July 02, 2015

The O'ahu Series - The Best Paddleboard Rack Money Can Buy

The year is 1939, the weather is perfect, the waves are perfect, and there’s some guy standing on his longboard before paddling into his wave.. what!?

For the past 10 years, the growth of Stand Up Paddleboarding has been exponential. It means that ‘surfing’ is no longer contained to the coast and no longer has the entry barrier of ability to perform a quick arm paddle and athletic pop to get going. Paddleboarding now allows for watermen and everywhere to use any body of water as their own personal SUP playground.

The problem with Paddleboarding is the board. They’re enormous. They’re outrageously large, unwieldy and often heavy. The combination of length, width, and weight make them harder to maneuver than grandma’s old sofa. This makes them great on the water but what do you do with a 12’+ long, 25+ lb. board that on average costs well over $1500? You do NOT just throw it on the garage floor. These monster boards look tough but over time, enough dried salt water, sand and careless dings will quickly render your paddleboard a display piece.

SUP Rack - Grassracks O'ahu Trip

Just like anything of quality that you own, you take care of it. Just like a car, if you treat it right, it will last you a lifetime. Luckily with a paddleboard it can be easy if done correctly. If you’re coming late to this party, we’re about to talk about paddleboard racks. There are a few out there, and even a few good options, but today we’re going to tell you about our own and why it’s really your only option.

The O’ahu Series by Grassracks. There are a few obvious and some not-so-obvious reasons that this Series should be trusted with the valued members of your quiver.

Paddle Board Rack




  • Aesthetically, our board racks look awesome. Their edges are soft, their lines are smooth, and each rack is angled to angle boards to maximum display with maximum space efficiency. We designed our products with function in mind with a keen eye on style. When it comes to paddleboards, they do not deserve the foam, metal, and plastic that are overly abundant with racks that flood the market today, they warrant something as high quality and good looking as the board itself.
  • Our racks are not simply sketched on a napkin and produced once we think they look cool, they are designed by a team of two: a designer and a mechanical engineer with 10+ years of experience with stress and strain analysis.
  • The O’ahu Series and all of our racks have been carefully measured, spaced, and tested to fit the boards intended for each Series. In the case of the O’ahu, longboard surfboards, paddleboards, and wakeboards.


  • Bamboo is strong. Layered bamboo is stronger. 3 ply cross-grained bamboo plywood is absurdly strong. In fact, our bamboo plywood has a higher tensile strength (strength per pound) than steel.
  • Bamboo is gorgeous. There’s a reason that bamboo is one of the fastest growing home decor materials in the world, it’s beautiful. Next time you see something made out of bamboo take notice of its grain. You’ll see long fibers running up and down length of the material with unique designs at each intra-node point. At the cross sections of each cut, you’ll be able to see the end of a cluster of the bamboo fibers which will almost look like little empty plus signs. Try to count how many there are, they’re the key to bamboo’s strength.


    • We designed a new and proprietary mounting system just for our brand. Installing our Mounting Bar takes about a minute and the rest is cake. Each of our racks simply hooks right onto the mounting bar and can be taken as easily. This allows you to adjust arm width in seconds and also interchange our products without re-installing them.
    • The weight from your boards is not just borne by the mounting bar, it is dispersed down the entire length of the wall.
    • Each added board acts as a cross support, stabilizing both cradles and securing your boards.
    Paddleboard Rack

    All of our products are sealed and protected with a finish to prolong their life and make the grain pop. When it comes to storing your paddleboard, longboard, or wakeboard, there are a few options out there but only one deserving of your quiver. Not only does the O’ahu Series allow you to display your gorgeous boards, it will also give you the protection and space efficiency that will help you sleep at night. It’s not just a paddleboard rack, it’s a way to show the world what you do and a way to keep your favorite memories alive.

    Where are your boards right now? What do you do for storage? Tell us and you could win an O'ahu of your own.