April 26, 2022

Garage Surfboard Racks May Be Your Ultimate Surf Weapon

When the sun’s out or the surf’s pumping, grab your gear and get out there! As the quiver adds up and the space slims down, picking the right garage surfboard rack is the only way to give everyone enough room to breathe and stay ready for the next big swell. 


The only trouble is, after a full day spent surfing the year’s first great north swell, I’d hardly expect you to get your board shorts hung up, let alone get your board stowed away correctly. To meet your surf-tired body halfway, finish your quiver with a  garage surfboard rack that makes it easier to do the right thing. 

It’s only a matter of time before leaning your board against the wall or leaving it in the car leads to an unwanted ding. An excellent surfboard storage rack will keep your board out of harm’s way by hiding it in plain sight. 

Without storing it in a coffin all summer, you can help your surfboard last longer by installing a mounting system to stow your board. Our garage surfboard racks work across the home and can hang your boards vertically and horizontally on the walls and floors.

Keeping your board locked in and upright through the off-season, or just a flat week, is the first critical step towards pushing your surfing further. 

Why Use Surfboard Wall Storage?

A poorly stored board will ruin the wax job and damage your equipment permanently, especially once you start amassing a collection. Instead of just surfing whichever board you can reach without knocking down the pile, use the right garage surfboard racks, and you’ll have all your gear within arm's reach. 

No, you can’t just lean your surfboard against the wall and call it board storage. A garage surfboard rack keeps your boards locked into place and out of the way. 

You can choose between a wall-mounted surfboard stand, vertical wall racks, and freestanding surfboard rack to take advantage of your particular home and garage set-up and stow your boards in style (while turning your board from an eye-sore to gorgeous surfboard décor). 

The Only Truly Ding-free Surfboard Storage Solution

The most obvious answer should also be the only one you need. Your surfboard lean-to will crumble one day, and if there is anything but plush carpet underneath, there's a high chance the fall will leave a mark on your board. It’s not a matter of if, but when inferior surfboard storage results in you messing around with a ding repair kit while everyone else is scoring.

Why trust messy corners or the bit of space above your workbench to support your most valuable piece of equipment? 

It Supplies an Extra Splash of Inspiration

Nothing deflates the stoke like putting your gear into deep storage. If your Surfboard’s home base is deep in the closet's depths under the stairs, you're all that more likely to stay home next time you’re considering paddling out. 

In our household, we keep our surfboards staring right at the front door. Each glance at the used whip you scored on Craigslist last weekend will have you checking the forecast and getting out the wettie.

In Memoriam

It’s only a matter of time before we say goodbye to our daily groveler. When it’s your surfboard's turn to go face to face with Davy Jones', you can give it an un-ceremonial burial in the parking lot or take home a piece of surfing history.

When transformed into surfboard décor, Nothing is too far gone. While it may not be worth fixing, your board and our epic surf racks can give your broken surfboard a forever home and tie the room together. 

What Makes Our Garage Surfboard Racks the Best Racks on the Planet?

If you don’t figure out a long term surfboard storage system, you might have to start selling some boards or parking outside. It’s time to take the garage seriously and find the right surfboard storage rack to maximize your wall storage. 

You may have noticed that there are loads of wall storage options out there, but that doesn’t mean there are no wrong answers. As the market gets flooded with more and more cheap stands, we bucked the trend while keeping things traditional with our bamboo board racks and wooden surfboard stands. 

This blend resulted in a sustainable and durable storage rack that’s as efficient as it is stylish. 

Grassracks are Uncomplicated

You don’t need a PhD in board storage to store your SUP and surfboards. You can hook up each garage surfboard rack in our arsenal with very little effort and only a few minutes of your time. 

Everyone can put an “easy-to-install” sticker on the package, but we took it to heart. To back up this pledge, we built our wall mounting system from scratch to make each piece easily interchangeable and adjustable with absolutely no tools. 

Each vertical freestanding rack underwent this same effort. Without drilling holes in the wall, you can easily put it together in under one minute, no really - less than one minute, and our vertical freestander holds up to 4 boards and/or guitars. 

Our Surfboard Racks Are Real Bamboo and Wooden Wall Displays

When it comes to wall-mounted surfboard storage, it all boils down to the design and materials used. Multi-ply bamboo and birch materials offer the best in strength and durability. With your favorite gear in a constant fight against gravity, picking a well-designed rack with an incredibly strong mounting system that employs the strongest naturally occurring material on the planet is a good choice.

The natural aesthetic of Grassracks fits perfectly into all sorts of interiors and also makes efficient use of any garage storage area. 

Our 3-ply bamboo surfboard racks are the strongest shoots of the bunch. What makes bamboo so strong are the thousands of tiny fibers that run the length of each culm, similar to a ski lift steel cable. Each ply’s grain runs perpendicular to the next ply it touches, giving our bamboo absolutely incredible multi-directional strength. All we had to do was add water, and fast-growing bamboo quickly made a garage surfboard rack with a higher tensile strength than steel.  

They Are Simply the Best Racks ON & FOR the Planet 

Knowing what we know now, it’s ludicrous to consider yourself an industry leader without considering your place in our planet's future. That rumination led us away from cheap plastics and shoddy craftsmanship and made us look towards the Earth to supply the goods.  

Birch and bamboo surfboard racks quickly stood out from the crowd because these materials are some of Earth’s most sustainable resources, not to mention some of the strongest. Using bamboo for our garage surfboard racks was a no-brainer because of its hardy durability and its minimal carbon footprint. 

We locked in the best quality product, but we couldn’t stop there. Every square inch of our bamboo racks are coated in Vermont Natural Coatings, which gives our surfboard displays a lustrous and eco-friendly finish with zero VOC. The finish is actually made from a byproduct of making cheese.

The best surfboard garage racks ship in recycled packaging and biodegradable bags to finish our mission at every step of the production line.  

How to find your perfect Garage Surfboard Rack

With board storage options for all sorts of board sizes, you won’t have to go too far to find your perfect fit. 

We’ve got you covered with high-quality wooden surfboard stands, free-standing vertical racks, and a horizontal surfboard rack that will make the most out of limited space; wrap your gear in an extra layer of protection, or leave room to store all sorts of board sport gear on one shelf. 

Take a look at these questions that will help you toward the perfect garage surfboard rack for your space requirements. 

Where do I have open space? 

If every inch of extra space is a luxury, you can find a garage surfboard rack that either hugs the wall, hangs from halfway down the ceiling, or is completely free-standing. Freestanding racks are the easiest to install, and they don’t require putting holes in the wall, but they do take up some floor space.

How many boards need storing?

With options for one board up to a whole wall full, you can let the number of boards you need to store dictate which garage surfboard rack is the right choice. Remember that these display racks last a lifetime with some basic care, so you want to leave a bit of space to expand your quiver. 

How often will I be taking them in and out?

The best rack for the offseason is rarely the best choice for daily use, but our racks are the exception to the rule. They’re great for grab-and-go storage, or displaying your boards for months on end as if they were in a museum. We like to store our gear on both wall racks and freestanding racks.

Our Best Garage Surfboard Racks 

The Kaua`i Series 


These space-saving garage surfboard racks serve as our signature surfboard series by providing horizontal storage anywhere you’ve got a bit of free wall space. The Kaua`i stores boards, leashes, wetsuits, and gear bags for all sorts of occasions,

You can choose your adventure with the interchangeable Kaua`i wall storage racks. Start with one board rack and slowly add on as your arsenal fills up, or take advantage of the extra rows to store from 1-4 boards as your quiver expands. 

At maximum strength, the Kaua`i can fit four boards and has the convenient utility hooks to keep your leashes and wetsuits right where you need them. The sturdy wall rack-mounted system can easily hang a longboard, a Hawaiian gun, or a shortboard, all with equally easy access.

Freestanding Multipurpose Board Rack 


If your space is starting to fill up with more equipment than you know what to do with, this heavy-duty garage surfboard rack can really keep things organized. 

The freestanding display uses either solid birch or bamboo ply pieces. Every connection point between your board and the bamboo stays soft with a comfy base pad and cradle padding that also makes sure nothing slips out of place on your freestanding garage surfboard. 

All you’ll need for assembly is one rubber mallet and about ten feet of free floor space. 

Fishes, pintails, and even skateboards and snowboards can comfortably lean into the bamboo protection offered by this freestanding rack. Some customers love to tie their boards in place, though often not necessary. For those surfers who want that little added extra security we’ve cut small holes into the legs from which to latch a bungee, tie down strap, or little rope to keep your quiver behaving.

Freestanding SUP Displa


While our horizontal wall vertical free-standing surfboard racks are more than capable of storing stand up paddleboards, sometimes a vertical freestanding rack makes the most sense, even for one board. Perfect for a garage surfboard rack that only needs to keep one board ready for action, this freestanding display keeps your board front and center while staying locked into place. 

The display accommodates SUP and surfboards with plenty of comforts. Starting with the padded cross member support cradle, thick base pad, and adjustable tie down strap that helps secure your board, this freestanding rack is just as much a piece of surf decor as board storage. 

Our Vert Freestanding legs have a slight tilt and lean-back that qualifies the surfboard rack for stable home and garage use. The cherry on top is actually on the bottom of this garage surfboard rack. The base pad is made out of a thick foam material that will keep the tail of your board ding-free and locked in while on the rack. 

Wall-Mounted Vertical Rack 


Our last garage surfboard rack option is arguably the most versatile. Perfect for tall SUP boards, board shops, or garages that are starting to feel like used board stores, this vertical rack is modular and can expand as far as you’ve got the wall space to accommodate a whole lot of surfboards. Add your own touch with whatever floor mat you choose to cushion your tails.

Available in Bamboo or Birch, each rack stores up to four boards with soft and safe padding on each arm. The long arms reach out and protect boards of most shapes and sizes to make this wall mount storage option perfect for pretty much every SUP and surfboard out there.

The wall mounted vertical rack is the best option for the surfer and paddler who has big boards and wants to maximize storage space in their garage, or board shop.

What’s right for you..

There are many different types of surfboard racks out there and picking the one that’s right for you depends on where you live, your home, and your space. While indoor surfboard racks are the gold standard, garage surfboard racks often end up making a great use of space without taking up space in your home. Peruse our whole line of board, bike, and ski racks to see what works best for you and your gear. With Grassracks, you get the strongest, best-looking, and most eco-friendly racks on the planet. Bring Your Adventure Home!