Carve 4 Cancer - Shredding Blood Cancer through Extreme Sports

This is a post about people helping people. Every year, there is an event around our hometown that brings together all types of snowboarders and skiers from the area. There’s music, there’s healthy competition, and there’s a mountain on which to shred.

Carve 4 Cancer’s mission is to “shred” blood cancer through extreme sports and fundraising. C4C was founded by Brent P. Evans in 2010 after he was diagnosed with stage IV non-hodgkins lymphoma. Brent, and an amazing support team, battled his disease and grew C4C until it became what it is today. Unfortunately, in late 2017, Brent lost his battle but C4C rages on to continue his incredible mission.

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In the first event since Brent’s passing, the Blue Mountain Festival is geared up to be an epic day of shredding, healthy competition, and live music. It’s described by C4C as a “full day party on the mountain”, which, if you’re anything like us, sounds like the best situation possible.

So whether you’re near or far, skier or snowboarder, partier or namaste-relaxer, this is something worth a look, your attendance, and, at the very least, your consideration. Nothing makes us happier than when things we love are combined with things about which we are passionate so when snowboarding and skiing are made into a vehicle to bring awareness and funding to something like cancer, we are all for it.

For more information about the event, how to participate, and how to donate, visit

There’s also a good chance that you could meet the men (or man) of Grassracks (Evan will be there, Andrew will probably be planning his wedding or doing something boring). We may even decide to give away some snowboard racks or ski racks depending on our mood. Maybe some Pro Deals, maybe some swag, who knows.



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