November 12, 2014

Why We Use Bamboo - More Than Just A Cool Plant?

Founded on the principals of gorgeous, functional, and eco-friendly products, Grassracks’ choice to use bamboo was an easy one. Engrained in societies all over the world, bamboo encompasses everything that we strive to be as a brand. 

Like spinach to Popeye, bamboo is Earth’s real super resource. It’s common knowledge that bamboo is incredibly strong and makes for a great venue for martial arts movie fight scenes, but the true versatility of bamboo is often overlooked.

For thousands of years, bamboo has been used as a source of nourishment, super soft cloth, and construction material. Today, bamboo is still used as scaffolding for buildings up to 60 stories tall and with developments in processing techniques, is now being made into a high-quality and stunning home décor and material. To top it all off, bamboo is the strongest renewable material in the world with a higher tensile strength than steel. Its ability to grow up to a foot a day makes it the most sustainable and eco-friendly building material on the market.

Bamboo’s traits make it, without question, the best material for our products. Gorgeous fibrous grain, incredible strength, and uber-sustainability are among the countless reasons that it has been charged to garnish your living space with our racks and home décor.