June 16, 2020

Father's Day Gift Guide 2020

Below are our favorite finds for dads, husbands, brothers, brothers from another mother, and more.  Enjoy our Father's Day Gift Guide for 2020:
Bamboo Bow Tie
Handcrafted from re-purposed bamboo, no two bowties are alike. Dress up and stand out from the crowd in the best way possible. (Currently on sale for $54.00)

Runner's Light Gloves

Great for runners, cyclists or dog walkers who are active before or after the sun is. These gloves have a hands-free light that illuminates the path in front of them. ( $45.00 per pair)


Wall Mounted Recycled Ski Bottle Opener

Relive today's powder turns tonight as you uncap a brew on Michael Bellino's upcycled ski bottle opener. ($45.00)


For the Dad who loves to go fishing, this is the gift that keeps on giving.  Catch A Lure is made for fishermen (both regular and fly fishing) that easily retrieves your fly should it get stuck in a tree… or ten. (Currently on sale for $19.95 each)


Bamboo Ski Rack

Ski Rack

The Vercules is perfect for a skier or ski family with limited horizontal wall space and a serious need for ski organization and display.  Available in both bamboo and birch materials. (Birch is $98.00, Bamboo is $138)

Give Dad something to look forward to when social distancing is less of a thing and traveling is back to normal. Create an adventure (examples include: skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking or surfing trips) with Nomad Inc. They customize trips for you based on your preferences and send a professional photographer to document your unique journey to give you memories for a lifetime. (Pricing varies depending on trip)
Using Infrared heat, this massager relieves the stress of quarantining better than anything else we can find on the market. ($39.99 on Amazon)