November 05, 2012

Grassracks - Why We Exist and Why We Are Needed

Ever been ashamed to tell people that you surf, snowboard, ski, skimboard, paddleboard, skate, longboard, bike, or do any other board sport? Of course not! They're all awesome!

We at Maholla are extremely proud of our sports, but always ended up throwing our various boards in the basement, closet, or garage until the next time we needed them.  Most of our boards have gorgeous artwork on them, or are, themselves, a piece of art. But we can't enjoy these masterpieces when they are locked in a dingy, dusty garage.  Upon a late-night epiphany, we vowed to say 'goodbye' to the poorly-stored, hidden, dinged-up, moldy, musty board situation. And just like that, Grassracks came to be.

Together with the Maholla Products ideals of high-quality eco-conscious products, great customer service, and social responsibility, Grassracks gives you an alternative to basement storage. Grassracks’ mission is to create a line of functional AND stylish board racks and shelving (with more to come in the near future). Using super strong, beautifully grained, and very sustainable bamboo, we’re giving board sport athletes the chance they’ve needed to organize, save space, and display their boards in a deserving manner.

No more hidden boards. No more bland walls. No more cluttered garages, basements, and closets. Be proud of your board and show it off!