August 15, 2022

Surfboard Rack Vertical

Storage for shortboards is one thing, but until we discover a magical wave you can enjoy on a 5'6" stick year round, it's best to have a few different boards up our sleeves. Building up your quiver becomes serious after you've got the right surf rack vertical. All of a sudden, you've got a few blank spots in your vertical freestanding rack just staring at you, waiting to hold onto the next big craigslist steal.

Getting vert starts at home. Whether looking for a freestanding surf rack or getting lengthwise with your surfboard wall mounts, a surfboard rack vertical storage solution is the next best thing to hitting the lip line. 

There are many pros to storing your boards facing the sky, and with the correct set-up, the only limit is your imagination and your garage's dimensions. Surfboard storage doesn't have to be complicated, but there are a few things to consider before grabbing the rubber mallet or drilling holes in the wall.

First, you'll have to define the best storage rack for your set-up. Allow us to introduce you to an incredibly efficient match for anyone who wants a surfboard for every occasion. A surfboard rack vertical allows you to store every single board on craigslist or just put your favorite board on display. 

The unique genre fits all board sizes and can even stack four seasons of boards into one stylish space. What else could you possibly ask for!? A place to store wettie? Yep, a surfboard rack vertical can take care of that, too. 

Let's whip out the magnifying glass and take a closer look at an iconic commercial surfboard storage option making its way into the suburbs. 

Still Debating if it's better Than Leaning Your Board In A Corner?

One sentence really sold the surfboard rack vertical storage system to me; You can have an entire wall full of boards stored without searching for studs. Freestanding surfboard storage is best done vertically, and even if you do want the help of a wall mount rack, lightweight padded arms barely reaching from the wall can do the trick without being load-bearing. 

A Lot of different scientists say a lot of different things. I say that if you keep your board sitting at twelve o'clock at home, you'll be visualizing ripping that board up the face at high noon. 

When Vertical Storage Is better than Horizontal Storage 

Ultimately, it's up to you. As long as you go with Grassracks, any style you choose to store your favorite boards will get the job done. However, there are some key advantages to a surfboard rack vertical that help fills a particular niche. 

Vertical storage is better than a Horizontal Surfboard rack when you've got more than four boards to store, a strict landlord with a no-hole policy, or want to take advantage of extra floor space to save the walls for Monet's. You can even find a great vertical rack for a single board that turns your favorite board into a full-on surfing display. 

Vertical storage will almost always require fewer steps than Horizontal storage. Freestanding vertical surfboard storage rack options can even move around the house on a whim. The surfboard rack vertical style is about a general lack of commitment and the ability to expand your collection constantly. 

Grassracks Surfboard Rack Vertical Can fit Your Storage Needs

Whether you want to give one board full coverage, find the easiest way to store an entire warehouse full of boards, or keep four seasons of boards in one place, Grassracks has a perfect option. Plus, all you'll need for installation is a rubber mallet.

If it comes with our signature Bamboo frond hot iron logo, your vertical surfboard storage rack will hold strong thanks to the earth's most robust and most sustainable natural resources. These surfboard storage rack options are nothing less than the best on, and for the planet.  

Freestanding Vertical Surfboard Racks 

This completely portable surfboard storage rack is the perfect choice for a home with boards for every occasion. The wide padded arms can fit just about anything you can balance on two feet, plus any other long-necked luxuries you keep laying around the house. 

Choose between Bamboo, natural grass with a stronger tensile strength than steel, or elect for a wooden surfboard stand and embrace baltic birch and its signature mahogany pattern. 

Wall-mounted Vertical Surfboard Display Racks

Much like a 2X2 Ford Ranger, this vertical surfboard storage rack is our contractor's special. We designed this efficient display rack for commercial surf shops or passionate homeowners who want to add a whole new meaning to the surfboard wall. 

The display racks ship in packs of four and quickly connect with new additions to store as much as your walls can handle with minimal home invasion. The wide-mouthed arms are plenty big for paddleboards and hold strong without large holes thanks to tough Bamboo and an uncomplicated mounting bar system that only takes minutes to install. 

Vertical Paddle Board Rack 

Our last surfboard rack vertical really puts your favorite board on display and adds extra emphasis on style. This completely freestanding single-board model comes with two different meeting points that will prop your board up at just the right angle to keep you frothing no matter the forecast.

Our special kicker traction pad feels like the real deal and ensures a hard slam after a frustrating surf doesn't spell doom. Durable padding across the bottom is undoubtedly enough to keep your paddle board right where it should be, but our surfboard display racks don't stop there. A splash of padding in all the right places doubled down on the support for larger boards and an adjustable strap across the middle section is the final touch to hold your gear in place. 

All you'll need for installation is a rubber mallet and a surfboard truly worthy of leaning back in the spotlight.