March 06, 2015

The Life of Grassracks - Conception to Birth

For men around the world there is a daunting and inescapable issue that perplexes us on the daily. As turning left is to Derek Zoolander, home decorating is to men and it was no different for the Maholla gents with cleanliness as a close second.

Open scene - two recent college graduates stare blankly at their apartment wall. What does one do to make a wall look less empty and uninviting? Luckily for the young bucks, they had a cluttered apartment full of sports equipment ranging from surfboards and snowboards to skateboards, skis, and bikes and lightning was about to strike.

And just like that, it hit them.. our stuff IS the decor!

We spend hundreds and thousands of our hard earned money and hours selecting and buying the perfect equipment, loving it, then hiding it away post-use, but how does that make sense?? Our equipment is not just a means of riding but a way to tell amazing stories from your life, be it the surf trip to Pipe or an epic powder weekend in Jackson.

The only challenge was to find something worthy of our gorgeous things. After hours of searching and researching we discovered that nothing existed to do our masterpieces justice.. and that was the beginning of what would become Grassracks.

It’s the American Dream to start a company, build it, and become wildly successful and that’s just what we did (well, we’re ⅔ there). We developed Grassracks with 2 main product goals and 3 main brand goals. Product goals were simple: Create an great-looking and functional product. That means we needed to make something attractive enough to be displayed in-house and something that worked better than everything out there (strength, ease of use, and ease of installation). With the invention of our first racks, The Ornate Series, and our mounting system, Grassracks came to be.

Ornate Series - The Boarder - Skateboard and Snowboard Wall Rack

As for the 3 brand goals, they were simple too: make good products, be good to people, be good to the environment. Done, done, and done. From there, the rest is history. We’ve been striving to get as many beautiful boards, skis, and bikes as possible up on display and change how riders of all kinds view their ‘equipment.’

Whether you ride every day or twice a year, your sport is part of who you are. The days of throwing your stuff in the basement are over, it’s time to start appreciating and actively remembering some of the best times of your life. We want to help you do that.

Ever been in the same boat? What did you do?