style, and a whole lot of ingenuity.