September 05, 2016

Quiver Me Timbers

Is your surfboard quiver sprawled out haphazardly around your house, basement, or garage? If so, you’re not alone.

Organize Your Quiver - Surfboards, Skateboards, Longboards, Skis, and Paddleboards

Over the course of our lifetime, surfers tend to collect some pretty awesome surfboards. You’ve, more than likely, built a pretty epic quiver from your antique Alaia to the new Firewire leaning against your wall.

A surfboards’ odd shape, make them difficult to store. Most of what we own is small with only a handful of large items that all have specific uses and mounting systems. Your mattress rests on a bed frame, your TV sits in an entertainment unit or gets mounted on the wall, and your kitchen table sits neatly in your dining room but what do you do with your surfboards? Regardless of the size of our home, most of us find ourselves knee deep in clutter and constantly in search of a more organized way of living. So what do you do with these oddly shaped boards that are incredibly long and wide but still light and thin?

Hint: Surfboard storage and organization is most likely one of the easiest large items you can organize in your home

Without a proper surfboard rack, surfboards get piled up in the garage and basement where they get damaged, moldy, and dusty. Some surfers make their own DIY board racks but the novelty soon wears off when they realize it’s not as pretty as they once thought and required a bit more thought than was given. Making your own surfboard rack sounds great until you consider the following:

  • How does the rack angle the boards so excess water doesn’t sit?
  • How does the rack contact the wall?
  • What’s the right amount of distance between arms so you can safely store multiple boards?
  • How do you protect your board from pressure spots where it contacts the rack?
  • How do you affix the rack to your wall in an easy & strong but unobtrusive way?

Homemade racks are also not always reliable and sturdy and can end up damaging your board defeating the purpose of a rack.

Solution: Let two incredibly intelligent surfer dudes with a Masters in Rackology do the rack making. Designed by a mechanical engineer and another super smart surfer brah, our surf racks are (perfect in every way) made from beautiful, premium, and absurdly strong bamboo worthy of your favorite boards. They’re angled and measured to fit your quiver perfectly and keep them out of harm’s way and use a proprietary easy-installation mounting system that allows cradles to be adjustable, interchangeable, and removable in case you need to sneak furniture by. They’re also designed to show off your boards so the world can see your epic quiver.

Mission Complete: Organized Surfboard Quiver via Grassracks Kaua'i Series Surf Rack

Your next step is to determine the number of boards you have to display and check out our Board Sizing Guide and select a rack that accommodates your boards. Hang your rack and boards and sit back and appreciate your new centerpiece and your, now properly displayed quiver.

It’s 6:50 PM, do you know where your boards are? If they’re not on one of our racks, there’s a problem..