June 03, 2022

Surfboard Rack for Home

When you’ve rinsed off and hung the wettie up to dry, all you want to do is heat some leftovers and kick back on the couch, but don’t ignore the last pivotal step in your trip; proper surfboard storage. Hooking up your home with a surfboard rack that can protect your board and put it on display keeps your favorite hobby always within arms reach. 

Display racks and shaping stands have come a long way. You don’t have to rely on empty corners or only surf ding-proof wooden surfboards anymore. Using suitable display racks will extend the life of your surfboard, prevent any unwanted trips to your local surf shop, and might just tie the whole room together. 

Of course, not every surf rack serves as a bonafide surfboard display. There are loads of different ways to lean your surf gear against a wall, but there are only a few surfboard display racks that will stand the test of time. We’re here to walk you through the process step by step and shine a light on key factors to consider when outfitting your home with a free-standing or wall mounted surfboard display. 

Once you’ve found the right system, you’ll be free to expand your quiver and always have the perfect board ready for whatever the day’s conditions.

Why You Should be Using a Surfboard Rack

Wall mounted surfboard storage racks may seem like one step too high to climb, but the right rack holds strong, looks good, and provides plenty of room for growth. Surfing is a lifelong sport. We all love the idea of getting a fresh board every few months, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to deal with damaged surfboards every few months. 

Surfers use all sorts of words to describe their favorite surfboard, but durable is not one of them. These highly specialized pieces of equipment don’t fare well on dry land. A vertical surfboard is one gust away from a fresh ding, and it’s only a matter of time before lackadaisical storage results in a trip to the board doctor. 

I don’t care if you’ve got the fanciest lib tech webbing or a sun-drenched yellow poly; your surfboards can only take so much. Using a premium wooden surfboard display rack is the least you can do to protect your investment and head into the water without getting an unwelcome surprise in the parking lot. 

It’s not just logistics, either. Until Mr. Merrick figures out compacting surfboards, each of your boards will take up about six feet of living space. As the boards start piling up, any room can feel messy if they’re not sorted and stored with care. There is no point in owning six different boards if you can’t access three of them! The right surf rack keeps things crisp and clear.  

Critical Elements of Your Home Surfboard Storage Rack

Not every surfboard rack holds the same. There is no benefit to hooking your prized surfboard, skateboard, wakeboards, or sups to plastic pieces and concrete flooring. If your surfboard stand doesn’t correctly support your gear, you’re better off leaving it in the car. 

Let’s Take a look at the nitty-gritty and find key elements that elevate your surf gear storage into a proper surfboard display. 


Your surfboard storage rack will only take you as far as what’s holding it all together. Whether you’re shopping for a wall rack or want to keep your boards freestanding with a floor display rack, look for authentic, natural materials to guarantee your rack holds. 

Too many modern racks cut corners with cheap metal alloys or plastic pieces in crucial areas. These may hold for a year or two, but nothing outlasts natural Bamboo and real wooden surfboard displays.

Material importance isn’t just relevant to load-bearing corners. Fill out your shaping stands with foam padding underneath the board, padded arms to hold strong yet gentle, and round out the rest of your surfboard rack with the real tough stuff.


The most common pitfall of a DIY surfboard rack is a faulty design. You can equip your indoor-outdoor storage arsenal with the best wooden surfboard storage materials, but your wall display can spill over and take up serious space without a few key design elements. 

There are all sorts of display racks out there with a few extra arms and legs that jut out and complicate installation for no good reason. The best surfboard stand does more with less and safely stores shortboards and longboards while in a space efficient way. 


As surfers, we get a unique seat at the edge of mother nature’s beauty. We also have a responsibility to protect the natural areas that give us the energy to explore our passions. 

If rising sea levels and human construction impact our surf spots' bathymetry isn’t enough to get us paying attention, there won’t be pristine waves for us to ride much longer. None of us would litter the beaches and lots in front of our favorite waves, but our care should start and end at home with sustainable surfboard storage. 

Finding eco-friendly ways to protect your board has never been easier. The best surfboard racks will even have the extra space to store your recycled neoprene and reef-safe wax in style. 

Taking sustainability just as seriously as surfboard storage is what makes Grassracks the best surfboard display rack on, and for, the planet. 

Grassracks brings Home the best Surfboard Displays

What else but lush bamboo to tie all three elements of a proper storage display. Grassracks wield the power of one of nature’s most robust and most sustainable resources and spent years in the shop crafting all sorts of surfboard racks to spruce up your home. 

Whether you’re shopping for a horizontal surfboard rack, vertical surfboard racks, freestanding surfboard racks, a wall-mounted surfboard display, or even kayak storage, we’ve got display racks that will store in style. Measure out your space and get ready to meet your favorite board's new home base. 

Surf Home - Surfboard Storage for Home

Vertical Freestanding Racks 

These durable Bamboo surfboard racks give you a few great choices for storing your surf gear. All of Grassracks’ vertical freestanding racks come with a plush surfboard base pad that protects your valuable equipment from head to toe. 

Single Board Rack

Freestanding Surf Rack - 1 Board

Made for your favorite blade, this stellar rack supports shortboards, longboards, and even a sup paddle board and puts a single board front and center in your home. The real kicker in this floor display rack is the actual traction pad that protects your board with a signature look. 

The rugged bamboo surfboard rack has rock-solid vertical uprights that lean back slightly to make your board pop and guarantee comfy board support for your single favorite piece of equipment. 

Multi-Board Vertical Freestanding Rack

Multi Board Freestanding Surf Rack

Without netting any new holes in the wall, Grassracks multi-rack can stow surfboards, skateboards, wakeboards, snowboards, and more to serve as your one-stop-shop, four seasons a year. Vertical surfboard racks are a crowd favorite for their simplicity and versatility and are an excellent choice for any home with an extra few square feet of floor space.

Grassracks vertical freestanding rack comes with cushy foam padding across the bottom of the rack and a thin layer of padding inside every slot so your boards can rest in peace. 


Horizontal Surfboard Racks - The Kaua’i series 

2 Board Surfboard Rack - Wall Rack


Our signature wall mounted surfboard display lifts things up a notch and is the key to bringing the room together. Ultra-tough Bamboo grain holds strong and looks good in every room, and the easy installation system will have your boards hanging by the end of next weekend. 

The Kaua’i series grows alongside your quiver. You can install mounts for the whole quiver or Start with a single board set-up and save some room for growth. Before you know it, our Bamboo wall-mounted indoor surfboard rack will have four boards on display without taking up an inch of floor space. 

On the bottom of each cradle sit convenient hooks that can hold your wetsuits, extra leashes, and any other splashes of surf decor you need to round out your kit. 

Vertical Surfboard Wall Rack

Vertical Wall Surfboard Rack

Once a four-board surfboard rack isn’t enough, it's time to call in the big guns. As long as you’ve got wall space, you’ve got board storage with Grassrack's ever-growing vertical surfboard wall rack. 

Each extension of the padded arms and bamboo wall mounted surf rack holds four boards and can easily connect for more. The beauty of this wall display is in its simplicity. With more than enough space for stand up paddle board wall storage, you can protect all your boards, big and small, with an ever-growing collection of the strongest bamboo surfboard racks on the planet.

Grassracks for All

Our mission is to create the best racks ON & FOR the planet and so far we think we’ve nailed it. We make racks that all of our outdoor adventuring peers can trust with their favorite gear and be happy to put in their home. Whether you find your outdoor solace in the water, on the road, or carving downhill, we’ve got a gorgeous, organized, safe, and eco-friendly rack for you. Unlike our cheaper competitors, Grassracks are meant to be purchased once and last a lifetime. Bring Your Adventure Home!