August 12, 2022

Surfboard Wall Rack

Picture this: You're headed to the shop for more cool wax but couldn't resist that sweet, sweet mid-length straight out of a Torryn Martyn film. Suddenly you've got one more board than your current set-up can handle. 

You can't just move into a bigger place unless it also brings you closer to the surf, and that ain't happening in this market! we'll have to get a bit creative to make a wall mount storage option that turns your board into a surfboard decor. 

A surfboard wall rack is the best way to make it happen, especially in living situations that lack free floor space. Great display wall rack options can store shortboards and logs and work as paddle board wall storage, all while keeping the room looking crisp and your gear off the floor. 

When it comes to searching for studs and putting your valuable gear up against gravity, you don't want to mess around. Surfboard wall storage is as beautiful as it is deadly, so you've got to trust the right equipment to do the job. 

Today, we'll give you a first-hand look at that equipment while exploring everything a surfboard wall rack should bring to your living room. 

It's Time to Take your Surfboard Storage Seriously 

We all know it's only a matter of time before a lousy surfboard or sup garage storage turns into dings on your favorite boards. If you haven't experienced the frustrating nature of dings delivered outside the water, trust me, it's not worth waiting to find out how far Solarez and duct tape can get you. 

The benefits go beyond preventing surface dings by making your home feel more organized. A clutter-free home is a clutter-free mind, and a home with a surfboard hanging in the living room is a surf-full mind. 

Besides cleaning up the joint, all it takes is a few well-placed arms to transform your surfboard from a leaning obstacle to a centerpiece. Taking your paddle board wall storage seriously with high-quality parts and a few sneaky finishing touches will elevate your room and guarantee no one is upset about a few more boards around the house. 

The suitable surfboard stand will even include hooks and edges that serves as a wetsuit rack or a store-all solution for all your surf decor, not just your boards. 

Still not convinced? There are plenty more reasons to break out the measuring tape.

Surfboard Wall Racks Free Up Space

There comes a time in every surfboard rack shoppers' journey when they have to decide to trust in a Surfboard wall rack or a vertical freestanding rack. If you have the wall space to do it, are under no contractual obligations that prevent you from drilling holes in the wall, and lack loads of free flooring, the choice to trust surfboard wall storage is easy. 

There are definite pros and cons to wall racks and freestanding displays, but a surfboard Wall Rack mount is undoubtedly the most space-friendly option. Grassracks even packs wall mount storage models that can fit above a cabinet or bookshelf so you can get even more out of each wall. 

While Staying Un-Complicated

Surfacing is a constant reminder of nature's brilliance in an increasingly artificial world. No artificial wave is better than a classic break, and there's no material more suitable for durable storage than Bamboo. You could spend decades in a lab trying to cook up Bamboo's insane combination of a stronger tensile strength than steel and rapid growth, but instead, we spent years learning how to unleash it. 

The result is a serious surfboard rack uncomplicated in design, installation, or maintenance. The most intimidating aspect of a surfboard wall rack is the installation process, but you'll only need four tools to get our surfboard racks ready by the end of the afternoon. 

Once hooked on, our variable mount systems allow you to expand and contract your premium wooden surfboard display rack depending on the numbers and sizes of your boards. You can also easily take the surfboard wall rack off when it's time to rearrange the furniture. 

And Capable of Storing Multiple Boards 


We've already covered how Grassracks premium surfboard wall rack options can be moved up and off the wall without tools after the initial installation, but an excellent surfboard wall mount won't stop there. 

Our surfboard wall storage options feature Heavy duty bamboo surfboard racks with padded arms that can work together and grow alongside your quiver.

 We've got you covered if you're looking for four-board storage on day one or want to mount one board for now and leave room for growth down the road. (spoiler alert: no matter how many boards you have now, you're going to want more) You won't have to start over from ground zero. 

Grassracks packs the options that grow alongside your quiver to give you a wooden surfboard display rack that's ready now and ready for the future. 

There's only one surfboard wall rack that checks off all the boxes: The Kaua'i Series 

The only thing the dang thing can't do is convince you to stop barrel dodging. We took years designing and perfecting our signature surfboard wall rack in between plenty of surf breaks. (we call it field research.)

This rugged surfboard wall rack will keep the boards fresh for the grandkids and provide a permanent surfboard display for decades. Each of the padded arms on the unit sits 4 inches apart and reaches out over a foot, so you'll have plenty of space for single fins, shortboards and longboards, or even a sup wall.  

You can hook 75 lbs of your favorite boards up in the living room and trust in Bamboo to provide an eco-friendly, organized, and versatile wall-mounted surfboard rack. Or, you can take in the mahogany tone of birch and use a premium wooden surfboard display rack to get your shine on. 

Either way, you'll have a one-of-a-kind storage display. Thanks to Grassrack's unique mounting system, you won't have to call your dad to get the surfboard wall rack hung up. 

With a tape measure, pencil, stud finder, level, and electric drill, you'll have our interchangeable, adjustable system installed without taking more than a few hours out of your Sunday. Then, maybe you could give him a call anyway. I'm sure he'd love to hear from you.  

Or, you can go for a room full of Wall Racks 

We don't just make the best wall-mounted surfboard storage racks on the planets. We make the best racks, period. Our other surfboard wall rack option redefines the meaning of 'growing alongside your quiver.'

This wall-mounted indoor sup storage option's only limit is your free wall space. Each set ships with four hooks that can work together and expand to accommodate 20+ surfboards. You can deck the walls of commercial venues or garages where the line between hobby and addiction is blurred until you hit four corners of boards. 

This vertical surfboard storage rack has all the right padding in all the right places and hooks to add an extra layer of rope protection that guarantees nothing is hitting the floor when the shop is closed.