August 18, 2022

Horizontal Surfboard Rack - Where A Surfboard Display Meets Organized Bliss

When buying a new surfboard, everyone's first thought is how they are going to safely display it in their home. Wait, that's not right. But a brand can dream.. The reality is that we focus so much on the size, shape, art, and fins that taking care of our new favorite toy is generally a late afterthought, but the reality is that a surf wall rack can lift your gear off the floor and find it a permanent place to show off and rest its weary fins. Fitted perfectly for indoor and garage storage, hooking up a horizontal surfboard rack clears up floor space and keeps your boards in great shape while tying a whole room together. 

Our surfboards are just as much a work of art as they are the tools we need for our favorite hobby. Every pressure point and ding tells a story and reminds us of the biggest days of the year, where we’re out in the water with nothing on our minds except ‘Holy sh*t!’ But we’ve got to get everything to the beach in one piece first. 

If you mess around long enough, you’ll be missing out on that surprise window of offshore wind because you noticed a fresh ding in the parking lot. Nobody wants to spend the next swell sitting on the couch with the solar-rez drying in the sun, and the best way to prevent that is with a great horizontal surfboard rack. 

Surfboard display racks come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a vertical freestanding rack, a one-rack stand, or a surfboard wall rack, you can find the best racks on the market at g

Grassracks. Today, we’ll focus on the humble horizontal surfboard rack, a wall rack that serves as an unsung hero of smaller floor plans and slightly larger quivers that need storing.  

If you don’t have the space for a freestanding surfboard stand, or you like the clean look of a wall-mounted surfboard hanger, you’ve come to the right place. Grassarcks' signature wall storage racks have space for up to four boards and come with extra ledges and utility hooks that open up a world of possibilities while leaving enough wall space to store a cupboard below.

Basically, what we’re saying is…

Horizontal Wall Mount Storage Has Serious Benefits

It’s not always easy to talk yourself into smacking holes in the wall, especially when the stud finder’s out of batteries. We’re here to convince you otherwise. One afternoon and a few light smacks will fix up your surfboard stand in a way that allows room for growth and helps your room go together. 

Horizontal surf racks, when done right, can easily be moved off the wall and upgraded to multi-racks when it’s new board day. 

Racks for surfboards have come a long way from early DIY days. Bonafide board storage is sleeker, slimmer, and more stylish than ever, all while saving space in your house. You can even find a way to mount your surfboard display rack and hook up a cupboard underneath. Your favorite boards deserve a mounted system that keeps everything spic and span so you can focus solely on the forecasts. 

You can put away the fun into a dark corner when you get home or you can hang your board up using the right surfboard storage rack and never be further than eye level from your favorite pieces of equipment. 

Keeps the Boards off the Floor

One surfboard might not need advanced storage solutions, but it’s only a matter of time before your quiver outgrows your floor plan. Letting an entire garage’s worth of shortboards, funboards, and logs pile up in a corner will bring a fresh ding any time you want to surf the board at the back. 

 When the time comes, you don’t want to have to decide which boards to get rid of based on what kind of options you have. A great horizontal surfboard rack can fit longboards and shortboards while keeping enough room underneath to take advantage of your space. 

Keeps the Eyes on the Prize

It’s more than just safe-saving. Board storage should highlight your arsenal just enough to get you out of bed in the morning. Hiding your boards underneath a dirty sock leaned on a dark corner is technically surfboard wall storage, but no surfboard deserves a shelf life as an eye-sore. 

Instead, pair your boards with solid natural materials that help any room pop and bring a splash of endorphins every time you roll out of bed in the morning. 

Keeps the Wettie airing out 

Why stop at horizontal surfboard storage? The right surfboard hanger will have all the right hooks in all the right places to open up storage for all your surfing accessories. 

There isn’t an entire closet’s worth of surf gear out there. Depending on where you are, one or two wetsuits, a backup leash, and a few bars of sex wax could be all you need to pair alongside your quiver. Using a display rack for mounted storage and you’ll have a home for every piece of the puzzle. 

Nothing Beats A Bamboo Surfboard Rack  

Now that we know all the benefits of hanging your board, let’s talk about the right way to hang 10 out of the water. Not all board displays are made equal, and you definitely don’t want to mess around when it comes to wall storage, unless you’ve been trying to figure out creative ways to get a peek at the neighbors set-up. 

When it’s time for a horizontal surfboard rack, you’re best off looking toward natural materials. There may be a few synthetic materials starting to bridge the gap, but chances are incredibly slim that they can hold strong while keeping their carbon footprint low. That crosses off any plastic surf rack options that won’t get you through the 20s. 

The flat-out smartest choice for your sup wall storage rack is the strongest, most durable, and most eco-friendly natural material on the planet: Bamboo. With a more muscular tensile strength than steel and the ability to grow almost three feet per day, we’d all be better off with a bit more bamboo holding up our homes. 

Let me clarify; Nothing Beats Our Bamboo Surfboard Rack

There is no horizontal surf rack out there that is better for your wall or the planet. Our bamboo surfboard rack is durable, simple, and packs in some serious sustainability along the way. Made from nothing but the best natural materials on the planet, it already does its part, but that just wasn’t enough. 

We’re out to prove we can make surf gear without harming the Earth that brings us so much surf. 

That’s what directed us initially to bamboo and baltic birch, nature’s own super-powered air filters. Our pledge also introduced us to Vermont Natural Coatings, who harvest their coatings from Whey protein sourced from an organic family farm. This partnership allowed us to put the finishing touches on our racks for surfboards without any further damage. 


It doesn’t help that it also looks great on any wall. It all added up to a horizontal  surfboard rack with the best quality in the business, all without the carbon footprint. 

The Kaua’i Series: Quite Simply the Best Horizontal Surfboard Rack On This Planet

Our flagship wall mount storage is quite simply the best horizontal surfboard rack on the planet. Early on in the design process, we started to realize the heavy potential we had on our hands, and several years of shifting around minor details and perfecting our rack have led us to this iteration.

The Kaua’i series is perfect for four seasons of adventure sports. Whether you’ve got to store a snowboard, wakeboard, stand up paddle board, or just a good ole fashioned single fin, this rack’s strong arms and flexible installation style will have your horizontal wall mounted indoor storage solutions done by the weekend. 

Our series comes with a one of a kind mountain bar system that brings adjustable cradles on the wall. You can easily accommodate longboards and shortboards with a few minute shifts, no tools required. 

Each horizontal surfboard rack is handcrafted and inspected several times before its time to ship to your doorstep. The entire rack is wrapped up in compostable shipping material and hits your house ready for an easy installation. It only takes 3 easy steps to get the horizontal surf rack from box to wall-side ready to hold up to 75 pounds of surf gear.  

It all adds up to a premium horizontal surfboard hanger proudly made in the USA and ready to serve as the long term solution as solid as your bottom turn.