February 23, 2015

Camo Is The New Black

In an age where humility and privacy is all but gone it’s difficult to stay out of the critical scrutiny of the public eye. Going shopping, taking a jog, and even going for a leisurely paddle in the lake could yield an absurd amount of unwanted attention, but no more.

Luckily for paddlers that crave a serene trip around the lake without all of the celebrity attention: Bote Boards has the answer.

It’s called The Bote HD [RealTree ®] and it is awesome. I stumbled upon this beauty whilst searching for an outfit for an upcoming Camo Ball (recently made fashionable by the wiley men of Duck Dynasty) and my prayers were answered.

The Bote HD [RealTree ®] now gives paddlers a way to blend into their surroundings, remaining almost completely unseen while on the water so take a quick look and welcome back your privacy.


Name: 12’ Bote HD [RealTree ® ]