October 14, 2014

Easy Installation - Easily explained (with pictures)

Easy installation.  You've read about it, heard whispers about it, dreamed about it, but does this thing of the future really exist?  With our proprietary Wall Mounting System, it does. 

Everyone has purchased an 'easy-to-install' product that takes them multiple hours, pain, and hair-pulling frustration to put together. Perhaps something purchased from a place that rhymes with Shmikea.. For something as simple as a dresser, you give up your morning and your daily dose of patience and sanity but for what? Grassracks has tackled the challenge of making beautiful AND incredibly strong racks and decor but that wasn't our only mission when designing our line. We sought to make something that got your boards, bikes, or skis up and displayed quickly and safely. Here are some facts about the line that make it awesome.

The Grassracks Sport Rack lines can be installed in under a minute and, when installed properly, can hold over 175 lbs.

The modular nature of our line allows for easy takedown and switching of cradles without having to unfasten the rack from the wall. This allows you to change easily from a Snowboard rack to a Surf (or Ski, SUP, Bike, Shelf, etc.) rack in seconds and allows you to create space easily should you need it.

Mounting Bars are pre-drilled to standard stud width. (Yes, we recommend that you drill directly into studs)

- Cradles are designed with the same hook feature so they all fit easily but tightly onto the Mounting Bar


Without further ado here is a run through of what you'll expect with an installation into drywall..

Step 1:  Locate wall studs using a stud finder.

Step 2:  Decide on the perfect location for your Grassrack. Some measuring to ensure centered installation is recommended

Step 3:  Once studs are located you can decide if the use of drywall anchors are needed. Screws must go directly into a stud OR a drywall anchor, never into drywall alone and never both a drywall anchor and stud on the same screw. (Note that with old or oddly-spaced walls, some pre-drilled holes may not hit studs.) Using the mounting bar, determine the location of adherence for each screw by holding the Mounting bar at the desired location and pushing screw lightly through the pre-drilled holes to leave a small indent. At each indent that requires a drywall anchor, tap and hand drill the anchor into the wall until it is flush with the drywall.

Step 4:  With a bamboo spacer between wall and Mounting Bar, loosely screw the middle screw to the wall.

Step 5:  Level the Mounting Bar and fasten the two (or one for short bars) remaining screws. Make sure to hold the Mounting Bar against the wall at the desired level when fastening screws to keep from the screw affecting the level. Now you can make sure each screw is tightened.


Step 4:  Hang cradles or shelving on Mounting Bar.

Step 5: Do a dance, you are finished!


It's not just easy, it's ridiculously easy. It's almost too easy.