March 30, 2021

The Best Snowboard Rack Review - via ReddyYeti - Grassracks Moloka'i Series

To begin, we should explain what ReddyYeti is and how we came to know them. A few years ago we were approached by a few cool dudes about joining their community. They explained how they were creating a community of cool, small, outdoor startups with the goal of increasing exposure for the brands and also getting great products in the hands of deserving customers. As a small brand, that sounded like exactly what we wanted, so we were interested. After a few years, they seem to be crushing exactly what they set out to do..

This is an unsolicited plug. Consumers, if you like finding out about cool brands and then saving money on their products, sign up for ReddyYeti right this very instant. At the time of writing this blog, the monthly fee is about $3, which means that if you purchase 1 item with a discount code from the membership, you will likely already have saved money.

As our relationship with RY developed, we did a few giveaways with them and then sent them one of our Moloka’i Duo snowboard racks for a review and product feature. Luckily they liked it and, quite honestly, we think Matt is pretty hilarious.


Let’s break down and explain a few of those wonderful claims about our Moloka’i Duo or “two-racker” as Matt likes to call it..

  • Part of our Moloka’i Series, this rack was designed to organize and display snowboards and skateboards. While it can easily accommodate skis, the arm length would be a big overkill for skis, UNLESS you have some Fatty McFat powder skis or chunky bindings that you think may interfere on our Hallsteiner Series Ski Rack.
  • It makes use of our proprietary Mounting Bar System (1 bar), which is super easy to install, is just about strong enough to do pull-ups on, and allows you to adjust cradle width to accommodate bindings/etc. As for holding a baby hippo, it really depends on the weight of the baby hippo, that claim might actually be true. I’ve done pull ups on them when I weighed a strong 160 lbs.

Grassracks Moloka'i Duo - Indoor Wall Snowboard Rack

  • It’s made of super strong bamboo and is now offered in a more economical birch material as well. Bamboo racks are finished with an eco-friendly clear coat to protect from sun and moisture. Birch is very light in color and left unfinished so customers can paint, stain, or finish to match their home decor. While I’m partial to bamboo because I love the color/grain/etc, Birch is also a great option and looks fantastic when stained/painted. The grain is subtle but looks amazing through stains.
  • What Matt wasn’t able to show was our installation process, which basically consists of a little measuring, a little stud-finding, and a little screwing. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Birch and Bamboo Grain Comparison - Grassracks Snowboard Racks

  • Not shown in the video but definitely a thing that happens.. We provide protective padding for the arms to protect your gear from the bamboo and vice versa and also small strips for where the cradles meet the wall. Probably not necessary but we rather enjoy going above and beyond, in case you didn’t get that from the video.
  • Eco-Friendly. Finally, our favorite part. Not only are our racks the best on the market, they are also the most eco-friendly on the market. We use uber sustainable bamboo (and birch), finish with perhaps the most eco-friendly finish on the market (Vermont Natural Coatings), use efficient nesting to minimize waste (and create products out of any leftover material we have), and use all recyclable shipping materials. It’s real nice.

  • Functionality. All the other stuff is nice but if it’s not functional, it’s not worth a piece of pound cake. We’ve designed and tweaked for years to find the perfect mix of organization and displayability to maximize space efficiency while letting you show off your gear in a way that is beautiful for your home. The materials we use are strong and absolutely gorgeous, we don’t cut corners on these aspects.. Or really anything we do come to think of it.
  • Worried about shipping? Don’t be. Shipping is free in the lower 48 (US) and we do ship worldwide as economically as we can!

Grassracks' goal is to make the best racks on & for the planet. We are happy to be able to say that we do just that. Organizing your gear will make your life a little less hectic and lower the risk of a gear avalanche that can result in damage to your gear and yourself. Not only will having an organized gear solution make you a happy home-owner but seeing your favorite outdoor equipment displayed nicely on a beautifully crafted rack will send your stoke through the roof as you are reminded daily of some of your favorite trips.

Peruse our product line, check out your home, and see where Grassracks might fit. Not quite sure about how it would all work? Reach out to us! We are quite literally the experts and are always happy to figure out what is best for you.