June 03, 2022

Surfboard Storage Racks - One Step Closer to Surf Nirvana

Every swell dwindles eventually, but that doesn’t mean the stoke has to fade with the sea. It’s only a matter of time before the ocean lights up again and we remember why we wake up in the morning. The right surfboard storage rack is the best way to stay prepared for swells coming next weekend or a few months down the line. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re heading across town or across the world to score. Your trip starts and ends with board storage. You can get away with haphazardly tossing your quiver into the corner now and then, but proper surfboard storage will eventually be the difference in stretching out the lifespan of your favorite board. 

The good news is that storing your board correctly has never been easier. Wall mount storage or freestanding surfboard stands can pick your board up off the floor, keep them out of harm's way, and double as a surfboard display that will remind you to check the forecasts. 

It’s Time To Protect your Board

Why wait until you’ve got a few dings to invest in a great surfboard storage rack? 

No, a surfboard storage rack is not the second thing you should buy after your first 7’6’’ mini-mal, but eventually, the right surfboard stand will be just as important as any other piece of surf gear. 

Staying ahead of your home and garage space and keeping your boards in tip-top shape won’t take long with the right set-up, and it will pay dividends again and again. You’ll easily install every one of Grassracks surfboard storage rack options with minimal tools, and they’ll all support your boards for decades. 

If keeping your board in tip-top shape isn’t enough, here are a few more reasons why we’re here to help you pick your boards up off the floor and put them on display. 

Your board is a Work of Art

Surfboards are beautiful. Even our most haggard, sun-stained beaters have a certain charm that helped us pick them out of the crowd in the first place. You’re doing your house guests a disservice by hiding your boards away in some dark corner. 

Whether as simple as a set of surfboard hooks or full-on display racks, hang your surf decor to make the most out of empty walls and create a welcoming space that broadcasts your interests. 

A Surfboard Storage Rack Helps Keep Your board At The Ready

So you’ve checked the cams, and you’re in for a beautiful surprise: it’s pumping! Every second you waste getting your gear and flying out the door increases the chances of the afternoon winds mucking up your surf.

Two things can happen next. You can chow down a power smoothie, grab your board and wettie off the wall, and hit the surf, or you can spend the morning digging through the closet for your wetsuit and spend a precious hour waiting for the sun-cure to fix up that ding you noticed on your way out the door. 

Properly protecting your board means keeping it out of harm's way in an efficient display rack. 

Does Lackadaisical Storage Seem Like No Big Deal?

There are many more benefits of a surfboard wall rack, but it’s just as important to focus on the downsides of leaving your boards on the floor. 

One Tilt Is All It Takes

Improper vertical surfboard storage can only end one way: crashing down to earth. Surfboards are super durable in the water, but they don’t fare as well on dry lands, like falling walruses.


More of my boards have been dinged in storage and transit than by reefs and underwater rocks. 

Simply falling from being leaned up against the wall onto a concrete floor is more than enough to put a crack in an Al Merrick. Your board can only take so much. Keep your board fresh at home and allocate the beating to the waves. 

Save your board for when it matters most by bringing it home to surfboard display racks after every surf. 

Good Luck Building Up Your Quiver

Nobody may bat an eye over one board on the floor, but you won’t find many roommates down to dodge an entire room full of soft tops. 

Of course, we need a board for every forecast, and anyone who can’t appreciate that should be sent packing long before your collection. Still, a proper board storage system needs to be in place before your quiver gets out of hand. 

The right wall mount storage option can hold on to 4+ surfboards and drastically reduce the amount of space your arsenal requires. When looking at a room full of boards it can be hard to justify that new model, but your home and garage look a lot more spacious when the board rack is its own surfboard wall. 

Not all Surfboard Storage is made Equal

Hopefully, you get the picture. Protecting your boards is part of the sport. Before you start running off to the beach searching for driftwood, let’s look at what makes an excellent surfboard wall storage rack. 

We started Grassracks for the long haul and because we know that a poorly built surfboard storage rack is just as bad as no storage rack at all. 

Once you’re ready to take the plunge and find a permanent surfboard storage solution, the next step is choosing wisely. There may be loads of different ways to store your board for a long weekend, but only a few surfboard storage racks can stand the test of time and grow alongside your kit. 

Look for these critical aspects of rack design to qualify any potential surfboard stand, and turn your surfboard storage into a surfboard display:  

Building with Quality:

Anything hanging on the wall requires extra vigilance, but even a vertical freestanding rack involves attention to the details. Loads of surfboard racks cut corners to lower costs and may seem like the more affordable option, until you’ve got to pay to patch up a hole in the drywall. 

At Grassracks, We make every one of our surfboard storage racks in the USA under the strictest regulation and testing environments. Our Grassracks are a grassroots movement, which means every rack we ship gets hands-on care before it turns into your shelves. 

You wouldn’t trust a cheap board to keep you afloat at Mavericks, so don’t trust cheap build quality to serve as your gun rack. 

Using Durable, Eco-Friendly Materials

We’re surfers, not psychos. Rising sea levels will eventually affect every break on the planet, if unmitigated oceanfront development doesn’t get them first. While we can’t always talk sense to our senators, we can do our part and make sure that nothing we use to surf more has to harm the planet to get us in the water. 

 We constructed every one of our surfboard storage racks out of nature's most robust and sustainable resources. We finish off our commitment with recycled packaging and biodegradable bags to create the best surfboard racks on, and for, the planet. 

No plastics in our oceans means no plastic in our homes! Whether you want a baltic wooden surfboard wall rack or our signature bamboo surfboard stand, you’ll be getting nothing but the earth’s best delivered straight to your front door. 

To find a surfboard wall storage rack that can protect your board and help it shine, we looked towards natural products to get the job done right.

Which Surfboard Storage Rack is Best for Me?

There is no perfect surfboard wood display wall rack for every household. You’ll need to map out your space and decide if you want a vertical freestanding rack, a horizontal surfboard wall rack, or a surfboard wall rack that can keep growing as long as you’ve got wall space.

Your surfboard wall rack should extend the lifespan of your entire quiver and still be holding strong when it’s time to teach your kids how to surf, so it's worth a few extra bucks committing to the right rack. 

Luckily, Grassracks has loads of different options that cover all sorts of storage areas and represent all sorts of budgets. We’ve even got wooden surfboard racks that hold just as strong as bamboo. 

Surfboard Stands

These lush displays are best used for your favorite board or for households with only one or two boards to store. The thick racks arms can serve as a stand-up paddleboard rack or give your favorite shortboard a front-row display. 

Vertical Freestanding Racks

Freestanding Surfboard Rack

Vertical Surfboard racks are a great option if you’ve got a bit of floor space to kill, as the versatile rack-mount allows you to store all your favorite toys. You can fit instruments, skateboards, wakeboards, and snowboards alongside your quiver and protect it with hand-carved excellence. 

Horizontal Surfboard Racks

Surfboard Wall Rack - 4 Board Rack

There is no system more space-efficient and stylish than our Kaua’i series. This horizontal surfboard wall rack is an iconic choice for anyone who wants to stow four boards in the same space. Extra hooks provide a perfect spot for wetsuits, and the sturdy arms can support longboards or shortboards.