July 07, 2015

The GoPro Hero4 Session and Lily Camera - Turning Average into Amazing

The world of extreme sports filmography has been blowing minds since the first images were captured decades ago. Epic Bruce Brown surf, Warren Miller ski, and countless other films have turned athletes into idols, each frame capturing something never before seen on a television, until now...

Extreme sports videos have come a long way since the days of The Endless Summer, a Bruce Brown classic which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, progressing to the Red Bull cinematic genius that is The Art of Flight featuring legendary backcountry rider Travis Rice. Then GoPro came to be..

GoPro has revolutionized the industry. Like Grassracks, GoPros and other action cameras allow us to tell our story but, unlike our brand, they allow us to show real life dynamic footage of our memories. This opened up countless opportunities and creative minds all over the world. Starting as purely an underwater camera, GoPro has evolved into a powerful 4K, 12 megapixel, Wifi and BlueTooth enabled, nearly indestructible piece of the future that weighs less than ½ pound. With the recent release of the Hero4 Session they’ve made an already tiny, light camera even tinier and lighter. The introduction of current GoPro models let athletes from Mountain Bikers and Skaters to Backcountry Powder Shredders to leave the fisherman tales at home and show their experiences first hand.


The concept of the Lily is amazing. Drone meets high definition action camera. Even more amazing, it has different settings like ‘follow’ and ‘action hero style fly by’, can land and shut off in your hand, and is waterproof (that’s right surfers, paddleboarders, and wakeboarders.). The Lily also has 1080p 60fps or 720p 120fps video resolution and slow motion capabilities that initiate when the drone senses the rider leave the ground based on tracking movement patterns. That means when skateboarders or snowboarders hit verts or gaps, your camera will automatically create a dramatic, slow-mo clip. The super video drone can also initiate flight by being throw in the air which you are about to see..

What the Lily does is convert the average, everyday riders into the superheroes that they grew up watching on screen sans high tension cables and helicopters with high def cameras.

It’s a really exciting time to be an athlete. There’s something magical about being able to relive your experiences through video. With a GoPro and Lily, you’ll have both the 1st person and 3rd person account of some of your best times. Coupled with your bamboo board racks, you can show off your latest adventure and the board, bike, or skis that got you there. With these two pieces of technology, something as mundane as throwing your dog a tennis ball can be exciting, so imagine what that means for the exciting memories you're already creating. Whether you’re young or seasoned, these are things that everyone can appreciate, so why wait?