January 21, 2017

2017 - The Year of Vertical Board Racks


2016 was a doozy. Coming off our best year since our launch in 2013, 2016 gave us a chance to refine our product offering, perfect our best sellers, and stretch our creative muscles with some new 2017 designs. This year we are going full steam ahead on new rack designs, new finishes, and all around better products. “But you already make the best racks on the market.” True, but there’s always room for improvement.

Many of you were lucky enough to receive the gift of a bamboo over the last few weeks. For those of you who weren’t so lucky, don’t worry, we’re making more.

Our bread and butter has always been horizontal wall racks but our mission is to create a comprehensive line for all gear storage and display. This year, we started to round out that mission a little more.

Freestanding Vertical SUP Rack

Freestanding Vertical SUP Rack - Bamboo SUP Racks


Our first new addition is the Vertical SUP Rack Series. We’ve broken through the wall and have expanded beyond the world of horizontal racking. This series makes use of shops’ and homes’ high ceilings and orients surfboards and paddle boards in a very upward fashion. This was a simple product-solution design. Problem: SUPs and Longboards being stored on terrible looking racks and packed like sardines in the shop. Solution: Nice boards getting a little attention. Originally designed to let shops properly display their best-looking products, we’ve seen many of our Freestanding Vertical SUP Racks going to homeowners as well. When you put our rack next to the industry-standard black metal rack that plagues expos and shop floors, there’s no comparison. Our Vertical Freestanding SUP Rack (pictured above) is made with uber strong ¾” bamboo, features a foam kicker to keep the board in place, and assembles in under a minute.

O’ahu Recliner

Bamboo Paddleboard Rack - The O'ahu Recliner

The Oahu Recliner. This wall mounted rack is super chill, and allows a single surfboard or paddle board to kick back and relax against the wall. Your board will be flaunting it’s good side… whichever one that is. One big advantage to the Recliner is that it uses a rooms downlighting as a spotlight for your board, instant centerpiece. So think about that, Jeremiah. (The O'ahu Recliner also fits Kayaks..)

Wine Racks

 Bamboo Wine Rack - Floating Wine Racks by Grassracks

Finally, we’ve rolled out our bamboo floating wine rack. It magically levitates a single bottle of wine or liquor over whatever flat, stable surface on which you rest it. It’s a great conversations starter which is great for people who are frequently roped into unwanted dinner parties or hosting events at their home. Everyone will gasp at its shocking wonder.

This has been a public service announcement from your friendly Grassracks team. Stay tuned for more news including new product releases from Grassracks. Thank you as always for your continued support and stay awesome!

For a quick look at our trusty staples.. Hallsteiners and Vercules – Ski Storage. Lana’i – Skateboard Deck Racks. Moloka’i – Skateboard and Snowboard Racks. Kaua’I – Surf Racks. O’ahu – SUP Racks. Rackcycle – Bike Racks or Bike Shelves/Bike Racks. This blog is meant to feature some of the new products we have been rolling out over the past few months and perhaps a few hints towards future products.