October 19, 2015

The Holidays are Coming..


The holidays are coming so lend an ear. It’s time to start thinking about those special people in your life that deserve a really great gift this coming holiday season. But what do you buy for the Surfer who has everything or the Paddleboarder who just got a new SUP and paddle? Or what about the skier or snowboarder in your life? How about the lifelong skater with a million boards in the closet?

Choosing the perfect gift is difficult. You know that your spouse is an avid biker but what if you don’t know much about the industry?

Grassracks Bike Rack - The Rackcycle - Best Holiday Gift for Bikers

Relax. We have you covered.

Regardless of the sport, one of the most common problems with them is finding an easy and convenient storage solution. The even more difficult part is finding something that’s worthy of the gorgeous equipment accumulated by athletes. Well, it was difficult, but no longer..

That’s where we come into play. While some have described Grassracks as the perfect holiday gift for athletes, we like to be a little more modest.. We’re the best imaginable holiday gift for athletes.

If you find yourself constantly listening to stories about amazing trips in the waist high powder of the Swiss Alps or a masterfully crafted all-carbon bike frame that can be lifted with two fingers but are tired of seeing the equipment responsible for such stories strewn across the house, your prayers have been answered.

Grassracks Board Racks - The Perfect Holiday Gift for Surfers, Snowboards, and Athletes of all kinds.

This year, give the gift that gives back. Let your friend or loved one display and show off their prized boards, bikes, and skis while you finally enjoy an organized and uncluttered house. No more tripping over boards or having skis slide down your wall.

You may be asking yourself why you would want some ugly metal rack on in your house and you’re absolutely correct. You don’t! Well, we don’t use metal for our racks. We use gorgeous, strong, and eco-friendly bamboo crafted into sleekly engineered designs.

So this holiday season, don’t give a crappy gag gift that’s going to be tossed a few days after. Get a gift that matters and that will make a difference in their life. Visit the vast array of board racks and home décor items that are soon to grace your living space.