April 18, 2018

The Reddy Yeti End of Winter Giveaway

Rewind 5 months to early November. You are starting to get excited about the upcoming holidays, the decorations, the festivities, the Egg Nog and Mistletoe but, really, you’re excited for when the snow starts to dump and you embark on your annual search for the most epic of powder adventures.

Every year when the snow starts to fall, our favorite outdoor brands roll out some awesome contests. A snowboard here, ski bindings there, some awesome ski collaboration they did with another favorite brand.. They start building the stoke for new products in a big way and we, already full of anticipation, are eager to join hundreds of thousands of our fellows in the chance to become the new owner.

Enter the ninjas at ReddyYeti..

ReddyYeti is a new brand with the goal of bringing the country’s best and most innovative outdoor startups to outdoor athletes like you! ReddyYeti offers a subscription service that gives subscribers access to discounts to tons (if we wrote a number it would be outdated tomorrow - 100+) of awesome brands that provide some of the best products on the market.

ReddyYeti also organizes giveaways. These aren’t one pair of skis or one set of gloves giveaways.. These are “holy shamoly, that’s an entire new winter setup” giveaways. The best part is that they’re still a small and growing brand which means that the number of entries to each giveaway is FAR fewer than the typical winter giveaways that we all enter.

Right now, the End of Winter Giveaway is underway. You can and should enter here: https://www.reddyyeti.com/blog/end-of-winter-giveaway.

The Reddy Yeti “End Of Winter” Giveaway includes the following..


6 day guided ski tour in BC from @freshadventurescanada

Fresh Adventures - Canada

Fresh Adventures offers new ways to discover the great outdoors of Western Canada with unique tours guided by a native and local to the area, Alex Ross.

“We help our community celebrate life by enjoying the outdoor playground.”


A pair of Skis or Snowboard from @meierskis

Meier Skis

Meier hand-makes high performance skis and snowboards with sustainable materials, some of which are sourced right around their shop in the Rocky Mountains.

"Handmade in America"


4 Pairs of @_cloudline Socks

Cloudline Socks

Cloudline makes socks so comfortable they’re inspired by the rush hikers get as the top of the clouds are revealed at the end of an amazing hike.


A @hemeticPolartec Fleece Jacket & Backpack

Hemetic Trading Co.

Hemetic is a Vermont based company focused on creating quality bags and apparel with an American heritage aesthetic, and they’re made right here in the US of A..


8 packs of our very own @windwardjerky

Windware Jerky

Windward Jerky is a company priding itself on making 100% grass-fed beef jerky with some unique and super tasty flavors. The bottom of of the bag will come sooner than you hope.


1 pair of @ovaneyewearSki/Snowboard Goggles

Ovan Eyewear

Ovan is creating highly functional and really slick looking ski goggles and sunglasses made with sustainable materials.

Eco-friendly hand crafted eyewear with style, performance, and function.“


1 @my.green.traveler

Green Traveler

The Green Traveler is a super unique and cleverly designed food container that fits everything you need for a day at the office or in the backcountry. Don’t worry if green isn’t your favorite color, they have color options for everyone.


1 @grassracks bamboo ski or snowboard rack

Grassracks - Premium Bamboo Snowboard & Ski Racks

You may have heard of these dudes before (since you’re currently on our site). We make the best racks on and for the planet. “If you’re going to do something, do it well.” We live by that mantra so we created the highest quality, easiest to install racks that are also the strongest and best looking. Are they the most eco-friendly? Yes. Yes they are. Very simply, Grassracks products are the best gear organization products on the market.

"Bring Your Adventure Home"


1 @cirquemtn beanie and sweater.

Cirque Mountain Apparel


Cirque made it’s break selling state-themed beanies, and since then they’ve branched out to other uniquely designed knitwear including sweaters, headwear, and even golf accessories.

“Cirque Mountain Apparel - Carved By Nature”