A Biker Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Recently one of our good friends, Dan, supported us by purchasing a Rackcycle. For those of you who aren't familiar with our Bike Racks, they are masterfully crafted bamboo wall racks that are contemporary in design and incredibly functional. Now, Dan is a young urban professional and needed a nice-looking way to make his limited space efficient and keep his wheels out of the way. Dan's a very competent dude but, like many, didn't have much experience with tools/home decorating/etc.

Early into our conversation I realized that there might be a need for further instruction with installation. Exhibit A

Over the past year, we have made many a video to explain our simple and easy installation which habitually and quickly digressed into general merrymaking and a variety of interesting dance moves and left us 'Installation Video'-less. The situation was dire and we needed an answer so I sprang into action and grabbed my cell phone. Forget all of the scripts and fancy backdrops, we needed results.

So below is what we sent to our good ol' friend Dan and it got him through. It's quick, it's unscripted, but it worked.
All that's left is to hang your two cradles and you are finished. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. A few minutes later we received this with a big "Thank you!" from good-buddy Dan.
Dan, thank you for supporting us and we hope your bike rack is all you wanted and more!
Handyman or handy-inept, check out our videos and let us know what you think. Helpful? Would you feel confident installing our racks after our quick tutorial?!