May 05, 2015

Protect Your Man, Man!

For watermen everywhere, chafing is a problem and, no, we’re not talking about armpits and nipples. As men, we very often follow the ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ mantra which can get us in a lot of trouble.. In the case of water sports this is applied to us getting so excited to Surf/Paddleboard/Wake/etc. that we don’t take a second to think about important things like sunscreen or chafing.

Most water sports require a lot of leg movement which dictates that other things will move as well. For repetitive motions against often unforgiving materials, there exists a very irritating problem for important soft-skin appendages found ‘downstairs’. Soft, sensitive, uncalloused skin on hallowed parts rubbing on materials not meant for such delicate things.

As is often true in life, we men have be saved by the careful consideration of thoughtful ladies. The concerned ladies at TURQ Sport have taken it upon themselves to put an end to irritating and embarrassing man part chafing by creating a Swim brief that keeps us in place with a soft gentle fabric. Their briefs cut down on movement while employing an incredibly soft quick-dry material thus ending our post watersport chafe.

Personally, I was apprehensive because I thought it would be uncomfortable wearing another layer whilst shredding gnar waves but I quickly realized that the my TURQs are absurdly comfortable. If it was deemed acceptable by society, I’d only wear them with no board shorts at all. 

Take a second and check them out. We promise you won't be disappointed. TURQ Swimbrief

Guys, we can’t be the only ones. Have you run into this problem? Wouldn’t you love to sport the Marky Mark Calvin Klein look with a comfortable pair of camo undies and protect your valuables?