August 03, 2015

7 Reason the Kaua`i Series is the Best Surfboard Rack on the Market

Today’s the day. For weeks, months, or even years you’ve been making a list of likes and dislikes: sizes, shapes, fins, art, finishes, materials. You have the perfect board picked out and you’re finally ready to take the plunge. Congratulations, you have a new favorite to add to your quiver.

You’re excited, you get home with your new board, bag, and leash, but you’ve forgotten one important thing.. You swore the next board you got would go ding-less since it’s happened time and again. Time and again you love your new board but are hapless with its storage and care, causing careless dings that could have been easily prevented.

Your attention now turns towards protecting and displaying your new (and old) boards. Where do you put them? And how do you put them somewhere they can be seen but safe? Just a hint: look to your walls. Generally in houses and apartments there is a lot of clutter on the floor but a lot of open wall space so it's time to make use of some of the space, add some art, and clean up that floor with a wall mounted board rack.

You start trolling the internet but you’re quickly disappointed. You run into 3 major problems with the racks you find: they’re made from chintzy material which you don't trust to support your babies, they are made from metal and foam and look terrible, or they look decent but only hold one board. Fret not, we have you covered. 

Our mission has been to create the perfect board rack and we kept you in mind. The following are the 7 reasons that The Kaua`i Series is the best surfboard rack on the market and why it’s perfect for you.

  1. Gorgeous Bamboo

We were careful with our material selection. Bamboo is an increasingly popular home décor material because it’s gorgeous. It’s a fibrous and grainy material and looks amazing with our protective finish. Our racks get away from the industrial metal, plastic, and foam feel and get back to the basics of the nature that is the source of our surfing memories.

  1. Strength

It’s no secret that bamboo is strong. It has been engrained in societies for thousands of years, used as housing material and even scaffolding for buildings up to 60 stories in Asia. We use ultra strong 1/2" 3-ply cross directional bamboo plywood and a mounting system that would impress even Hercules with it's strength. The Kaua’I Series is rated to hold 100 lbs., which is overkill for your boards but we’d rather be safe than sorry.

  1. Design

Our design is engineered from our mounting system to the angle of arms and board spacing. We’ve designed each rack to hit the sweet spot in between total space efficiency and total displayability of your surfboards. This Series displays your quiver while also being very space efficient AND has two utility hooks for helmets, paddles, wetsuits, etc.

  1. Ease of Installation

Most racks are big and bulky or have to be completely dismounted to remove them from the wall. We took a lot of time developing our mounting system to make an easy installation rack that has some amazing benefits.

  • Installation takes only a few minutes once studs are located
  • Our Mounting Bar system allows you to pop racks on and off in seconds in case you are moving furniture, need to paint, etc.
  1. Adjustability

The nature of our Mounting Bar allows for easy lateral cradle adjustment in case you need to accommodate for fins at different widths. With every Grassracks wall rack using the same Mounting Bar, you can easily interchange between our different series for a nice and quick change of scenery and board types.

  1. Material

You not only get a gorgeous and strong material in bamboo, you’re getting a sustainable and eco-friendly material. Blah blah blah, right? Actually, no! In the last few decades, scientists have been heavily researching global climate change and what types of plants can pull carbon (CO2) out of the atmosphere... bamboo is an absolute winner. Not only is it the fastest growing plant in the world, it ranks very highly among plants with the best carbon sequestration. Why does that matter? It means that bamboo is helping clean our planet up and keeping it the way we know and love.

  1. Support a growing American brand.

If you’re not sold by now here’s one more reason that Grassracks is perfect for you. We’re a young, growing, American company. We consist of two friends from high school that have set out to make a positive impact in the world by offering innovative and eco-friendly products that will actually make your life better. In a time when everything is being shipped out and ripped off by other countries, we’re keeping it here at home.

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