June 10, 2016

Your Dad, The Adventurer - The Perfect Gift for your Pop this Father's Day

Dads are dudes. Before dads were changing your diapers and teaching you how to ride a bike, they were doing other epic things. Some dads went on surf trips, some strapped in and took to the backcountry when El Niño was acting naughty and blasting us with snow, some cruised the miles of open asphalt on their favorite longboard.

Then dad had to grow up and become an adult. He traded in his ski gloves for a poopy wipe and spit towel and little by little the daredevil globe trotting young man became the responsible father. You may still see glimpses of this old warrior, that special twinkle in his eye when he sees something on TV or his mind wanders back to his more youthful days. His longing stares out the window towards and untamed wilderness is merely his inner child wanting to get out.


Even sadder are Dad’s mementos; his equipment, his tools of the trade, the tangible artifacts of some of his best memories. All too often surfboards and skis don’t make the cut when decorating a home or, worse, snowboards, skateboards, and bikes are demoted to annoyances that clutter your home and impede your movement. Where once stood Dad’s beloved 6’7 double concave quad fin shortboard hand-shaped by Gerry from his boyhood core shop now sits a wilting ficus. With each board hidden in the basement the sparkle in Dad’s eye loses a bit more fervor.

It’s no secret to us that snowboard storage is a problem or that it’s difficult to organize skis. How do you store behemoth Stand Up Paddle Boards or protect your surfboard quiver and keep them out of harm’s way? Even more important, is there a way to please both father and family? The answer is a resounding YES!

Luckily, our ski and board racks are the perfect gift for Father’s Day. They help you show your dad that you recognize that he was once a younger adventurous dude with interesting interests. Imagine dad comes home from the monotony of a long day at the office; he drives back in the same rush hour, parks his car in the same spot, up the stairs, keys on the table, briefcase by the desk, shoes by the door, he’s finally home to relax, but this time something is different. This time, just before melting into the couch to let the tv numb his brain, he notices something new. Instead of the boring blank wall that remained unadorned in his little slice of ‘man cave’ now proudly sit his favorite boards in all of their glory. His childhood snowboard which he claims was the first model off of Jake Burton’s line, the surfboard quiver that taught him to ride waves in Santa Cruz, and the longboard cruiser that he recently purchased after watching the volcano scene from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.


You’ve created a dad shrine but have done more than just install a surf rack. Here are a few things that you haven’t even realized..

-You’ve shown your pop that you appreciate something he loves.

-You’ve given him a masterfully crafted piece of woodworking genius. Men have an urge to build and create inherent in their very man fiber. All men appreciate finely crafted wood pieces, it’s a fact.

-You’ve given dad a visual scrapbook of his most adventurous times.

-(Don’t tell dad but his new board display also acted as board storage and cleaned up your garage and basement which means you no longer have to parkour over mountains of equipment just to get around the house.)

This Father’s Day do something special for your dad and pay homage to his awesomeness. In place of the generic electronics and grilling accessories, get him a Grassracks product and surprise him with a dad shrine.