Freestanding Vertical Paddle Board Rack Release
October 05, 2015

Freestanding Vertical Paddle Board Rack Release


This past September marked Grassracks’ 6th appearance at the Surf Expo in Orlando. As per usual the show was full of surfers, skaters, paddleboarders, and bikini models galore. As per the norm, full of some of the coolest people in the world.

 Bamboo Vertical Freestanding Paddle Board Rack

For Grassracks, we had our typical listings and new designs plus the release of our new freestanding vertical SUP rack.. 

It's always exciting to buy a new Stand Up Paddleboard and especially nice for shops to display these boards for sale. But there is always the question of how to store such a massive product. While we offer horizontal wall displays, it's often impossible or impractical for shops to store their boards like this. In the world of free standing vertical racks there was a dire need for something better.

After all, a board isn't just a means of transportation, it is a piece of art and deserves to be shown off with a nice frame, if you will. That's why, like our other racks, we design something beautiful and sturdy to take the place of the typical metal and foam alternatives. Needless to say our racks were a hit for everyone from retailers to board manufacturers.

 Shops and board owners aren’t the only ones that need storage options, though, board manufacturers also need solutions for the countless shows they go to every year and they need a solution for the shop they sell to. For an industry of nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, there's no better way to show off a board then on something as gorgeous and eco-friendly as bamboo.  To see our new designs click the link here.