August 21, 2022

Freestanding Surfboard Rack

Sometimes the best things in life are freestanding. When it comes to storing your board, that rings especially true. A freestanding surfboard rack is any equipment holder that can stow your boards vertically without drilling holes in the wall. A splash of floor space is all you need to give your surfboards a forever home. 

Everybody gets by with a little help from their friends, but our furniture doesn't have to be that way. There is no better way to put a single board on display, handle four seasons of extreme sports, or hook up one rack that does it all than the right freestanding surfboard rack. When you combine the genre with quality materials, you've got a full-fledged floor rack that will look as good as it stows.

Grassracks surfboard wall racks changed the industry, but they are not suitable for every home. Whether you don't trust yourself around power tools or your landlord is taking themselves a bit too seriously, bolting holes and spotting studs for wall storage might not be in your best interests. 

Freestanding surfboard displays seemed natural enough, but the industry wasn't cutting it. We looked around for an easy to assemble and super durable freestanding surfboard display stand, and we couldn't find any on the market. We had to take our talents off the wall and develop something better to get the job done right. 

So, we took our signature bamboo and birch back to the drawing board and worked on a few more storage solutions that make sure every home has a perfect bamboo surfboard stand. The result is a few sets of beautiful vertical freestanding racks that store more with minimal floor space. Let's take a closer look. 

Freestanding Surfboard Racks Store it All 

Besides keeping the peace, the main benefit to freestanding surfboard racks is all the extra versatility. Grassracks surfboard wall racks are the only ones out there that can be taken up and down with ease whenever it's time to rearrange the furniture. Still, getting your surfboards on the wall is impossible without locking a few brackets into place. 

A freestanding surfboard rack doesn't have that same struggle. You're free to move your surfboard display from inside to outside or across your house if you feel like it; you do you. Most freestanding surfboard racks are vertical surfboard storers, which means the only limit is the height of your surfboard. 

There's room for a bit of lean, but there's no way to store those ten-foot-long beginner surfboards without plenty of overhead clearance. That makes them ideal for lighter shortboards and double as ski racks, but where there's a will, there's a way to store boards of all sizes with the right freestanding surfboard display. 

Surfboard Freestanding Storage Fatal Flaws

Unfortunately, this particular subsection of the surfboard display world is most often undertaken with no professional supervision. Many first-time carpenters may look at the bracketless construction and think, 'how hard can it be!?' 

I'm not here to spoil the fun, but long-term surfboard storage is never as easy as sourcing up a few 2X4s and going to town, muchacho. 

Without the benefit of the wall for support, Freestanding surfboard racks need thick padding and reinforced bottom and side rails to stay strong through the decade. As the salt water and bits of sand start to slip between the cracks, it's all too easy for a piece of plywood to be free, free fallin'. 

There are a few red flags to look out for when choosing freestanding storage. The concept may seem simple initially, but just a few tiny touches will make or break your vertical freestanding racks. 

No Padding on the Bottom and Side Rails

You can usually spot a lackluster product when you start looking for the details. Plenty of freestanding surfboard displays didn't spend years workshopping their support systems. They didn't take the time to think about the little things, like slipping thick padding into every connection area. 

Padding is essential to prevent cheap dings and to lock your surfboard in place better. We can take our frustration out after a tough session in many different ways. Not putting your board back with care is a recipe for disaster without the proper padding. 

Locking your surfboard into place is the secret benefit of good padding. The finishing touches put on even the most robust bamboo surfboard storage is inherently a bit slick. That's what gives a floor display rack its signature shine. Alone, it's only a matter of time before a casual bout of living room roughhousing or a door slamming just so will send your boards quickly to the earth. 

Look for a bit of padding in all the right places to keep everything snug. 

Nothing to prevent a free fall

It's easy enough to hook two pieces of wood together with an L-bracket, but gravity works in mysterious ways, and any decent vertical surfboard racks have to account for all directions. A poorly made surfboard display stand will only protect your surfboard from the front and back and leave you to deal with the ramifications of a horizontal tip-over. 

Even something as simple as extending the arm an extra inch or two is a crucial step in the design process. Grassrack's freestanding surf racks stretch the arms out and combine things across the bottom and side rails to keep your boards locked and loaded the next time swell comes to town.  

Our Surfboard display stand better protects your boards  

When it comes to taking your vertical surfboard storage and turning it into a bonafide freestanding surfboard display, Grassracks is the way. The environmentally friendly creed that began alongside this company is on full display in this picture frame for your quiver, all the way down to the eco-friendly polish.  

Grassracks vertical freestanding racks are sustainable and strong as hell, using natural bamboo or birch materials to protect your boards for life. Trust us when we tell you that no corners were cut in the making of these racks. 

 Good luck finding anything easier to assemble than these premium bamboo options, which will only need the help of a rubber mallet to lock your board down. Once you've hooked them up, our vertical freestanding floor display rack options are incredibly portable, durable, and ridiculously good-looking.

Strong, durable, sustainable, and easy to install. It all adds up to the best freestanding surfboard racks on, and for the planet. Confidence in the line-up starts at home, and protecting your surfboards in these displays will keep your mind focused on getting out there! 

Take a Look at Our Free Standing Floor Display Rack Options

Best for one Board: Freestanding Indoor SUP Display

No matter how big your quiver grows, you'll always have that one favorite board. This freestanding surfboard rack is perfect for that board. 

Grassracks pulled out all the stops for this heavy-duty surfboard display. The wide arms and solid construction on these sup racks will hold a shortboard, longboard, paddleboard, or whatever wooden surfboard madness you're cooking up this week. 

Not only does this cushy freestanding surfboard display hold your board, but it puts the spotlight on your favorite blade with a slight tilt in the right direction. The thick padding on the bottom takes the same material used in most crash pads and protects your boards in style. Up top, a vertical bamboo crossbar has just enough padding to take care of your board from multiple angles. 

The crossbar does the job independently, but for greater peace of mind, this display includes a tie-down strap that guarantees your board will stay upright and ready. It all adds up to a freestanding surfboard rack that will keep you fiending to get in the water. 

Best for Multiple Boards: Vertical Freestanding Board Rack 

The insane amount of versatility in this rack may be easy to assemble, but it's just about impossible to replace. ¾ inches of ultra-strong bamboo arms support up to 100 lbs without drilling in any holes, while the extra arm length and width allow this board rack to hold just about anything. 

It's perfect for multi-sport surfers, as you'll find space for snowboards, skateboards, skis, trekking poles, paddles, and just about any piece of equipment you can fit in your car. If your mind is solely focused on waves, you can take advantage of the extra storage slots to fill out your quiver, as this rack supports longboards as well as shortboards. 

The thin layer of padding along the arms works well with the thick padding on the bottom to lock your boards in place and prevent slippage. You can always add a bungee cord along the outside to ensure nothing falls out until it's time to hit the water.